Mermaid in the moon

Mermaid's Forest/Mermaid's Scar

Rating: 3 Rampages

Mermaid's Forest: Mana and Yuta are drawn into the world of the Kannagi Family, owners of "Mermaid Forest". Only two of the Kannagi clan remain - an old woman and a young girl with hair as white as snow. What is the secret of these two women? And what is the secret of Mermaid Forest? Is there really a mermaid buried somewhere in the hills......a mermaid that could help Yuta return to normal? Rumiko Takahashi's Mermaid Forest

Mermaid's Scar: Yuta and Mana find a young boy being abused by a woman who seems to be immortal.....but things are never as they seem and a deadly game is about to be played out with Mana and Yuta as the playing pieces.

A rather startling change from the usual Takahashi material, this one is very obviously not for children. Much more depth in story and character than her other works, these macabre tales can be chilling but the fact that they’re only two very short stories weighs against them. Recommended.

Available subbed or dubbed through Viz Communications.

Takahashi Rumiko's Mermaid Saga