Lupin III: The Search For Harimao's Treasure

Rating: 2 Rampages Lupin with an armload of hentai videos

When the London-France Tunnel is destroyed by a bomb, Ex Secret Service agent Archer (apparently the man that James Bond was based off of) has to foot the astronmical insurance bill. While he is quite wealthy, even he doesn't have the kind of money to pay for the entire tunnel, but he knows where the famed treasure of Harimao the theif lays, and is willing touse it to pay off the debt. This works out quite well for Lupin, as he and his crew have been looking for the treasure for a while, but it seems they aren't the only ones interested in finding it. Someone is using both Archer and Lupin to find the treasure, but who?

Here we go again...this must have been a bad couple of years for the Lupin story as both Zantetsuken Sword and Harimao's treasure (which came out a year later) are quite poor. Don't get me wrong, it's got its moments, but on the whole this is a pretty weak film. Lupin is a real womanizing jerk in this one, constantly hitting on Archer's granddaughter Diana in a rather crass fashion. Fujiko does almost nothing the entire film except pose as Archer's wimpy secretary, and while Goemon gets a few good moments, he's hardly even an afterthought in the movie. The plot is almost as convoluted as Zantetsuken Sword (wait till you see what the "treasure" is if you don't believe me) and the ending is just moronic. Also, I'm really getting tired of the typified villian model they keep using in City Hunter and know the ones: casual demeanor, good looking, slimly drawn eyes, pllayed up like a nice guy at the start...if they are expecting us to be surprised it's a pretty pathetic effort. At least this main villian has a surprise in store (and a rather disturbing one), but it isn't all that hard to figure out. The animation is just as good as the other 90's Lupin films, so nothing new there, and since they really messed with the characters I'm not very enthusiastic about this film. Only recommended if you're looking to complete the Lupin experience, otherwise, you're better off watching one of the other movies.

Availability: Only available fansubbed at the moment.