Lupin III: Zantetsuken on Fire

Rating: 2½ Rampages Lupin playing a UFO catcher game

Lupin races a wealthy pervert, and a Hong Kong-based ninja gang, to recover a priceless dragon statue that sank with the Titanic 80 years before. The statue holds the secret to making metal as strong as Goemon's sword. Goemon has a conflict of interest as he strives to protect the secret of the statue, while Lupin just wants to sell it for something.

Wow, this was almost as convoluted as Legend of the Gold of Babylon. While the first half of the movie is pretty much the same sort of stuff we'd come to expect in a Lupin feature, once things start getting explained it just gets plain silly. The villain wants to have the secret to the strongest and lightest metal in the world so he can make an invincible bomber out of it, thus letting him blackmail the nations of the world to pay him whatever he wants...can you say Doctor Evil? Why not just patent the metal and make trillions of dollars legally, steadily taking over the planet more efficiently than Bill Gates? ...because it's just not evil enough, I guess. That would be the margarine of evil. The diet coke of..well, you get the idea. The final confrontation is even sillier, with Goemon trying (and succeding!) to cut a giant stealth bomber in half with his Zantetsuken, all while jumping from Lupin's little one engine prop to the bomber...riiiiiiiiiiight. On the plus side, this story focuses mostly on Goemon and gives a bit of info of his past, something not many of the Lupin stories do. Deffinitely one of the weaker Lupin films, but if you're a fan then chances are you'll enjoy it anyways. Sort of recommended, but only to Lupin fans.

Availability: Only available fansubbed at the moment.