Lost Universe

Rating: 3  Rampages

Kane Blueriver and Canal, his AI companion, are trouble contractors who take jobs which require their special skills. This could go from armed escort, to patrol, to capturing dangerous criminals. Milly is a private eye who has to be the best at everything (wuchuu ichi!!). When the three of them get together, they run into one mess after another, gradually uncovering more of a mystery that ties the legendary Lost Ships to all of their pasts, bringing them closer and closer to a discovery that something called Nightmare would rather not have them find ... Canal and Milly with a famous friend...^_^

hmm...these Character designs sure are familiar...and Canal, where HAVE I heard her voice before...All kidding aside, this is a pretty cool series. Itís kind of like Slayers in space, complete with goofy main charcters, Megumi Hayashibara, and a main character with a lightsaber. Good music, interesting but typical characters, good animation, and comedy that's almost up there with Slayers. Recommended.

Herself the Elf sez: Lost Universe started out pretty good, although it's never quite as funny as Slayers. The mystery element is ok, but the problem is that even late into the series (ep. 19) you're still really foggy as to what the hell is going on. I can only assume that there's some great big dénouement at the end, but until then it's rather frustrating. Too much dramatic agonising, especially by Kane, and not enough fun and silliness.

Has been picked up by AD Vision; release date unknown.