Miki and her trusty steed

Marmalade Boy

Rating: 3½ Rampages

Miki is a girl in junior high who has a terrible problem. Her parents went away on a vacation and came back announcing that they were getting divorced...but thatís not all! They met a couple while away and fell in love with each otherís partners, so the foursome have decided to just trade partners and all live together in a big house! Miki is understandably upset about the whole situation, until she meets the other coupleís bishonen son Yuu. Miki and Yuu are attracted to each other but never admit it, instead teasing each other like siblings. Mikiís best friend Ginta is very jealous of Yuu and things get more and more complicated as more and more characters enter the love...er...decagon?

Miki & Yuu Review:
I havenít seen all the episodes, but I like what I see. Very funny with lots of plot twists. It does seem like a soap opera at first, but the story is very absorbing and youíll get hooked fast. A touching, long (50+ episodes) romantic comedy thatís definitely recommended.

Currently only available fansubbed.

Miki's Style House

Map of the love...er...polygon