Master Keaton

Rating: 3#&189; Rampages

Episodes seen: 1-2 of 39 Master keaton

Taichi Keaton is a half-British half-Japanese archaeologist and SAS veteran of the Falklands War. He travels around the world, solving mysteries and investigating insurance fraud for Lloyd's of London.

Herself the Elf sez: With simple older-style animation, Master Keaton is the kind of low-key anime that probably gets overlooked by most people....and it's a shame, because this is a good show. Interesting stories, intelligent characters and a grown-up plot make this a winner for those sick of stupid formulaic anime that rots the brain. There’s no panty shots, no giant boobs, no magic and no monster of the week, just a new kind of problem for Keaton to solve, and the problems he tackles are interesting and clever. It can be a bit slow-moving if you like your anime hyper, but that's not what this show is going for.

Kind of a cross between MacGyver and Colombo, with a dash of Captain Tylor, Master Keaton is anime for grownups. Recommended for those sick of dumb anime and those with an attention span.

Available from Geneon Animation

Created 16-12-04