My Fair Masseuse

Rating: 3 Rampages Cover for the video

Times are hard for Moko, a sexually starved young woman eager to please men any way possible. She just wants a job that brings her pleasure and some money. So, driven by her passion to serve mankind, and encouraged by her friend, Moko sets off to become the best masseuse ever! Little does she realize that in her efforts to help her clientele to relax, she would end up fulfilling many of their sexual fantasies as well. The job does have some drawbacks: avoiding an annoying peeping tom with a perpetual erection who believes he must save Moko from this life of debauchery, helping the elderly and even getting involved in a threesome just to spice up some couple's sex life. Are these drawbacks...or does Moko have her hands full for once in her life?
But, ever cheerful, our gal Moko meets every challenge, with her perky attitude, and - her perky breasts. So for a massage like you've never had before, come meet...My Fair Masseuse.

Herself the Elf sez: This one was funnier than most hentai, and has one big bonus in my eyes...the heroine actually ENJOYS sex. 99% of anime with sex scenes involves the girl being either totally inexperienced and too shy to do anything, or wailing and thrashing around like shes being raped (plus all the times when she IS being raped...). I find that entirely uninteresting and often offensive. My Fair Masseuse was a refreshing change to the usual hentai formula. A strange little creature, this one struck me almost like a promotional video to motivate hookers, encouraging them to do their best for society. Hey, cant go wrong with that! ^_-

Gotta agree with my sis on this one, this was pretty neat. She isnt getting raped by dumb looking monsters, shes doing what she likes and getting paid a lot for it =) Very tongue-in-cheek (among a few other places =) Plenty of good HUMAN sex scenes, funny plot twists, and pretty good animation. If youre a hentai fan, Id suggest picking this up.

Available subtitled through Kitty Media.