Lupin III TV Series

Lupin and Fujiko

Rating: 3½ Rampages

One of the greatest thieves in the world is a man known as Lupin. Once he gets his sights on something valuable, nothing can stop the theft. Along with his gang, Lupin travels the world in search of loot. In his wake is the Interpol Inspector Zenigata who will stop at almost nothing to capture Lupin. As the two men match wits against each other, we are treated to some truly enjoyable 'Cops and Robbers' stories...often in an action-comedy vein. Naturally, Lupin is the one who usually comes out on top.

This is just one of those classic series that has to be watched. The animation is kind of goofy and is an older style, but itís still great adventure fun for all ages, as long as your kids are OK with Fujiko-chan topless occasionally. ^_--

Availability: The only way to see most of these TV eps is on a fansub. The two episodes that Miyazaki directed, Wings of the Albatross and Aloha, Lupin, were released by the now-defunct Streamline Pictures under the titles of "Lupin's Greatest Capers" or "Tales of the Wolf", depending where you go. You might still find a copy for rent somewhere.