Macross 2

Rating: 2½ Rampages Nice duds.

Eighty years have passed on Earth since the events chronicled in Macross - Do you Remember Love? The descendants of the Zentraedi / Meltrandi conflict have established a new society with the people of Earth. When alien invaders identified as renegade Zentraedi threaten this uneasy alliance, the Superdimensional Fortress Macross must resurrect itself after generations of inactivity to fight against the enemy forces.
Hibiki Kanzake, an investigative reporter for Scramble News Network (SNN), is caught up in the battle when he inadvertently allies himself with Ishtar, an enigmatic Zentraedi princess. Enlisting the help of spirited Valkyrie pilot Silvie Gena, Hibiki rushes to save Ishtar from imminent "reprogramming" by hostile Zentraedi. Silvie and Hibiki must also broadcast the truth about Zentraedi invasion and convince the powerful military comples U.N. Spacey to reactivate the Macross fortress II.

Ugh. I unfortunately saw the dub of this first, and that probably accounts for some of my distaste for it, but even after seeing the sub version I was still quite unimpressed. In light of the incredible stories and art in the original Macross and Macross Plus series, this was a titanic disappointment. The story is more than a little sporadic and confusing, and the characters are rather two dimensional. Mediocre in almost every aspect, but still watchable due to its place in the Macross saga.

Available dubbed or subbed from Manga Entertainment.