Macross Plus

Rating: 5 Rampages

the YF-19 and the VF-21 in action

A hotshot young pilot named Isamu Dyson has been bounced around from assignment to assignment because nobody can put up with his daredevil antics. He finally settles into a job as test pilot on his homeworld of Eden. The project he’s assigned to is the testing of one of two new prototypes for the next generation of fighter mecha, with the aim of building the mecha with the best test results. The test pilot for the other mecha turns out to be his estranged highschool friend, Guld Goa Bowman. The two of them compete fiercely for the contract and for the love of their mutual ex-girlfriend, Myung Fang Lone, now the producer of the world’s first virtual idol singer, Sharon Apple. Myung however, has problems of her own as someone tampers with Sharon’s programming and puts the three friends in a struggle for their lives.

An instant classic, and a very different kind of Macross story, this series has it all: wicked mecha, amazing aerial stunts, truly breathtaking animation, great characterization and some of the finest music ever created for an animated film. (By Yoko Kanno, of course) An excellent choice to introduce someone to the wonders of anime. A definite must-see.

Sharon Apple, in concert.

Isamu and Myung

Macross Plus: the Movie

Rating: 4½ Rampages The YF-19

Mostly the same material as in the OVAs, just reshuffled and with elements removed and added. Less linear and doesn’t go nearly as deeply into the characters’ motivations. Still an excellent anime, but try to get the OVAs instead.

Available subtitled or dubbed through Manga Entertainment.