Mamotte Shugogetten!
Mamotte Shugogetten!

Rating: 2 Rampages Shaolin and Ruuan

The story is about Shichiri Tasuke, a junior high school student who lives alone. His father, Tarousuke, is an explorer, and one day he sends Tasuke a strange ring he found in China. Legend has it that if someone of pure heart should peer into the ring then a guardian from heaven would appear to protect them. When Tasuke inspects this object, a girl appears from within the ring. Her name is Shugogetten (Moon Guardian) Shaolin, and her destiny is to protect the person who releases her from the ring, which is called a "shitenrin". The only problem is that Shaorin has been in this ring for 4,000 years so she's not very familiar with the modern world and usually causes Tasuke more trouble than she protects him from. Shao can call forth small spirits, called hoshigami who each have a special skill, to help her protect Tasuke.

Tasuke's adventures don't stop there. His father soon sends him a strange rod he found in the same location as the ring. Tasuke examines the rod and Keikounitten (Sun Guardian) Ruuan appears. Her destiny is to make the person who released her from the rod, the "kokutentou", happy. Ruuan has been locked in her rod for 1652 years, and she and Shao are sworn rivals. Ruuan has the magical ability to bring inanimate objects to life. Ruuan and Shao will often get into fights over Tasuke, leaving quite a bit of destruction in their wake.

Because both girls are stunningly beautiful (they're goddesses, after all) many people who meet Shao and Ruuan fall in love with one or the other and try to steal them away from Tasuke, who on the outside doesn't really act like he wants either one of them around. Miyauchi Izumo (from the local shrine) and Tasuke's classmate Takashi are in love with Shao, and Tasuke's classmate Kouichirou is in love with Ruuan.

Complicating matters further is the cute but schizophrenic Aihara Kaori, an underclass student at Tasuke's school who has a HUGE crush on Tasuke. She's always trying some plan to get near Tasuke and to get rid of Shao and Ruuan.

Rishu Review:
Iiiitai! I think there is only one word to describe this show: excruciating. Just surviving through the first 2 episodes was painful enough, I can't even imagine sitting through all 22. Before I knew what the show's name was (all I saw was an unsubtitled trailer at our club about half a year back) I referred to it as "that 'Ah! My Goddess!' lookalike" because of the obvious similarity of the character designs and what interaction we saw in the opening sequence...turns out that description was pretty accurate. It's pretty obvious from the first episode what show inspired the writers for Mamotte Shugogetten--now if only they could have paid attention to what made that show so successful, they might have done something right. Instead, they get EVERYTHING wrong. Shao is not endearingly cute, she's a *krunk*ing MORON! She screws up every attempt to help out and does not think before she acts at all...classic ditzy anime girl times ten. Ruuan isn't far behind her either...while Urd screwing up because of her impulsiveness was funny (because it was done in moderation) this is just annoying and painful to watch. But, of course, Tasuke just brushes it all off cause he's such a nice guy...awww. Ick. Sorry, but if someone is that stupid and indecisive, he deserves what he gets. The only character that's even remotely appealing is the little lisping Rishu, who stays cute and un-annoying because she only shows up occasionally. That shpeech impediment ish sho cute.

The rest of the show's attributes are pretty crappy too--the art is low-budget CGI, and it shows. Plenty of recycled images and painfully cheesy effects all over the place...guys, if you don't have the money to do CGI well, STICK WITH CELS!! The BGM is also bland and the only saving graces are the opening and closing songs, which are rather catchy. I think the best description I can give of this show is to call it an Animated sitcom. I personally cannot abide people insulting my intelligence, and Mamotte Shugogetten does so with abandon. "Two cute but simpleminded priestess fall for this poor shmuck, and he's so nice that he just can't say no to them no matter how much damage they's funny!" I think not. The Tenchi Masaki Syndrome gag wasn't particularly funny the first time, and it's probably at its least amusing here. This show is utterly mindless and I cannot in good conscience recommend it to anyone, as the kind of people that might enjoy this sort of show probably stay away from my page because I'm "too mean" (shows what they know...tossers) or wouldn't touch anime with a ten foot pole (or a nine foot hungarian). I really have no idea why this show has the following that it does, but I guess Art Linkletter was right: People are funny.

This show, however, isn't.

Currently only available fansubbed.