Chaos: [sitting down] "Hey, nice seats!"
Pesti: "I can't believe we have to MST this."
Carnage: "I can't believe you wore a dress to this occasion, Chaos."
Chaos: "What? You don't think I look good in pastels?"
Mayhem: "We might as well make the best of this. Popcorn?"
Havoc: [???] "What about the Jello?"
Mayhem: "And it begins...."

Please, no flames, no bad speeches.

Chaos & Mayhem: "Too late."
Carnage: "The man is tempting fate."
Pesti: "With you around he should have put 'No Dragu Slaves'."

Thia was a special moment for Rini

Mayhem: "And this Thia is?"
Carnage: "Trapped by contractual obligations like us?"

and Serena, let the girls explore their sexual desires.

Chaos: "Let's not and say we did."
Mayhem: "Let's get pissed drunk before we read this."
Havoc: ^-^ "Let's have a Dojifest!"
Fanboys: "SHADDUP HAVOC!!!"

It is not implicated they are different, but very special when they touch.

Mayhem: [singing] "Reach out and touch someone!"
Havoc: ^-^ "Hotcha! I'll touch Serena first!"
Pesti: "Havoc, you never touch. You grope."
Havoc: o.O "You mean those two words don't mean the same thing?!"
[Cue the facevaults!]

Rini's special moment with Serena

Pesti: "She drowns Rini?"
Carnage: [perking up!] "What? Really?"

Hentai--NC 17, the big X!

Chaos: "Now all we need is a crazed Fuma to show up and shred the Yamhead with his psychic powers."

Hey, this is better, far better, then Showgirls!

Chaos: "So...he's saying I won't have to gouge my eyes out for this one when Rini and Usagi are the main players in a hentaific?"
Mayhem: "Plan 9 From Outer Space was better than Showgirls!"
Havoc: "I liked Plan 69 myself!"
Pesti: o.O

This is pleasure relaxing sex, not kinky.

Pesti: "There's a difference?"
Carnage: [sulking] "Was there ever in hentai?"

Well, this is it. Rini is about to take another plunge in her life.

Chaos: "Off a cliff?"
[The fanboys all take out their lighters and wave them in the air!]
Fanboys: "Jump! Jump! Jump!"

First, she has seen Serena and her pals become Sailor Moon and the Scouts. Then she learned Serena was her mom. Now Rini gets to learn that her mom Serena has sexual fantasies.

Chaos: --;; "Impressive. And she figured this all out already?"
Mayhem: "And if it wasn't for those sexual fantasies, Rini wouldn't be here right now!"
Pesti: "Maybe we can shoot her with that DNA2 dart before she has a chance to even consider the option."
Carnage: "Are you sure you don't want to go with my Zeorymer suggestion?"

And you get it, Serena has sexual fantasies and dreams that involve touching herself, Mina, and swimming with her friends nude on the special island.

Havoc: "No, that was Jeffery 'One Shot' Wong's fantasy involving Serena touching herself, Mina, and swimming with her friends nude on a special beach."
Pesti: "You would be able to tell the difference, wouldn't you?"
Havoc: ^-^ "Hotcha! Cue Big Breasted Anime Babes Go To The Beach (and Havoc takes their tops off!!!)!"

This is not taken from the movie Sailor Moon R, this is a made up fic,

Mayhem: "By all indications this fic could use a good makeover."
Chaos: "You know, I could use a good makeover myself. Maybe some new lipstick, a little mascara--"
Pesti: [whacking Chaos with a cabbage!] "Hush!"
Carnage: "The R movie had nothing to do with a this premise! It was about killer flowers and aliens!"
Chaos: "Thank Kami-sama this doesn't feature Rini *and* naughty tentacles."

and I gave the Island a name...

Chaos: [as the island] "I've always been partial to Bob myself."
Mayhem: "The island of Dr. Moreau?"
Carnage: "If it's called Fantasy Island I just want to know who's fantasy this kinda thing was!"
Pesti: "So you could Buster Beam him?"
Carnage: "Exactly!"
Mayhem: "Thee plane boss, eet's thee plane!"

Pleasure Island where running around nude is grand, and even has a resort.

[The fanboys all warily look over to Havoc]
Pesti: "Oh, he didn't!"
Chaos: "Not another one?!"
Carnage: "Havoc, you set up *another* Planet Hentai?!"
Havoc: "I don't know if this one's it, though. My resorts don't have nudity. They have tear-away clothing and nekkid flashes!"
[Cue the facevaults!]

And like always, whenever Rini witnesses something new,

Mayhem: "Like how dramatically unpopular she was in Super S?"
Pesti: "I note you imply she was popular to begin with."
Chaos: "Could our loathing of the Yamhead be any more obvious?"
Carnage: [beheading a Chibiusa plushie with his Zanba sword] "Hm? You say something, Chaos?"

she is briefly hurt and upset. She has had fantasies for Serena,

Chaos: [wince!] "Aw, man! Incestual fantasies with Darien her father was one thing, but now Serena too?!"
Pesti: "If anyone needs me, I'll be in the bathroom."
Carnage: "Not a chance. If I have to suffer, I'm taking you all to hell with me."
Mayhem: "Hell of the Chibiusa Hentai to be exact."

but feels she is ashamed of her and doesn't want to see her nude or even touch her for she catches her in a very big act with Mina!

Chaos: "They were performing Shakespeare?"
Havoc: "To perv or not to perv, that is the panty."

Whoooo, goes the audience.

Havoc: ^-^ "Hotcha! Rule 3 strikes again...or was that strokes again?"
Fanboys: "SHADDUP HAVOC!!!"

Rini has envisioned having her first orgasm

Chaos: "He makes it sound like Rini planned it out."
Mayhem: [as Rini] "Okay, so .5 seconds into my orgasm I'm going to scream 'Darien!' as loud as I can. At 2 seconds I'll probably get a craving for a ham sandwich."
Havoc: "What? No Jello?"

and opening up more to Serena, but when her friends take Serena for a swim on the island,

Pesti: "They tie the Yamhead to the anchor of their boat and then lower it?"

Rini gets very upset that her moment was destroyed, and has a spastic fit.

Chaos: "Spastic? Is that like elastic?"
Carnage: [growl!] "I only wish we could slingshot the Yamhead into orbit but nooo! Contractual obligations, my ass!"

Rini has gotten closer to

Pesti: "The brink of madness?"
Mayhem: "No, that's us."
Carnage: "I'd argue you guys took a flying leap from that cliff a long time ago."

Serena since she relates to her more as a teenager, and has visions of

Chaos: "Yams dancing in her head?"

having Serena touch her and Rini touching her in return.

Fanboys: o.O
Mayhem: "Okay, I'm lost. Just who's touching who at this point in time?"
Chaos: "Do you really want to know?"
Pesti: [chanting frantically] "Please let them be touching each other's jackets to do up the buttons, please let them be touching each other's jackets to do up the buttons!"

Rini is 14, and at the age of thinking of sexual fantasies.

Mayhem: "And yet she's attending one of those "Private Junior Colleges"."
Carnage: "I blame Helios for this. Stupid Pegasus horse."
Pesti: "So now she's got fantasies about her mom, dad *and* a horse?!"

You could say she came up with the idea herself of this story.

Carnage: "Now he's trying to shift the blame!"
Havoc: "I could come up with a better Havocfic, such as La Blue Seed!"
Chaos & Pesti: [punting Havoc!] "WERE WE ASKING FOR YOUR OPINION?!"

Boy oh boy, the things our stars put us through when we have to write.

Pesti: "Shouldn't it be 'the things we put our stars through when we write'?"
Chaos: "'ll spoil his hentaific."
Carnage: "And your point is?"

This was thought of by me after reading 'A First Time For Everything',

Mayhem: "There is a time for all fics: a time to live and a time to die, a time to protect and a time to smite."
Carnage: [consulting his clock] "What luck! According to the big hand and the little hand on my Gunbuster, it's precisely two seconds before I get to Buster Beam this fanfic's ass!"

a Hentai story on another site.

Havoc: ^-^ "Ah, yes. And I have stolen many many wonderful panties from many many of those wonderful fics!"
Carnage: "Is it too early to hurt him?"
Pesti: "Depends on the amount of Cream Lemon you want in the theatre."
Carnage: "What the hell; maybe it'll block the screen. MEGA BRAND!!!"

That story explored Serena's feelings that led to her first orgasm, though the Japanese names were used.

Mayhem: "And there was much rejoicing."
All: "Yea."

It got me

Carnage: "So he's dead now?"
Pesti: "Hai! We can all go home!"
Chaos: "I hate to break it to you two, but we haven't even started the fic yet."
Carnage & Pesti: [sulking] "Dammit."

thinking of Rini's first time orgasm and this sounded perfect after I wrote out the outline.

Mayhem: "You know, Chaos said the same thing when he thought that his outline for his latest Chaosfic sounded perfect."
Chaos: "Just what are you insinuating?"
Pesti: "His Metal Fighters Ninku Chaosfic sounds pretty damned good right about now."
Carnage: "Would that be tragic irony or poetic justice for us wanting to read it?"

It is not at all similar to Serena's first orgasm and romp with Mina that was in that story,

Pesti: "It's worse."
Chaos: "Much much worse."
Havoc: "So...who's up for a Dojifest?"

though it will be mentioned just a little bit, this is entirely different. I would never copy anyone's story.

Carnage: "Would anyone want to admit that they were the inspiration for a Chibiusa hentaific?"
Chaos: "It would be like someone claiming they were Oscar's inspiration."
Mayhem: [singing] "Get back, Honky Cat!"
Pesti: "That's just sick, Mayhem!"

Don't be upset this story is Hentai,

Havoc: "Hotcha!"

and don't be upset over Rini wanting to fondle herself.

Fanboys: "Too late."
Havoc: o.O [erk!] "Heretic! Heretic!"

It can happen to anyone since she does get to sleep with Serena and bathe with her,

Pesti: "Weeeell, technically they are mother & daughter, and according to the brainwashing they are sisters, so she can get away with it. This is the Japanese culture."
Chaos: "But fondling each other?!"

it is perfectly normal for her to think sexual thoughts.

Chaos: "But about her parents?!"
Carnage: "This coming from the guy who got dressed up in a blouse for this MSTfic."
Chaos: "Well, wouldn't you agree it looks good with my earrings?"
Carnage: [eyebrow twitch!] "......"

And to her delight, Serena has had sexual thoughts of her,

Pesti: "Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!"
Mayhem: [raises an eyebrow] "Ah, it's Japanese culture alright. The darker side of it, mind you."
Havoc: "Has this guy been reading one too many issues of Super Taboo or what?"

But feared that touching Rini would hurt her

Carnage: [banging his head against the chair in front of him] "Not as much as it's hurting us!"
Pesti: "Methinks now's a good time to start cracking open that Hard Lemonade crate."
Mayhem: "Hai hai. So...who brought the crowbar?"
Fanboys: o.O "KYAAAAAAAA!!!"

and she'd feel like she was molested.

Carnage: "I feel violated by just having to read this!!"
Havoc: "You should really calm down or you'll have a heart attack before we even get to the hentai. Here, have some Mellow Jello!"

You'll be surprised, those over 18 now, that Rini will get her fantasy on the island,

Chaos: --;; "Gee, and with this thing getting a lemon warning at the start I would have never seen that one coming."
Pesti: "I would just as soon as have never seen it, period."

she gets to touch herself sexually and Serena loves it!

Pesti: "Good for her! And thus everyone's happy and we can go home!"
Chaos: "I second that! To the door!"
Carnage: [jiggling the knob] "Uh-oh. Guys, they locked the door from the outside! We're trapped!"
Fanboys: "KYAAAAAA!!!!"

Then, the girls get to swim nude and Serena gets her wish in touching Rini and she touches her in return!

Mayhem: "They make it sound like they're trading stocks."
Havoc: "Speaking of, did you know Planet Hentai's up three and a half panties from yesterday?"
Chaos: [smacking the door with a herring!] "Faster, Pesti-chan, faster! How's the acetyline torch coming!"
Pesti: "No luck. We're doomed."
Carnage: [cracking his knuckles] "Stand back, boys, and watch a pro. DRAGU SLAVE!!!!"

Near the end, the Scouts and Rini will make up

Mayhem: "Don't they mean 'make out'?"
Havoc: [shrug!] "Either or. Many phrases in hentai are relative. It's like physics."
[Both pause as an enormous explosion occurs behind them]

and their relationship is more closer and more beautiful then ever before.

[As the dust in the theatre clears....]
Mayhem: [singing!] "They're beautiful people! They're beautiful people!"
Chaos: [sprawled across a chair] "Okay, that didn't work. Anyone else have another bright idea?"
Pesti: [now a hole in the wall] "I would help but I think I've lost all feeling in my legs."
(Sarcasm-hime: [reading this while formatting it to html] "If heís going to tell us the entire plot, canít we just skip the whole thing and go home?" [whimper])

For those who have envisioned Rini and the girls naked,

Chaos & Pesti: "Mako-chan, yes!"
Mayhem: "Ami-chan, yes!"
Havoc: "Panties panties panties!"
Carnage: "Technically you've seen all of them nekkid already."
Pesti: "But as for the Yamhead...."
All: "KILL ME NOW!!!"

I guarantee that your imagination will go horny!

Mayhem: "I hope a refund comes with that guarantee."
Pesti: [chanting] "I will not get horny over Rini's body, I will not get horny over Rini's body."
Havoc: "Arshes Nei, where are your panties when I need them the most?! Oh wait...(^-^) here they are!"

You will actually want to put out your fire,

Carnage: "Fat chance. FIREBALL!!!"
Pesti: "KYAAA!! Carnage, no! You'll only torch the--!!"
[Cue the fireball!]
Pesti: [smouldering li'l fanboy!] "--theatre."
Chaos: "Well, maybe we should give this guy a chance. He seems to be half-genuine in pulling off a respectable lemon."

as I have even felt my desires open up with a good old stiffie

Chaos: o.O "Then again...."
Pesti: [eyebrow twitch!] "So now the author's got a woody?! What should we do?"
Carnage: "I'll fetch the chainsaws."
Mayhem: "I've fetch the marshmellows."

and wanting Beavis to spank his monkey.

Pesti: [as Beavis] "Heh heh, this fanfic sucks!"
Havoc: ^-^ "Hotcha! Did I hear someone say Spank the Senshi?"
[Sarcasm-hime bangs her head against the wall repeatedly]

You will simply love how beautiful Rini is naked, just like her mom.

Carnage: "Make me."
Chaos: [definite sarcasm!] "Yes, and my name's Oscar too, and I'm a hermaphrodite who loves talking magical cats!"

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