Battle Team Lakers EX

Rating: 3 Rampages Battle Team Lakers

Long Ago, the peaceful planet of Blade Star was destroyed by the evil Imperial Empire of Godram. Although most of the inhabitants were massacred, some of the Bladdians escaped with their secret energy source, the "Super-Laker Crystals." Today, the Bladdians descendants live among us. When trouble arises they transform into their Laker Battle Suits and become...Star Laker: A lovely pop star, Kung Fu Laker: An angry loner, Judo Laker: A tough chesty tomboy, Soul Laker: A spiritualist beauty, Bunny Laker: She dresses like a large bunny. Led by Blade Knight, who commands the "Ultra-Space-Time Battleship," these defenders become Battle Team Lakers to defend the Earth from evil forces. But an evil menace has reared its ugly head into the Lakers’ lives. Oleana, the evil Godram Commander/Dominatrix, creates a plan to destroy the Lakers by stealing their "Super-Laker Crystals" which are located in a very sensitive spot. Knowing all the Lakers crave the attention of Blade Knight, she created an illusion that gratifies their sexual fantasies for him. Before Blade Knight can deny anything, the girls are up in arms. With Oleana timing her monster attack during their "guy trouble"; the Lakers have a true battle on their hands.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this one, but whatever I had, it sure as hell wasn’t what it turned out to be. Not so much true hentai as really ecchi. There are a couple of sex scenes, but they’re done in such an intentionally silly way (as is nearly everything else for that matter) that you can’t help but laugh. The character designs are very silly, but in a good way. Decent plot, but it IS hentai after all. Another good choice for adult comedy.

Available subtitled through Kitty Media.