Mighty Space Miners

Rating: 3½ Rampages Video cover

When disaster strikes an asteroid mining colony, who can the trapped miners call for help? Nobody! That's why only the bravest and most resourceful of individuals can ever become Mighty Space Miners, the hardworking pilots, scientists and technicians who keep earth supplied with priceless metals and isotopes from deep-space asteroid mines in the year 2060.
Mighty Space Miners is also the title of a stunning animated film that accurately depicts what happens when a military satellite triggers a disaster of catastrophic proportions on a remote asteroid colony designed to literally catch Haley's Comet by the tail! Told from the point of view of Ushikawa, the only yongster living on the colony, Mighty Space Miners documents the surviving colonists desperate battle to survive in a hostile environment in which every moment carries the possibility of instant death by fire, cold, radiation or explosive decompression, and where the nearest outside assistance is literally millions of miles away! It's adventure on an epic scale, with nail-biting tension as the colonists must cope with a world turned literally inside out, in which neither the ground below one's feet or the air one breathes are ever guaranteed, and with a runaway nuclear reactor that threatens to turn the entire asteroid into a miniature sun in a matter of hours!

AAARRRGH!!!!!! Gundammit, those evil BASTARDS!! How could they make a show this fascinating and just drop it after two episodes...and on a cliffhanger no less! GRRRRRRRRR!!! *sigh* Anyways. The two episodes that there are tell the beginning of a very interesting story about a very possible future. The characters are all quite belivable, as are the situations they find themselves in. The animation is very good, and reminds me a great deal of Gunbuster in its designs. This makes it all the more frustrating when at the end of the tape, it cuts off and you find 'that's it.' If they had AT LEAST continued it for another two episodes they could have finished the immediate story, but alas, this was not to be. Another Dragon Half story, folks. I can't really say it's worth owning, as you'll be wanting to kill someone at the end of the tape, but it's damned good regardless. Strongly recommended.

Available subtitled or dubbed through AdVision.