Lupin III: Plot of the Fuma Clan (aka The Fuma Conspiracy)

Rating: 3 Rampages Lupin and Goemon take a trip through an onsen

Goemon is getting married to Murasaki, the daughter of a friend of his, but in the middle of the ceremony some freaky ninja guys show up and try to steal the family heirloom, an ancient vase. Fujiko and Lupin foil their plans, but they kidnap Murasaki instead and get away. It turns out that the vase is the key to a fabulous treasure that Murasaki's family has been guarding for centuries, and the Fuma clan has been after it for just about as long. Goemon goes to rescue Murasaki, but meanwhile Lupin and Fujiko are after the treasure for their own purposes, of course...

Herself the Elf sez: This one had a big perk for me, since it focused on Goemon for much of the movie. Unfortunately we don't get any romantic scenes between Goemon and Murasaki...oh well. The movie has pretty much what you'd expect from a Lupin movie: crazy car chases, Lupin and Jigen getting into wacky trouble, Fujiko in a skintight motorcycle jumpsuit, Zenigata yelling and screaming, and Goemon being terribly melodramatic. Add it all up and you get lots of fun.

Availability: Available subtitled or dubbed as 'Rupan III' through AnimEigo.