With all due respect to Gainax...

MP3 of the Fortnight

(ok, so I don't have the time to do it weekly...)

This section is updated every two weeks (or at least it used to be) with new anime or J-pop MP3s. Just about all of them are encoded at 128kbps and 44khz. If there is a song you are very fond of, email me and I'll see if I can get my hands on the CD so I can encode it. But chances are I've already got it =) Be sure to check in every other week for the new song.

Legal whatsis: You know the drill, these songs are for evaluation purposes only. If you like the song, go buy the CD!

Note: I cannot send these songs through email--they're 4 or 5 megs on average. Please do not ask me to mail them to you.

Tying into the new reviews, here are the lovely opening and ending for Kurau: Phantom Memory, as well as the gorgeous opening for the otherwise blah Elfen Lied.

    Past MP3s of the Fortnight:
  • Martian Successor Nadesico Opening Song - "You Get Burning"
  • All-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku Opening Song - "Happy Birthday To Me"
  • Slayers Next Opening Song - "Give A Reason"
  • Megumi Hayashibara - "Shakunetsu no koi"
  • Serial Experiments Lain Opening Song - "Duvet"
  • Destructive God Of Darkness BASTARD! Ending Song "Monochrome Trouble"
  • "On Your Mark" by Chage & Aska
  • Cowboy Bebop Opening Song - "Tank"
  • Weiß Kreuz Opening Song - "Velvet Underworld"
  • Outlaw Star Opening Song - "All Through The Night"
  • Record Of Lodoss War TV Opening Song - "Kiseki No Umi"
  • Psycho Diver - "The End"
  • Ping Pong Club Opening Song - "Shake, Shake as you wish"
  • Turn A Gundam Opening Song - "Turn A Turn" and Turn A Gundam Song - "Moon"
  • His & Her Circumstances Opening Song - "An Angel's Pledge" and Cowboy Bebop Ending Song - "The Real Folk Blues"
  • Bubblegum Crisis 2040 Opening and Closing songs - "Y'know" and "I'll Be Waiting For You"
  • Maaya Sakamoto & Yoko Kanno - "Getuyou no Asa" and "Kaze ga Fuku Hi"
  • Fancy Lala Opening and Closing songs - "Kuchibiru no Negai wo Komete" and "Shiawase Ki-bu-n"
  • Nuku Nuku TV Opening - "Fine Color Day" and Nuku Nuku Dash! Opening - "A House Cat"
  • The Slayers team - "Slayers For The Future" and "I and Myself" from Slayers Great.
  • Gasaraki Opening and Closing songs - "Message #9" and "Love Song"
  • Gekiganger 3 theme - "Let's Gekiga-In!" and the infamous "Aestivalis Marching Song" from Nadesico.
  • Angel Links opening song - "All My Soul" and the Berserk battle theme - "Forces"
  • Outlaw Star first and second ending songs - "Hiru no Tsuki" and "Tsuki no Ie"
  • Brain Powerd opening and ending songs - "In My Dream" and "Field of Love"
  • Perfect Blue songs - "Ai No Tenshi" and "Omoide Ni Dakare Te Ima Wa"
  • Haunted Junction opening and ending songs - "Two Of Me In My Heart" and "Tremolo"
  • Bubblegum Crisis 2040 songs - "Tunnel no naka no Wakusei" and "Bukkirabouna Ai Ni Oboretai".
  • Jungle de Ikou opening song - "J" and Geobreeders ending song - "Dynamite Mambo"
  • Angel Links Image Song - "DA-LI-A" and "Banzai" by Misa.
  • Two-Mix - "Rhythm Generation" and Masami Okui - "Toki ni ai wa" from the Utena Motion Picture.
  • Cowboy Bebop final ending - "Blue", and Please Save My Earth song - "Time of Gold Flowing"
  • Gackt - "Vanilla", Tenshi Ni Narumon - "Datte, Daisuki Dakara", Excel Saga opening - "Ai", Gasaraki opening - "Message No. 9", Mahou Tsukai Tai TV opening - "I Wanna Do More", and the MAPS opening - "Wing Rides on Wings, Wings Ride on the Wind"
  • Maze: Chic & Gorgeous image song - "Bullet of Disaster", Those Who Hunt Elves image song - "Kamo no Misoshiru", and the Excel Saga ending song.
  • Escaflowne Movie ending song - "Yubiwa" and Nightwalker opening song - "Gessekai"
  • Neo Ranga opening song - "Kaze no Nemuru Shima" and Record Of Lodoss War TV ending song - "Hikari no Suashi"
  • Gokudou-Kun Manyuuki opening and ending songs - "Prism" and "Wake Up!", Gatekeepers op - "Asu No Egao No Tame Ni", and Inu Yasha op - "I Want To Change The World"
  • Akino Arai - "The Wish", "Shukusai No Mae", "Goddess In The Morning", and "Sputnik"
  • Outlaw Star ending songs - "Tsuki no Ie" and Hiro no Tsuki; Boys Be OP - "Daijobu" and Turn A Gundam 3rd ending song - "Tsuki no Mayu"
  • Boys Be ending song - "Minna Ga Iie Ne"; Vandread opening song - "Trust"
  • Romantic Mode: " Just Gimme Your Love" and "Dimension"
  • Shazna - "Aqua"; Ayumi Hamasaki - "Boys and Girls"
  • Gackt - "Oasis" and "Cube"
  • Maaya Sakamoto - "Mameshiba", "Koucha" and "Kuuki to Hoshi"
  • Seki Toshihiko & Koyasu Takehito - "Shiawase wo Sakasemashou", FAKE opening song "Everybody! Shake it Buddy!", Bronze - "Saishuushou" and Ai no Kusabi - "Eternal"
  • Angelic Layer - "The Starry Sky" and Love Hina op - "Sakura Saku"
  • Gensomaden Saiyuki - "For Real", "Alone" and "Open Up Your Mind"
  • Noir - "Coppelia no Hitsugi", "Melodie", "Salva Nos", "Kirei no Kanjou"
  • Earth Girl Arjuna - "Early Bird", "Kakusei", "Yogensha" and "Bike"
  • Shamanic Princess - "Fake Moon", "Kaze no Matsuri", "Inori no Asa", and "Omoide no Mori"
  • L'Arc-en-ciel - "Neo Universe", "Driver's High", "Snow Drop" and "Spirit Dreams Inside"
  • Pizzicato Five - "Darlin' of Discotheque, "Lupin III - Theme version 3", "Twiggy vs. James Bond", and "Mon Amour Tokyo"
  • Read or Die op, El Hazard OVA 2 op, Jubei-chan op, and Tenchi Muyo OVA op.
  • Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran opening and ending songs.
  • Gravitation op (Super Drive) and ed (Glaring Dream)
  • Ayumi Hamasaki - Boys and Girls, Vogue, M, and Evolution
  • MOVE - Gamble Rumble, Knock 'em Out, Romancing Train and Destiny
  • Gackt - Wasurenaikara and Moon
  • Puffy Amiyumi - Asia no Junshin, Boogie Woogie #5 and Love So Pure
  • See-Saw - Obsession and Yasashii Yoake (.hack//SIGN)
  • See-Saw - Anni issho datta no ni; TM Revolution - Invoke (Gundam Seed) and Origa - Inner Universe (Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex)
  • See-Saw - Tasogare no Umi and Edge (.hack//Liminality)
  • GITS: SAC - Inner Universe, Stamina Rose, and Lithium Flower
  • Rune Soldier Louie - 'Twinkle Trick' and 'Love and Pain'
  • Wolf's Rain - 'Stray' and 'Gravity'
  • 'Hikari' from Kingdom Hearts, 'Rosier' by Luna Sea, 'Real Emotion' by Koda Kumi, and Hikaru no Go - Get Over
  • 'eX Dream', 'Chronopsychology' by M-Flo, 'Knife of Romance' from Angel Sanctuary, and 'Namida no Hurricane' from GetBackers
  • Last Exile - 'Cloud Age Symphony' and 'Over the Sky'
  • Nadesico - 'Let's Go Gekiganger 3!' and Nightwalker - 'Gessekai'
  • Prince of Tennis - 'You Got Game', BoA featuring M-flo - 'The Love Bug', Namie Amuro - 'Come', and PuffyAmiYumi - 'Teen Titans Themesong'
  • M-flo & Chemistry - Astrosexy, Maaya Sakamoto - Kingfisher Girl (The Song of 'Wish You Were Here'), and Origa - Inner Universee