Lupin III: Tokyo Crisis

Rating: 3½ Rampages Run away!

Japan's last Shogun warrior has cleverly hidden a secret treasure worth $20 billion. Conveniently, hints of its location can be found in two portraits of him, in the form of large, etched plates. The usual cast sets out to search in two groups, Lupin with Jigen and Goemon with Fujiko, all hungry for the sweet taste of victory. But of course, the task is no cinch, especially when Jigen gets a toothache and Goemon loses his mighty Zantetsuken.
A mysterious reporter named Maria joins in the frantic search and, with an ESP-like power to see the future, winds up a key player. She's also important to theme park owner Michael Suzuki, who is believed to possess one of the plates. Marvel as Lupin operates with his usual charisma and smooth style in the wild pursuit of the city's most valuable hidden treasure.

Well this one was a bit of an anomaly amongst the Lupin flicks...never before have I seen such a showcase of the good guys screwing up as they do in this film. Lupin and crew get a taste of what it's like to be Zenigata for once. In the opening moments, Lupin steals something from Zenigata, only to discover that it's a fake and spends the rest of the intro running from the cops. Goemon has had his Sword stolen, Jigen has a toothache that prevents him from shooting straight, and Fujiko's typically foolproof feminine wiles fail for once. Gags aside, the plot for this film felt more like something for a City Hunter movie (pretty predictable and formulaic), but it was fun either way. One big happy note is the casting of Megumi Hayashibara as Maria, something I really appreciated as she brings a lot to any show she's in and this is no different. Classic silly hijinks, the characters we know and love, really fun music, and it's Lupin! If that isn't enough to satisfy you then you ask for too much. Not as good as Castle of Cagliostro, but a great Lupin movie all the same. Recommended.

Availability: Only available fansubbed at the moment.