The adorable couple


Rating: 3 Rampages

An inventor named Hiromi creates what is essentially a new power-suit: the Mol Unit. He dreams of doing good deeds with the suit. He gets his chance quickly: at an exhibition of antique cars, Machine Gals (beautiful robot women) appear to steal the cars. Powering up, Hiromi puts the Mol Unit through its paces...and it passes with flying colors and the attack is repelled. The new superhero is quickly dubbed "Captain Tokyo" and everyone wonders who it is. There are some disadvantages to the Mol Unit as well...there is a built in time limit (666 seconds) and when it expires, the suit will disappear leaving the naked wearer of the Mol Unit...ahh...naked. Mirai (Hiromi's sister) discovers the Mol Unit and despairs at her brother's fashion sense. A genius in her own right, Mirai has no trouble in creating a new shell.. until the end. She sneaks away and hopes that nothing was really broken. The next time the Machine Gals show up, Hiromi brings up the Mol Unit...and everyone wonders who this "Captain Tokyo imitator" is. Aghast, Hiromi looks at himself and sees Mirai's design: a cute girl superhero. He promptly makes Mirai wear the unit. When asked, she proclaims herself as "Moldiver", but finds out that the cute girl doesn't always appear...sometimes the beefy superhero is used. This is a funny parody on the powersuit genre.

A decent take on the power babes genre, this one could still have been done better. Great art and nice music, but the story is kind of weak, and very little character depth making this good only for a weekend rental. Overall, pretty funny.

Available subtitled or dubbed through Pioneer Animation.

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