Miracle Girls

Tomomi and Mikage

Rating: 2½ Rampages

Miracle Girls is about two twin girls who go to high school. Tomomi is a tomboyish girl who is good at sports. Her sister Mikage is more feminine and is better academically, despite her tendency to blow up the Chemistry Club. Both girls have boy friends, although Mikage's boy friend Kurashige-senpai left for London in the second episode. Mikage tends to have more romantic relationships, while Tomomi is on the buddy system. What makes these girls different is their ESP powers. They both have limited telekinesis, have telepathy only with each other, and can teleport only when they're together. The series is abou the sometimes funny/sad/romantic lives of the two twins, and the occasional complications brought about when they use their powers.

Another of those 80's shows where everybody looks like a Takahashi clone, this one didn't impress me much. There wasn't much structure or explanation for a lot of the mysterious occurrences, and the story about the girls' relationships really dragged. Mikage I found especially irritating; she just keeps running off for no particular reason and then collapsing in an emotional puddle. I found it hard to stay awake for this show, wishing something would HAPPEN. Some of the music sounded like horrible 80's synthesizer, while the rest sounded sort of like the BGM from Vampire Princess Miyu, so it wasn't that bad. But on the whole, I found it pretty unremarkable.

Herself the Elf sez: I found this one somewhat more enjoyable than did my ototo-chan. It struck me as a very quiet, calm story about two girls' lives, and sort of what Kimagure Orange Road could have been if they'd stuck with the ESPer thing. I found the music well suited the atmosphere; pretty much everything about this show was subdued, underplayed and peaceful. If you like shoujo and are patient, you might like this. If you're used to hyperactive people jumping around on-screen, however, you'll be bored to tears.

Currently only available fansubbed.