Lupin III: Dark Order of Assassination

Lupin and a naked Fujiko-chan

Rating: 3 Rampages

ICPO has finally gotten tired of Zenigata's blundering and taken him off the Lupin III case - to be replaced by a hard-boiled mercenary named Kiss, with orders to bring in Lupin dead or alive (dead preferably). Zenigata is so broken up about the transfer that he ends up hanging out with Lupin while they investigate a mysterious organization called 'Shot Shell' that is plotting to steal a Russian nuclear submarine. Bring in Goemon and a bikini-clad Fujiko-chan and you've got a recipe for hilarious disaster!

Well, though this may not be nearly as wonderful as Cagliostro, it is still a fun movie. The art here is some of the best yet, and aside from getting to see some background info on Jigen, we also get to see a scantily clad Fujiko-chan, plus most of the main cast getting killed off! (supposedly)
Plenty of fun and goofiness mixed with great action make this a good addition to any Lupin fan's collection.

Availability: Only available fansubbed at the moment.