the members of the band Firebomber

Macross 7

Firebomber glows in the dark!

Rating: 1½ Rampages

Thirty-five years after the legendary Battle with Bodolza's Main Fleet, the New Macross 7 fleet journeys to the center of the galaxy. Having once faced total extinction, the surviving Humans on Earth drew up an ambitious plan to ensure their survival. Super-long-range emigration fleets (such as the Macross 7 fleet) would spread Humankind across the galaxy. Meanwhile, close-range colonization of planets (such as Macross Plus's Eden) would counteract Earth's population explosion and dwindling supplies. Seven years have passed since Captain Maxmillian Jenius led the 37th long-range emigration fleet from Earth. Inside City 7, the main habitation "block" of the Macross 7 flagship, the Fire Bomber rock band prepares for their first live concert. Something's amiss, though ....

Okay. Now because this was a Macross series, I had to give it a chance. But MAN do I wish I hadnít. The art is quite nice, and the music is pretty cool too. That aside...this is one of the biggest wastes of time ever made. The first 16 episodes the guy just climbs into the single coolest Valkyrie ever made (a red version of the YF-19 with a head variant), shoots off speaker pods, and sits in the cockpit singing in the middle of a pitched battle. Now if that isnít just completely mindless, I donít know what is. Of course, what is truly astonishing is the fact that not only did they do a full run of this godawful series, they even made a movie of it! Good MSTie material, but not much more.

Not distributed by ANYONE. For good reason. If you have enemies you'd like to subject to this, you can get it as a fansub.

Macross 7: the Movie

Rating: 1 Rampage

ugh, as if the series wasnít bad enough. Basically the movie is just a long TV episode...same dumb villains, same dumb premise (IT WAS A JOKE YOU MORONS!!! MINMEI WAS A JOKE!!!) and same horrible use of such wonderful art. The space vampire dudes get this bigger, badder monster/mecha thing, and Nikky gets the hots for this un-micronized Zentraedi chick who has the same obsession with music. Iíd forgotten how awful the series was until I rented this for MST value. Iím wishing I hadnít.