Lupin III: Legend of the Gold of Babylon

Rating: 1 ½ Rampages

Mysterious Babylonian Tablets unearthed in Manhattan provide tantalizing clues about the location of the Tower of Babel - not the biblical one, but the original one, built out of solid gold. The Mob is out to get the gold, but so is...Rupin III: Master Thief. It's Thugs vs. Thieves when Lupin & Co. go up against a fearsome flyswatting Polish Mafia boss, a bevy of beauty-contest policewomen, Zenigata, the hard-luck Interpol inspector, a mysterious baglady, AND his own girlfriend in a transcontinental trust-nobody trek.

Herself the Elf sez: When I borrowed this tape from a friend, he warned me that it was bad. I thought 'Okay, so it won't be as good as, say, Cagliostro, but it's Lupin! How bad could it be?' *sigh* Never say that. This movie was just messed up. It had more plot holes than swiss cheese and the only thing that made it seem like anime were the familiar voices of Lupin's team - the animation style is more Nelvana than Monkey Punch. I was, frankly, astounded; it doesn't look like anime at *all*. There are some rather offensive stereotypes of various nationalities, and the way they draw black people is ridiculous. A bunch of scenes go on and on and on with no discernable point (Lupin and Zenigata having a motorcycle race on a giant moving face?!?!?!), and important plot points are based on ridiculously erroneous translations from English and completely fabricated 'legends' about biblical events. The Tower of Babel was made of gold, and God carried it off only to drop it in North America? And 'God' is actually a bunch of aliens living on Halley's Comet? Whaaaaaat???
The only thing I liked about this flick was the unusual addition of a love interest for the eternally stoic Goemon. Although things speed up and get a good deal better 3/4 of the way through, it's still not worth sitting through the whole thing. Not recommended.

Availability: Available subtitled or dubbed as 'Rupan III' through AnimEigo.