Mobile Suit Gundam

Rating: 5 Rampages The one that started it all...

In the year 2045 AD, construction of the first space colony begins (Side 1) to move part of Earth's immense population. The Earth was in effect "too small" for its inhabitants. Using asteriods from the asteroid field between Jupiter and Mars as raw materials, these colonies were constructed to be "ruled from the Earth" as they were only hunks of metal holding more inhabitants. The year system was changed from AD to UC (Universal Century), where 0001 UC was earmarked as the beginning of the age of space colonization. Around 0040 UC, when 40% of the Earth's inhabitants lived in the colonies, the philosophy of "ere-ism" emerged. Its meaning was very simple:

Man was not meant to live in space.

To ease tensions among the space colonists (also known as "spacenoids"),an asteroid later named Luna 2 was moved into the lunar orbit for the express purpose of colonization. However, in 0044, a man by the name of Zeon Zum Daikun, born in the 0009 UC, began to preach the opposite of ere-ism: that man was supposed to live in space, from which doing he and his descendants would evolve into a "new" man-kind. The Zaku 2
In 0052 UC, Zeon Daikun moved to Side 3 to establish a colony based on his ideology. By 0058 UC, it was a republic. His first son, Cassoval Rem Daikun was born a year later. In 0062 UC, Zeon Daikun declared Side 3 independent from the Earth and established its own national defense force. Zeon also had a daughter, Artesia, born that same year. By 0063 UC, the Earth Federation placed economic sanctions against Side 3. Zeon Daikun died in 0068 UC under "mysterious circumstances". He was succeeded by Degin Zabi, who within a year declared himself the ruling prince of the Dutchy of Zeon. When this occurred, one of Degin's sons was assassinated, which marked the beginning of a campaign of repression against the followers of Zeon Daikun. Zeon's two children disappeared from Side 3, their fate unknown.
By 0071, the Zeon defense force had become an army and had begun to use the theory of Minovski Physics, which had been under intense research for the previous 6 years by the academia, to jam radio communications and develop heavy, particle weapons as well as the development of "mobile weapons". By 0077, the Zeon were preparing for an independence war and were already developing robots (in general called "mobile suits") for mass-production. A year of bloody slaughter ensued during which a Zeon Pilot by the name of Char Aznable distinguished himself in battle, by singlehandedly destroying five federation battleships.

(And thatís just the prologue!!) The actual story begins in the fall of UC 0079. The ongoing war between the Earth Federation and the Dutchy of Zeon has settled into a six-month stalemate. The Federation has taken advantage of this time to develop its own set of mobile suit prototypes, which have been undergoing final testing inside a Federation research colony at Side 7. Now the mobile suit carrier White Base has arrived at Side 7 to pick up the prototypes and transport them to Earth. Inside the white base is the Federationís best kept secret. The Gundam. And very soon a young boy named Amuro Rei will find his destiny with this machine, and will join the fight to protect the Federation. The war continues...

This is one of the most critically acclaimed animated series of all time, and in my opinion, is very deserving of its praise. This pretty much redefined the mecha genre, creating a world that was full of human elements as well as large robots. The story is one of the best in any mecha series, and is full of incredible drama. The plotline itself is pretty unoriginal, itís just done in an original way. The complexity of the story, and the revolutionary design make this one of the most influential anime ever. If you havenít yet, see it.

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