Lupin III: Die! Nostradamus

Rating: 3½ Rampages Cover for the laserdisc

In the fifth theatrical movie for Lupin, this introduces voice actor Kurita Kanichi as the new voice for Lupin the 3rd after Yasuo Yamada's death. There is a false prophet who claims to have the lost scriptures of Nostradamus, and he hires men to go out and destroy things after he makes predictions of destruction to his followers. Meanwhile Fujiko and Lupin run into each other on a hijacked plane; Fujiko is travelling with a little girl we don't know. Later on, after everyone gets out of the plane and the hijackers are killed, the little girl gets kidnapped, and Fujiko says "Oh God, there goes $10,000,000". It turns out that the girl is the daughter of this big-shot who is in charge of a building the size of a city, and he is about to run for President of the United States. But this man has the actual Lost Prophecies of Nostradamus in his building, and Lupin goes on a mission to get it...but it's not that easy. After a failed attempt Lupin gives in and goes to a prison to meet an old friend, and he gives Lupin something (sorewa himitsu desu!) to help him get the Book. Memorable moments include when Zenigata finds Lupin and gets all bambi-eyed, the Inflatable Lupin Doll, and when Lupin gets naked with an amnesiac Fujiko. Zenigata and Lupin...sort of.

A bit better than Dark Order, this one is not quite as serious. Basically the same formula as usual: lots of silliness, Fujiko-chan naked, Lupin and co. kicking the badguy's butt...etc. Oh, and, as's fun =)

Herself the Elf sez: One odd thing about Die! Nostradamus is that the little girl is drawn in a style quite different from the rest of the characters - almost Disneyish. Not sure why...

Availability: Only available fansubbed at the moment.