Metal Fighter Miku

Rating: 3 Rampages The Pretty Four

The sport of wrestling has appeared in almost every culture throughout history and by the year 2061 it has evolved into the most popular sport in the world: Women's Neo Pro-Wrestling. Starting with the body-slamming tactics of traditional Pro Wrestling, Neo Pro-Wrestling adds the twist of equipping its contestants with high-tech powered Metal Suits. Clad in these armored suits, the fighter's speed and power is amplified to allow for spectacular fighting stunts.
Entering this highly competitive sport is The Pretty Four, a team whose manager would prefer to concentrate on marketing them as singing idols than as serious wrestlers. But Miku, a newcomer to the team, is dead serious about becoming the greatest Neo-Wrestler of all. Enthusiasm, however, isn't enough when you face top class opponents like the Moonlight Jewels. And when the Pretty Four enter a grand championship elimination, they find they need help to prepare. Help comes in the form of drunken Metal Fighter Coach Eiichi Suo. What Coach Suo lacks in appearances he more than makes up for in skill, and soon Miku and the other girls are on the road to Neo-Wrestling stardom. But, as they face teams like the monstrous Crushers and the deadly Lady Ninjas, will they ever be able to take on former champion Sapphire and her Moonlighting Jewels? And can they go all the way to face the sport's grand champion, Miku's beloved idol, Aquamarine?

Okay, so the premise ainít exactly new, itís still kind of cool. The art is nice, the music is pretty good, and the fights are nicely done. Some of the fighter teams look really wacky, but on the whole they are pretty neat. Theyíve even got Prissí seiyuu as one of the Pretty Four! Iíve only seen the first four episodes, but Iíd like to see the other 9, it seems like fun. Not fantastic, but at only 20$ a pop for 3 eps, thatís a pretty sweet deal and make it worth buying...if this is your thing.

Available subtitled through Software Sculptors.