Genesis Climber Mospeada

Rating: 4 Rampages Scott in The Battler Cyclone, aint it cool?

In the year 2050, the solar system is invaded by aliens called the Invid. The human race is attacked by the aliens, but only Earth is occupied, defeated by overwhelming power and numbers. The aliens are always in their mecha and never reveal their true nature. The only free humans are in bases on Mars and the moons of Jupiter. They launched a recapture mission soon after, which was promptly slaughtered by the Invid. It almost seems as if the aliens can sense the energy used by the human forces
In 2080, the children of the soldiers that went to Earth are the next generation of Mars Base troops and are armed with their own transformable mecha. This assault is only slightly more successful then the one thirty years ago. Three years later Mars Base launches the Second Earth Recapture Force, consisting of hundreds of ships and mecha. Among them is the 21st Armored Division, commanded by Lt Cmd Scott Bernard. Though they fought valiantly, the Mars Base troops are defeated with heavy losses. During the battle, Scott's fiancee Marlene Rush is killed and his Alpha crash lands in South America. Turning his sorrow and anguish over Marlene's death into revenge, Scott begins his long trek north to destroy Reflex Point, the Invid's main hive.
Along the way, Scott encounters several charismatic individuals who have been waging their own one-man wars against the Invid. Rand, a cocky, idealistic wanderer; Lancer, a former Mars Base pilot, disguising himself as a female pop singer; Rook Bartley, a tough, lone wolf; Lunk, a mecha mechanic who hates war; Marlene, who is actually a stage five Invid that looks like Scott's dead fiancee; and Annie, a young girl who always causes trouble for the group. The group's members become more than soldiers, they become close friends, almost a family.

This, for me, is an absolute classic. The third of the trio of anime series that made up the Robotech Saga, this was IMHO, the best. The story is long and engrossing, and shows the horrors of war. Very reminiscent of Gundam, I loved this one from the start. The art is excellent for the time, the character and mecha designs were WAY ahead of anything else made then, and thankfully there is no Minmei to cringe from (though the opening and ending songs are a little painful). I give this the highest possible recommendation for any and all mecha freaks, as you will not be disappointed. The only real problem, is that you would need to buy the Robotech Perfect Collection, as it is the only source for this old classic. Lets hope Streamline gets off their asses and finishes releasing them.

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Rand, not paying attention.

Apparently licensed by Harmony Gold.

Updated 25-01-03