Rating:3 Rampages Cover for the video

It's been several years since their high school graduation and a few long time friends at the Fun Fun Company are starting to talk about marriage. While each of them have their own love dilemmas, Shizuka is the only one who seems to have no interest in a love relationship. The others around her are concerned about her quiet ways and her unnoticed beauty. So, her best friend, Maki, registers her in a dating service called 'The Wedding Club' and Shizuka reluctantly agrees to meet her compatible match. But when the man she is introduced to is not exactly her type, Shizuka wonders if her red string of fate has already been cut just as another man appears before her...

Another one based off a "life-sim" game, this one isnít quite as good as Graduation. It certainly is an interesting look into how Japanese men and women get into relationships (though I truly wish it WAS that easy...ah well.) but don't expect action or huge amounts of tension (unless romantic tension counts =P) in this OVA, just romance, and an occasional touch of comedy. The characters are pretty believeable, but there are still some rather "only in an anime" aspects about them and their actions that leave you a little bothered from time to time. Minor gripes aside, if you want something romantic and sweet, Marriage does not disappoint. If you want something with more spice, look elsewhere. Recommended.

Available subtitled or dubbbed through AnimeWorks.