Princess Minerva

Minerva and her Phallus.

Rating: 2½ Rampages

When a tournament for Combatively-Inclined Warrior Women is announced, the residents of the quaint little kingdom of Wisler quickly find themselves up to their hips in fearsome fighters of the fairer sex! A group of women answer to Princess Minerva's ad in a newspaper to become her bodyguards. A sorceress, Dynastar, plans on capturing her. The contenders in the tournament are Kessley Ulga, a fiery woman who wants to fight Chiloria; Orlin Carey, a former cleric who doesn't like to use weapons; Chiloria Yurisis, aka Lady Death, a bounty hunter; Linealter, aka Silver Rogue, who wants to kill Chiloria and the only man in the tournament; and Lachloa Valvis, aka Bondage Kamen, a local businesswoman. However, Minerva enters the tournament as Cutey Kamen, with her friend and security head, Blue Morris substituting as her. However, Blue Morris is captured instead of Princess Minerva by Orchid and Pyrocession. Minerva and the rest of the contestants (including K-2 and Tua) confront Dynastar and defeat her, but only for the time being.

Your classic warrior-babe anime with just a slight twist. Could certainly have been done better; the art is ok and the story is typical of the genre, but itís still a fun romp if you havenít got anything better to do (like thereís something better than anime?!).

Available subtitled through ADVision.

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