Guest appearances....Lucy Ewing (From Dallas) and her adopted daughter Cherish(Charlene Tilton's real daughter).

Mayhem: "Maybe if we're lucky one of us will suddenly wake up to discover this MSTfic was all a dream."
Chaos: [clicking his red high-heel shoes!] "There's no place like Tokyo! There's no place like Tokyo!"
[Carnage smacks Chaos with the Zanba sword!]
Chaos: "ITAIII! What was that for?!"
Carnage: "Bad news: he felt it. We're not dreaming."

Her little brother and sister Bobby and Betsy Ewing(From Knots Landing). Cherish is lovable 15, Bobby and Betsy are 13. Lucy is 30 and still pretty naked herself.

Pesti: "Good for her being pretty naked! Can we leave now?!"
Chaos: [sweatdrop] "I can see where this is going."
Havoc: "Hai! Panties for everyone!"
Carnage: "Don't you think of anything else, freak?"
Mayhem: "No, he doesn't. I thought that was evident."
(Sarcasm-hime: "Urg. Well, now we know what happens when you combine soap operas with Magical Girls...")

This all takes place after Galaxia turns good.

Chaos: [singing!] "To everything, turn turn turn!"
Mayhem: "With any luck they'll turn off the fanfic next."
Pesti: "So he refers to Sailorstars and yet he's using the DiC names for everyone."
Chaos: "I just want to know what this has to do with the R movie."
Carnage: "It's a hentaific, Chaos! It's not even supposed to make any sense!"
Havoc: "So long as there are panties, I'm happy!"

Serena and her friends are on the island where Raye has her beach house. The island will be called 'Pleasure Island'

Chaos: "You already said that a few paragraphs ago, Schivo."
Pesti: [eyebrow twitch!] "What's so pleasurable about a Chibiusa hentai?"
Mayhem: "Well, the author never said who this was pleasing."
Chaos: "What is this guy? A sadist?"
Carnage: [polishing his Galaxy Gun] "Or else a masochist. Incidentally, this will be primed in a few more minutes."

where swimming nude is a custom at the hidden pools surrounding the island! In fact, it's an honour to see all the guests and kids nude and having fun.

Havoc: "Only if I get to steal the panties and bikinis from all the Anime babes first!"
Chaos: --;; "Don't you have some Hentai Haiku to make up?"

Rini has just seen Serena and her friends frolicking nude and Mina touching Serena.

Chaos: "Ano...where's their bikinis?"
Havoc: [holding up numerous pieces of swimwear!] "Hotcha!"

Now, Rini's special moment with Serena

Carnage: o.O "UUURRRRPPP!!!"
Pesti: [eww...!] "And now the fanboys present Carnage's special moment with the toilet bowl."
Mayhem: "This can't be good."

Rini was never so upset as she ran home, hurtful tears coming out of her red eyes.

Chaos: "She's a rodent?"
Mayhem: "The whole Usagi meaning rabbit thing takes on a new twist."
Carnage: [groan!] "But why did it have to be a lemon twist?!"

They lied to her, each and every girl she called their friend lied to her.

Pesti: [as her friends] "No, really! We loved your work in Super S, right?"
Fanboys: "Right!"

What Serena and her pals did really hurt her, it made Rini feel ashamed she even called them all her friends! They never liked her, they were just like the Scouts and her mom of the 30th century!

Havoc: [hoisting up a bunch of 30th century panties!] "The series might change from season to season, but panties are forever!"
Chaos: "Give me thoooooose!!"

All they did was ignore her, never once consider her feelings.

Chaos: "Well Rini still is a little too young to get in on all those 30th century orgies yet. Maybe next year."
Carnage: [stepping on Chaos with the Shenlong Gundam] "I can't believe you're encouraging her."

The trip to Pleasure Island was supposed to be fun...the girls staying at Raye's beach house and enjoying themselves,

Chaos: [Norman Bates impression] "Oh look, mother, we have new houseguests here on the island."

but the special relationship was gone forever.

Mayhem: "The same unfortunately cannot be said for the remainder of this fanfic."
Pesti: [stuffing a few pages of the fic into the toilet bowl] "Torpedo tube ready, Cap'n!"
Chaos: "Fire away!"

Rini could never forget what she saw on the mountain...

Mayhem: "The presidential faces on Mt. Rushmore?"
Carnage: "A rockslide heading right for her?"
Pesti: "We could only be so fortunate."
(Sarcasm-hime: [booming voice] Riiiniii...take ye these sacred Commandments Of The Great Yam God and spread them throughout the land...)

Serena and Mina...hugging, kissing, groping each other. Rini's face was instantly stricken, why were Serena and Mina doing that...being naked and fondling each other?

Mayhem: "Because the author commanded it?"
Havoc: "And there was hentai, and it was good."
Pesti: "What about the Yamhead?"
Havoc: [scowl] "And the world grew cold and dark."

How could Mina do that to her own mother...

Havoc: "Simple! First she pressed her lips against Serena's, and then she moved her hand down to--"
Carnage: [oversized demonic head!] "WERE WE ASKING FOR A PLAY-BY-PLAY, FREAK?!?!?"
(Sarcasm-hime: "Waitasec, now Serena is *Mina*'s mother too?!")

the way she was touching and fondling her pussy...something Rini had wanted to touch, and now it was gone!

Chaos: [???] "Her pussy ran away?"
[Cue the facevaults!]
Chaos: "What? Did I miss something?"
Pesti: "Other than your brain?"
Mayhem: "I don't think he ever missed it."
Carnage: "I don't think he ever had it."
Havoc: "Here, pussy, pussy, pussy...."

[How could you mommy? I wanted to touch you! How could you let Mina do that...and ruin it?]

Pesti: o.O "We all knew Mina was a bit of a clutz but how could she ruin Serena's--?"
Carnage: [clapping a hand over Pesti's mouth] "Don't make me use the Nadesico's Gravity Blast on you too, Pesti-chan."

Rini began to cry, trying to find her keys to open the Tsukino's door. She was glad they went to Tokyo Lake with Sammy, she was in no mood to deal with anyone.

Carnage: "Right now I'm in no mood to deal with this fanfic."
Chaos: [sweatdrop!] "Ano...Carnage, you're fingers are leaving indentations in the armrests."
Mayhem: "I'm impressed he hasn't ripped the armrests from the chair yet."
Armrests: *RIIIIIP!!!*
Pesti: "You were saying?"

Luna heard Rini fumbling for her keys and whimpering.

Chaos: [making whimpering puppy dog noises]
Havoc: "What is it Lassie? Did Timmy get lost in Planet Hentai again?"
Mayhem: "No, that was Yuichiro."

Did someone hurt her feelings? Luna hoped the teenager was ok,

Mayhem: "Nah! Just give her an hour to calm down, and then she'll be ready to have another orgy!"
Pesti: "Not that we're looking forward to it."

Rini had cried before, but she sounded as if someone had insulted her.

Fanboys: [looking at each other] "Too easy."

Luna was startled to see Rini march in and slam the door like a gun shot!

Chaos: [ack!] "I've been hit! I'm dying! Someone call an ambulance!"
Carnage: "Nice try, Sailor Dragqueen. You're not leaving this room unless the rest of us go with you."
Pesti: o.O "Waaaaaait a minute!"

Rini was really upset as she rubbed her eyes and cried loudly, like someone had died.

Mayhem: "Like us?"
Chaos: "Death is preferable right about now."
Carnage: "Death, I can't help you with right now. But I can injure you! MONO VOLT!!!"

Rini ran to the room and slammed the door as hard as she could.

Carnage: "However the force of her slamming to door caused the entire house to buckle. Seconds later it collapsed and buried Rini in a pile of rubble."
Chaos: "Nice ending, Carnage!"
Carnage: [na ni?] "Who said I was finished? Someone cue the erupting volcano!"

She briefly hurt her foot as she kicked at it, nearly putting her foot right through the wooden door!

Pesti: "Hm, I guess those lessons with Jackie Chan just didn't work out for her."
Carnage: [turning to Chaos] "I blame you for this."
Chaos: "ME?!"
Carnage: "If you hadn't screwed up the series at F1!, then we wouldn't be here right now reading this!"
Chaos: [kawaii kitty ears!] "But but but--!"
Pesti: "Chaos, we always blame anything that goes wrong on you."
Mayhem: "Next to Desolation, you've pretty much become this series' whipping boy."
Carnage: [sweatdrop] "Yeah, but *he's* the one holding the whip half the time."
Havoc: "What good's a whip without a little cream?"

Rini picked up a photo of her and Serena and smashed it. Rini's mind angrily went back to the island, Pleasure Island.

Mayhem: "The name's Bond, James Bond. I'm here on the island, Pleasure Island."
Chaos: "Ah Pleasure Island, a magical family romp through--oh wait, my mistake. This is a hentai, so there goes the family content."
Carnage: "If you skip over Serena and Yamhead as being the family romp."

Rini had seen her friends swimming nude on the island

Havoc: "Yep, they were swimming nude alright! And I've got the panties to prove it!"
Carnage: "Were we asking for you to validate it, Havoc?! LAGUNA BLAST!!!"

many times that they have visited. There was a beautiful lake with a water fall. Serena and her pals all gleefully swam stark naked and had fun.

Havoc: [sigh!] "That brings back memories of F3!'s hotsprings, ne?"
Pesti: [sweatdrop!] "No one had fun because you were busy stealing everyone's panties."
Carnage: "Didn't I just catapult you into orbit, Havoc?"

Rini...always had her bathing suit on

Carnage: "That's...good to know."
Mayhem: "She...comes from the James...T. Kirk school...of acting."

as Serena eagerly had so much fun. It wasn't fair to Rini as she'd end up getting out of the water and going to Raye's house for a long cry, asking why she was such a coward.

Chaos: "Maybe the others would then discover that she's been padding her bras."
Havoc: "Lina Inverse had that same problem a while back, but she's over her small breasts now. She just Dil Brands anyone who points it out."
Carnage: "Then let's follow her example. DIL BRAND!!!"

Many times, Rini practiced being nude and joining the others for a nude swim, but she got scared. She always got scared and it broke her heart...

Pesti: "Do you think we should use the defibrillator and revive her?"
Mayhem: "I vote we try to shatter her heart instead of breaking it."
Carnage: "Ne, Pesti-chan, hand me that defibrillator. And crank the voltage on it too."
Havoc: "Panties panties panties!"
Carnage: "Try jumpstarting this, Havoc!"
Havoc: ^-^ "Oro?"
[Carnage sends a few hundred volts through Havoc!]
Havoc: ^-^ "H-H-H-H-O-O-O-O-T-T-C-C-C-H-H-H-H-H-A-A-A-A-A!!!!"

they got to have fun and Rini was all miserable. No one even talked to her and asked why she was sad.

Mayhem: "Gee, maybe it's because nobody cares."
Pesti: "But, how does that apply to us?"
Havoc: ^-^ "Simple! More panties! You go after the ones worn by all the pink-haired girls in this fic, and I'll go after the rest of them!"
Chaos: "But the only pink-haired character in this story is Rini."
Havoc: "Yes, and your point is?"
Carnage: "Okay, what scares me the most is that what he said actually made sense to me."

Everyone just had their stupid little fun and ignored her as was the custom.

Carnage: [perking up!] "Custom? As in Deathscythe Hell?"
Chaos: [shrug!] "Oh well. When in Rome!"
Mayhem: "And!"
[The fanboys face the back of the theater]
Scrolling kana: "SHUN!!!"

Rini wrote her details out in letters to her American Pen Pal Deirdre Lane in Sweet Valley, California in Los Angeles.

Mayhem: [singing] "And I'm wonderin' what the hell am I doing drinking in L.A.!"
Chaos: [sulking] "Oh, what I wouldn't give for a Hard Lemonade right now. How's the door coming?"
Carnage: [lifting his helmet visor] "Shimatta! The N-2 mine didn't even scratch it!"
Pesti: "So...Sweet Valley is in California...which itself is in Los Angeles?"
Mayhem: "When asked to find California during a geography class, Schivo probably pointed to the continent labeled Rand McNally."

She wanted so much to be nude, but got scared.

Chaos: o.O "She's not the only one terrified of her being nude."

To her delight, Deirdre had the solution as to why Rini was scared to be nude.

Mayhem: [as Dierdre] "Ah, I see: you're a hermaphrodite!"
Pesti: "Oh, that would explain sooooo many things."

It was possible she wanted to do it in private with her mom Serena since they were so close.

Carnage: [with Zanba sword] "Come closer, my child...closer...closer still."
Havoc: [yawn!] "You know, there's a lot of panties out there I'm missing out on stealing because of this."
Chaos: "Well then use your Cream Lemon and get us out of here!"
Havoc: "Alright then!"

Having Serena's friends around may have made Rini afraid, afraid that they could tease her, which they never would of course, but that could've been the reason Rini was scared to be nude around others, other people besides Serena.

Havoc: "......"
Chaos: "So...Cream Lemon already!"
Havoc: [argh!] "How can I create when this Chibiusa hentaific's distracting me?! Creaming is an art, I'll have you know! It cannot be done on demand, but naturally flows through you!"
Carnage: "DO YOU MIND?!"
Havoc: ^-^ "No. Jello?"

Rini never would've guessed that...and she loved it! She loved being close to

Mayhem: "Fire?"
Chaos: "Large explosives that had a countdown already started?"
Carnage: "The front end of the barrel on my Galaxy Gun?"

Serena, finding out she was Sailor Moon, her mom of the future, Queen Serenity of Crystal Tokyo, and the honor and privilege of sharing a room and changing together, seeing each other nude and sharing a bath.

Havoc: [yanking Queen Serenity aside] "Sorry, Yamhead, but this bath's taken. Now if you'll excuse me and my whipped cream...."
Chaos: o.O
Carnage: [smacking a whole pile of Havoc plushies with his Zanba sword!] "Take that! And that! And that and that and that and that and that and that and that and that!!"
Pesti: [sweatdrop!] "Baka."
Mayhem: [tapping Carnage's shoulder] "You don't suppose there are some Charon plushies in there, do you?"

Rini was so happy that she could finally be nude outdoors with Serena and only her.

Fanboys: [singing] "Only you...could make this fic seem bright!"
Chaos: "You know, I hope we were serenading Serena and not Rini."

When the girls got to the island, Rini had a plan to get Serena to be alone without her friends following.

Havoc: "She'd have the Senshi gather for an Evening at Lita's again?"
Fanboys: "SHADDUP HAVOC!!!"

Rini loved Serena's friends,

Havoc: ^-^ "Hai! In fact, aside from the Yamhead I love all senshi! Even more, I love all their panties! Ne, who do you think has the softest panties here? I vote for Michiru."
Carnage: [oversized balloon head!] "WE ARE NOT DEBATING PANTY SOFTNESS, YOU FREAK!!!"
Havoc: [unfazed] "Did you know your uvula really throbs when you do that?"
Carnage: [eyebrow twitch!] "Hurting...stop...when?!"
Mayhem: [taking Carnage by the shoulders] "Come on, Carnage. Let's see if there's any more Havoc plushies for you to behead."

but this was going to be mothers and daughters only...for now. Later, they could join when Rini got braver. Rini was all ready...

Chaos: "To end the story?"
Mayhem: "To commit seppuku?"
Pesti: "To leave with the Pegasus horse and never be seen from again?"

she was ready to take her bathing suit off and have Serena see her fully nude

Fanboys: --;; "Dammit."

for more then 1 hour at least,

Carnage: "Doesn't she know that you shouldn't keep yams in the water for more than five minutes? They'll spoil."

and then she could see Serena fully nude. They could swim and even touch each other. Rini was eagerly ready for the first ever orgasm.

Mayhem: "And just reading about it makes me eagerly ready for my first ever root canal."
Pesti: "Or H3Omake."
Chaos: "That's one small orgasm for the Yamhead, one giant retching for all fankind."

She had thoughts of touching herself...but wanted Serena to watch! It was so hard to be naked and not touch her pussy, the nice watering tempting yellow blonde pussy,

Havoc: "But Artemis is white!"
Carnage: "This isn't Artemis' Lover, Havoc!!"
Pesti: "There isn't much of a difference between them either."
Mayhem: "I'd have thought it'd be pink. You mean she tints?"

the same as Serena's, but Rini held off patiently, eagerly wanting Serena to see her come.

Carnage: "Even better: I want Rini to see me go! Ha ha, I think I've got the doorlocks broken! And I present to you--!"
[Carnage swings open the door only to reveal on the other side...the theater everyone's sitting in.]
Carnage: o.O "What the hell?!"

Rini was starting to have sexual thoughts...but didn't quite know who the other person was.

Fanboys: "So long as it's not me...."
[They pause as Carnage races out through the door on the right side, only to come running into the door on the left side.]
Carnage: [act calm....] "Ano...would anyone object to me using my Galaxy Gun right about now?"

She was naked and ever so beautiful. But then, the moment was gone and Rini was

Chaos: "Awakening to see the Pegasus horse's severed head next to her in bed?"
Pesti: "Tied down in a funny white jacket, never to be heard from again? Please?!"

stark naked and sighing happily, her pussy feeling wet. The pussy begged to be touched,

Mayhem: "I'm not saying a single word here...."
Chaos: [speaking through an Artemis plushie] "Be's my first time with a woman."
Carnage: [ripping the plushie's head off] "The Yamhead a woman?! That's debatable!"

but Rini held off her eager hands, not wanting to do it yet for Serena had to see it!

Havoc: [singing The Who!] "See me, feel me, touch me, steal me!"
Chaos: "Ano...that last line is 'heal me', Havoc."
Havoc: [twirling a set of panties on his index finger!] "Was I singing about Rini? Ah, my silken darlings!"

Serena had seen her develop breasts and get her first period,

Mayhem: "Followed shortly by her first comma."
Carnage: "I'm about ready to lapse into a coma myself."

the happy feeling when she actually felt blood on her legs from her pussy

Pesti: "That's a *happy* feeling?"
Carnage: "The same type of happy feeling we get when we have to read Chaos' idiotic fanfics."
Chaos: "Hey! I'll have you know that my Battle Arena Totoro was very widely accepted by SVAM as one of the top ten reasons to disembowel yourself!"
Mayhem: "And here he says that like it's a good thing."

and how Serena delicately took care of that and got Rini her protection for those big days.

Mayhem: "But Rini was perfectly fine for those small nights."
Carnage: "What we need is protection from this fic."
Pesti: "Carnage, you're really not going to try another Dragu Slave indoors, are you?"

But the happy dream crashed.

Mayhem: "And burned."
Pesti: "That's not all."
Havoc: "My eyes! My perfectly perverted eyes are burning!"
Chaos: "Please let it take me with it."
Carnage: "Get in line."

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