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           With a sigh, Chibi-Nightbreak left the pan-dimensional rope behind and simply opened up the door to the broom closet. Out lumbered his own creation designed to acquire their deities. "Behold!" Chibi-Nightbreak proclaimed. "The Totoronator!"
           Chibi-Chaos remained deadpan as he looked up at the furry critter. "Totoronator?" he said, blinking in surprise. "You put a killer robot endoskeleton from Cyberdyne...in a Totoro skin?"
           "Well, would you suspect it?"
           "I suppose not," Chaos conceded.
           However, as the two authors debated, Zelgardis and the Totoronator didn't seem to be getting on the best of terms, each one having automatically classified the other as a threat that must be eliminated. They immediately set about trashing the hall as they flung themselves against the walls, cracking the drywall. They also managed to break a few doors in the process. Startled screams and shouts were heard from numerous residence students.
           Chibi-Nightbreak and Chibi-Chaos sweatdropped. "You're fault," they stated, pointing at each other.
           Yet suddenly, Zelgardis and the Totoronator stopped. Cheesy harp music began to sound as lots of floating hearts and pink sakura blossoms drifted across the screen. Then Zelgardis looked lovingly into the Totoronator's eyes, as the Totoronator held out a bouquet of flowers.
           The two them began to dance a romantic waltz down the halls.

Chibi-Chaos & Chibi-Nightbreak: o.O; "Uso."

           "Who's being so damn loud?" one dorm student remarked angrily, opening her door to see what all the commotion was about. She sweatdropped as she saw Zelgardis and the Totoronator waltzing down the hallway.
           "Say, just who are you guys anyways?" another student asked, having just returned from the Athletics Building. With a puzzled expression he bent forward and studied a sincerely smiling Chibi- Chaos & Chibi-Nightbreak. "I don't recall seeing such shrink- wrapped students here in the residence."

Chibi-Nightbreak & Chibi-Chaos: ^^;; "Um...oh look! A disk-gun war!"

Student: [glancing down the hall] "Huh?"

           The student looked back at the two chibified guys, only to find a dissipating dust cloud they'd left in their wake. Chibi- Chaos and Chibi-Nightbreak had both beaten a hasty yet utterly courageous retreat, hiding in the nearest dorm room they could find. However, a surprise was awaiting them when they turned around and discovered just whose room they'd hidden in.
           "Beans!" Chibi-Chaos exclaimed, pointing to the mamequin sitting benignly in the chair. "So, at last we meet yet again. Now then, do you wish to face the wrath of chibi-fu, or will you surrender the lake god to the avatar who truly deserves her the most?"
           "Sean Gaffney?" Chibi-Nightbreak remarked.
           Chibi-Chaos immediately cuffed him upside the back of the head.
           And naturally, the mamequin said nothing in response.
           It just started at Yggdrasil's screen.
           "I think she's mocking me," Chibi-Chaos remarked aside to Chibi-Nightbreak. He turned back to the mamequin and said loudly, "Say something, lest I unleash my flying cows and falling bathtubs on you, Beans!"
           The mamequin didn't even move.
           This naturally exasperated Chibi-Chaos, who angrily stomped up to the mamequin and spun the chair around. "Pay attention to my SD rantings, will ya?" he exclaimed. However, he yanked the swivel chair around so suddenly that one of the mamequin's limp arms caught the momentum. It loosely soared up into the air and smacked Chibi-Chaos across the face.
           To say this surprised Chibi-Chaos was an understatement. He gave the mamequin a confused expression, which then melted away into an evil smile. "Aha haaaaaaa...so that's the way it's going to be, ne?"
           And then he launched himself at the mamequin, both of them toppling right over the chair. Chibi-Chaos proceeded to challenge the mamequin and throw every attack he had at it. And yet, somehow the inanimate mamequin was kicking his super-deformed butt.
           Chibi-Nightbreak could only lean up next to the burbling aquarium as he watched the ensuing fight. "Is he usually like this?" he asked.
           The lake god burbled an affirmative.
           "Ha ha! I have you know, Beans!" Chibi-Chaos exclaimed, now pinned beneath the mamequin. "If you surrender now, I shall see that you are well compensated with a Puchuu bear."
           Gathering his strength, Chibi-Chaos pushed off the ground and lurched towards the walls. He abruptly tripped on the overturned swivel chair, and with a graceful yelp stumbled right towards the window. Fortunately for Chibi-Chaos, he was small enough that the windowsill prevented him from going over. On the other hand it did give him a slight concussion when he smacked right into it with his forehead.
           However, the mamequin didn't fare so well.
           It went flying right through the window, extra points being awarded to it for style and technique. With an unceremonious "crunch!" the mamequin faceplanted into the snow some two floors below.

Chibi-Nightbreak: o.O;

           "Did I win?" Chibi-Chaos asked, still somewhat dazed.
           Chibi-Nightbreak slowly nodded, standing the swivel chair back up and wheeling it to the window. He and Chibi-Chaos stood on the chair and looked down to the mamequin below.
           Chibi-Nightbreak gawked, his eyes bugging out as he stared down at the grotesquely-twisted limbs sticking out from the snow. "You just killed Beans," he said in a quiet, distant voice.
           Chibi-Chaos swetdropped. "So...think this'll count against me?" he asked optimistically.
           Chibi-Nightbreak pointed out the window. "You just killed one of the most beloved, self-inserted characters in the history of SM fanfiction!!"
           "Well, it's her fault!" Chibi-Chaos protested. "I assumed she would tuck and roll when she hit the ground."
           "Chaos, not everyone has been thrown out of windows as many times as you have." Chibi-Nightbreak shook his head as he leaned out the window. "Her fans are going to lynch us when they find out about this."
           Suddenly struck with inspiration (not to mention a large rock from the lake god's fishtank), Chibi-Chaos snapped his fingers. "I've got it!" he exclaimed triumphantly. "All we have to do is pretend that Beans didn't die for the rest of College Life, and we're in the clear. No one will ever notice!"
           "And just how do you propose to do that?" Chibi-Nightbreak inquired, not even bothering to hide his skepticism. "She still has four or five chapters left in the series."

Chibi-Chaos: ^^v "All we have to do is pretend that she didn't die, and act out the rest of the fic!"

Chibi-Nightbreak: [sweatdrop!] "Been watching Weekend At Bernie's one too many times, have you?"

Chibi-Chaos: ^^v "I mean, come on! It's only College Life. Who's going to notice?"

Chibi-Nightbreak: [groan!] "I am so going to get my chibified butt kicked for this."

           [Cue the eyecatch!]

Thanks goes out to:

Who else? Beanie-chan and Nightbreak for this rousing little travesty! Apparently insanity does like company, as well as pasta, period movies starting with the letter 'D', and long walks on the beach.

To Skuld-sama, Andrea, Levar, Tim, and DDFA, who don't really have any clue about their cameos here in this fic. And it's probably just as well too.... ^^;;;;

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