MD Geist

Rating: 0 Rampages I have silly armor and I'm not afraid to use it!

Jerra is a planet devastated by war. The cities lie in ruins and roving gangs of bandits wander the wastelands as the remaining Jerran forces battle the Nexrum invaders. But the war is about to end. Now, the military has less than tweleve hours to deactivate a doomsday device before the 'Death Force' is released - a horde of unstoppable robots that will eliminate all life on Jerra.
To prevent global Armageddon, a renegade soldier -- Geist -- must infiltrate the impregnable Brain Palace citadel, destory the robotic sentries, and shut down the doomsday program. Now, Geist must decide: Join forces with the army that exiled him to space -- or stand back and allow his adopted homeworld to be destroyed!

Guh. Not since La Blue Girl have I witnessed such a horrible waste of animation cels as MD Geist. Try as I might, I couldn't find even one thing remotely likable about the film. The characters were totally uninteresting and two-dimensional, the mecha were stolen from Robotech, and the story was such a typical "he's a superweapon that got thrown away" premise it made me want to go out and kick Jean Claude Van Damme's ass for the 50th time. Combine this with utterly pathetic editing and totally forgettable music and you have a worse-looking film than the kind you'd find on teeth. Stay away. Please.
(and as to why USMC chose MD Geist as their "spokes-mecha", your guess is as good as mine...)

Available through US Manga Corps (unfortunately).