Record Of Lodoss War

Rating: 4 Rampages Deedlit and Parn.

Long ago, a titanic war ended between 2 gods which split the land into two islands. One of them is the island of Lodoss. The peace on Lodoss is being disrupted, and Parn decides to find out why. Almost by accident, he forms a band to help on his quest. The band consists of: an elf, a dwarf, a cleric, a wizard, a thief, and a warrior (Parn). The OAV series follows their adventures. This series has a very heavy Role-Playing-Game(RPG) influence to it. A side note, part 1 is actually the prelude to help sell the anime. If you want to watch this series in the right chronological order, insert episode 1 between episode 8 and 9.

The definitive fantasy RPG-type epic. Intense storyline, wonderful art, classic characters and a cool villain. One of the most recommended fantasy anime series and most everybody has either heard of it or seen it.

Available subtitled or dubbed through US Manga Corps.

Record Of Lodoss War TV Series

Rating: 3½ Rampagesanother kawaii picture of Deedlit.

I was a tad disappointed with this; the opening looked so eye-poppingly fantastic that the actual animation was a bit of a let-down. That aside, it looks to be a great series, and could very well end up being as great as the original. I myself have only seen a few short episodes, but the story is all there, the characters are all done properly, and the music never disappoints. A far more worthy successor to the Lodoss name than Crystania could ever hope to be, and another must see for Sword & Sorcery otaku. Definitely recommended.

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