Mazinger Z
(Tranzor Z)

Rating: 3 Rampages Koji and Miss Love Interest

The story involves a mad scientist, Dr. Hell, who discovers lost robotics technology and uses it to create machine monsters with which to rule the world. Dr. Juzo Kabuto discovers this, and escapes capture. Kabuto prepares for the upcoming invasion with two special scientific breakthroughs: photo-atomic energy, and the Super Alloy Z, processed from Japanium (a new element found only in the stratum of Mount Fuji). Unknown to all, Dr. Kabuto creates the giant robot Mazinger Z out of the Japanium alloy. Dr. Hell's lieutenant Baron Assler blows up Dr. Kabuto's mountain villa, but not before Kabuto contacts his grandson KOJI KABUTO for help. Koji discovers his grandfather's secret laboratory, and thus, discovers Mazinger Z as well. Cheesy 'bots

Ahh, nostalgia. Boy does this bring back memories. One of the original giant robot shows, and one of Go Nagaiís first shows, this is a perfect choice for MSTing. A classic example of the cheesy 70ís-80ís shows, this isnít exactly a masterpiece. Fun at the time, the music is cheesy, the Ďbots are cheesy, and its really only good to bring you back to your childhood years, or to make fun of in the case of Mazinger Z vs. Grandizer (thank you Corn Pone =) should be watched at least once, and is GREAT for the young ones.

Philip's Mazinger Z Tribute Page

As far as I know, this isn't currently distributed or fansubbed by anyone. The best you can probably do is find somebody who has tapes of the Tranzor Z TV show from the '80s.