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the OVA

Rating: 3½ Rampages Maze gets friendly with his team-member

From the same sick and twisted people who brought us Bakuretsu Hunter, comes the warped sex comedy MAZE! Maze is an unusual story about a rather prudish princess who, when night comes, turns into a horny perverted man. Maze and her team of heroes travel the land searching for adventure, wrongs to right...and cute girls to sleep with! HOTCHA!

Fun with finger-puppets Review:
Warped is right...I was hurting from all the laughing I did when watching this OVA. Male Maze is pretty much a luckier version of Carrot Glaces...he actually manages to get laid, and quite frequently too! Funky magic, cool art and even some kick-ass mecha, how can you go wrong? If you like silly, warped stuff (dont we all?) run out to your local fansubber and snatch this baby up, you wont regret it....just make sure your little brother has left the room =)

Maze Mega Burst Space TV Series

Rating: 3 Rampages

Maze's house lands in the middle of a strange forest, crushing a bad guy (Wizard of Oz, anybody?) in the process. Princess Mill subsequently appears, being chased by more of the bad guys. Maze ends up helping her, and now they're both on the run from the Jaina Cult Group, who are bent on conquering all the neighboring countries. This all sounds pretty normal, but when the sun goes down, Havoc ensues as Male Maze tries to get 'personal' with Mill-chan. More people show up and try to get male or female Maze into bed. Female Maze complains about having to fight people (she's a pacifist); male Maze kicks bad guy butt. Then they all get together for an impossibly catchy ending song.

The TV series follows the storyline of the manga (mostly), although they unfortunately toned down the ecchiness (it IS a TV series, after all). Though I am kinda peeved that the language and nudity got toned down for TV (no, we don't get to hear "Suck my fucking dick, face the wrath of Male Maze!!" this time around) this one makes a great deal more sense than the OVA series (which made about as much sense as Fairy Princess Ren on crack) and still manages to entertain with about twice the number of main characters. The art is a little bit below the OVA, but that's to be expected. The music still kicks major ass, and both opening and ending songs are hideously catchy. The story can be a bit difficult to follow at times, but usually only because you're having too much fun watching everybody trying to get into bed with one version of Maze or another. All in all, every bit as much fun as the original...just wish Ruruboss would show up sometime...

Currently only available fansubbed. The girls of MAZE on the beach

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