Rini walked up the mountain and heard Serena and Mina! She was so shocked to see Mina fondling Serena, the girls nude, hugging and kissing, fondling, touching...

Havoc: [singing!] "Go perv it on the mountain!"
[Cue the facevaults!]

it was horrible for Rini. What had her mom become, did she love Mina more then her?

Carnage: "Let's investigate the facts. First, Mina: a wild passionate blonde who gives Serena equally wild passionate sex. Second, the Yamhead: an annoying pink-haired twerp with incestuous fantasies about her mom."
Chaos: "And Mina wins by a landslide!"
Mayhem: "Actually it was more of a gushing flashflood victory."
Pesti: [sweatdrop!] Ecchi."
Havoc: [pulling out a pair of handcuffs] "You think Serena and Mina would go for a threesome?"

Did she prepare to see Mina's body undressed instead of her?

Pesti: "I always thought that rampant lesbianism was a spontaneous kinda thing in hentaifics."
Carnage: [crossing his arms over his chest] "Too bad this hentaific couldn't spontaneously combust. Unless...."
Mayhem: "Why are you looking at me like that, Carnage?"

Rini could only watch as Serena laid on her towel and Mina eagerly opened her clit. Serena cried and moaned, begging for more, but Mina took her sweet time.

Havoc: [singing] "Come on, Eileen!"
Mayhem: "Havoc, I think you've misunderstood lyrics on that one."
Pesti: [eyebrow twitch] "Opened...her? Chaos, that's not possible, is it?"
Chaos: "Not unless Mina's got a surgical instrument."

Mina slowly rubbed Serena's clit, drawing beautiful outlines

Mayhem: [as Mina] "Now let's see...maybe if I draw the boat house on *this* side of the cottage--dammit! I need my eraser."

and gently rubbing it ever so slowly, watching Serena's beautiful bottom bounce.

Havoc: ^-^ "Hotcha! Did I hear someone say bounce?"
Chaos & Pesti: [groan!] "Oh no. Not again."
[Cue the Havoc & the Aika girl chorus line!]
Havoc & the Aika girls: [singing & tap dancing!] "Oh the wonderful thing about Havoc is Havoc's a wonderful thing! His brain is made outta Jello, his ass is made outta spring!!"
Carnage: "Let's see what hentai's are *really* made of, Havoc: GRAVITY BLAST!!!"
Mayhem: [annoyed] "Way to go, Bam-Bam. Now the door's plugged up with whipped cream."

Rini cried out and ran off. The girls had heard her and were startled to see Rini had seen them and was now running down the mountain in tears.

Chaos: [???] "So what happened to Rini's clothes? Why's she all dressed up in tears?"
Carnage: "Kuso! I try to freeze her with my Demona Crystal spell and that's the best I can do?!"

"Oh shoot, what have we done?" Mina gasped.

Havoc: ^-^ "Oh, that one's simple. Rule 3, ladies! Remember it needs no excuses!"
Carnage: "Excuse this, Havoc: DIGGER VOLT!!!"
Mayhem: [cough cough!] "As if this theatre didn't have enough floating debris already."

"Rini...oh no, she shouldn't have seen us!" Serena said, quickly getting up and drying herself. She quickly putted her bathing suit back on,

Havoc: "It's a good par 5 to the green, with the headwinds blowing south."
Chaos: o.O
Pesti: "You're suddenly very active in this hentaific riffing."
Havoc: ^-^ "Simple: there's hentai, and no Yamhead! Though I'm impressed that Serena can put her suit on when it's right here."
[Havoc twirls Serena's bathing suit on his index finger.]

cursing herself. Why did Rini have to see that? Now she was going to have one tough explanation for her.

Mayhem: [as Serena] "You see, I was abducted by these aliens, who created this lesbian clone of me and then sent it back down to earth to fulfil its mission of seducing Mina."
Carnage: "What kind of knowledge would they hope to gain from that?"
Havoc: "Geez, if the aliens wanted *that* information they could have just come to Planet Hentai on a Friday night...or a Monday night...or a Wednesday night...or a Saturday night...or a--"
Fanboys: "We get the idea Havoc."

"I'm sorry, Serena. Poor Rini must think we're gay or something." Mina whispered,

Pesti: [scoffs!] "No! Now whatever would give her that impression?"
Carnage: "Havoc, you speak a word here and you get Mega Branded."

holding the towel over her bare body, ashamed over what she had done.

Chaos: "This from the girl currently trying to get Havoc here to date her?"
Havoc: o.O "What? You mean she found a way to get into the theatre somehow?!"
Carnage: [evil smile!] "Suddenly being here with Havoc isn't so bad after all."

Poor Rini must think she was a weird girl, touching Serena sexually when she loved Darien.

Chaos: [blink blink!] "So now Mina's in love with Darien?"

Oh no, what would Darien think of the foreplay?

Mayhem: "Oh don't worry; he's probably having another 1,000 nights of pleasure with Setsuna."
Havoc: [perking up!] "Pu-chan? Where?!"

Would Rini tell?

Havoc: "I like Show more than Tell myself."
Carnage: "Then allow me to show this, Havoc: DISFANG!!!"

Mina was horrified at the thought...Rini telling people how much she loved seeing Serena nude and touching her. Her reputation would be in shambles.

Chaos: "And just when she was getting over all those nasty tabloid stories about her, Oscar and Artemis being involved in some sort of love triangle!"
Pesti: "Not to be rude, but with Oscar's...'condition' wouldn't it be more of a love square?"
Chaos: o.O "Ewwww."
Havoc: "Pesti-chan no ecchi."

"No...Rini loves us. She'd never tell of our romp.

Havoc: "But then how did these photos of Serena and Mina's romp wind up on the Panties O' Fame in the Planet?"
Pesti: [sweatdrop!] "Knowing you, Havoc, *you* probably took them."

Just because we touched each other doesn't mean we're gay,

Carnage: "That whole lesbian orgy thing that just happened not counting, of course."
Mayhem: "Oh, of course!"

don't ever think of a thought like that, Mina!" Serena scolded her as she hugged the sobbing Mina. "Rini loves us. I'd be upset too if I caught her having sex with one of her friends. I've seen how she stares at Chad Lucas in her bikini,

Carnage: [eyebrow twitch!] "What the hell's Chad Lucas doing in her bikini?"
Pesti: "I *don't* want to know."
Chaos: [sulking] "I look better in a bikini than that Chad does anyday."

thinking thoughts."

Mayhem: "Yes, thinking does tend to imply that thoughts are going through the person's mind."
Carnage: "I'd like to know what was going through the author's mind when he wrote this."
Pesti: "Let's not and call it a day."

Chad Lucas was a boy

Chaos: "Thank you for clarifying that."
Carnage: "That means he's a dragqueen like you, Chaos."
Chaos: "I am not a dragqueen!"
Pesti: "I'm not saying a word about the pantyhose he's wearing."

the girls had brought home from Metropolis.

Pesti: "Superman?"
Chaos: "Quick! Does Kryptonite work on fanfics?"
Mayhem: "I don't think so."
Carnage: "Dammit!"

He was originally from Knots Landing, California, but his parents died and he heard Rini, his love, was back in America with Serena.

Mayhem: "Everybody got that?"
Fanboys: ^-^ "Nope!"
Mayhem: [nod!] "Just making sure. Carry on."

Darien took Chad in and he had dreams of becoming an artist.

Pesti: [sweatdrop!] "So while Serena's cheating with Mina, Darien's cheating with Chad?"
Mayhem: "Meanwhile, Chad's aunt whom everyone thought had plunged to her death off a cliff only to disappear in a ball of fire as an oncoming hovercraft broke her fall, suddenly comes back from the dead a year later!"
Chaos: "Anyone else just have a chilling notion that that last paragraph implies there's more to the story than just this fic?"
Carnage: [whacking Chaos with the Zanba sword!] "That's not funny, Chaos."

He had many paintings of Rini when she was 8, 12, and 14 and very shapely now.

Mayhem: "Yes, and what a shape she was! I love dodecahedrons!"

Chad loved the latest swim suits Rini wore,

Carnage: "Especially when they were on him."
Chaos: "I've still got sexier legs than Chad."
Pesti: "Chaos, do you mind? The fic's twisted enough as it is here."

her cute little pink bikini that left little to the imagination when it came to her body!

Mayhem: "What luck! Chaos, you and this Chad guy might be the same size. You two can exchange all the bikini's you want!"
Chaos: [dumping cold water on Mayhem] "Laugh it up, Newt-boy."

"Yeah, but what of other girls, Serena? I bet Rini wanted to see you nude and I ruined it."

Fanboys: [standing ovation!] "You go, girl!"

"Me, nude? What makes you say that?" Serena asked, surprised to hear that information.

Mayhem: [as Mina] "I read the intro. to this fic."
Pesti: [as Mina] "I'm psychic. Let me read your mind...."
Chaos: ^-^ "Hai!"
Pesti: "I sense a great void...."
Chaos: --;;

"Well...I've seen how sad she has been seeing you in the water with us. I can see how she wants to take off her bathing suit...but she doesn't whenever we join you in the water nude.

Chaos: "The water's nude too? Is nothing sacred to...to...Carnage, what are you doing with that Gunbuster?"
Carnage: "I'm through threatening this hentaific, Chaos! I've got a mecha and I know how to use it! BUSTER BEEEEEAAAAAMMM!!"
Fanboys: o.O

[Cue the gratuitous Buster Beam explosion that totals the interior of the theatre, which is suddenly swallowed up by the enormous tidal wave of Cream Lemon!]

Carnage: [staggering out from the Gunbuster all covered in whipped cream] "How can Havoc breathe in all this?! Hey, did I actually manage to nuke a part of the hentaific?"

--Rini was on a crusade to destroy things.

Chaos: [SD legs sticking out of the whipped cream] "If only it could have been this fic."
Pesti: [pulling out the vacuum] "I think you got a page or two, Carnage. But this is not a good sign if the Gunbuster only managed such a small amount of mass destruction--and only to the theatre and not the fic."
Havoc: [popping out from the whipped cream!] "Hotcha! But look at all the Cream Lemon! Ecchichino's for everybody!"
[Cue the facevaults!]

Luna cried--angry over being ignored--
              --eyes and saw Rini run--up for Sere--
--less, Serena--nce love was a joke.

Pesti: "What the...?"
Mayhem: "Must be fallout thanks to Carnage nuking the theatre. Looks like it's back to normal now with all the smoke and debris clearing."
Chaos: "And just what part of this fic exactly is normal, Mayhem?"
Havoc: "What about Rule 3?"
Chaos: [grrr!] "Was I asking you?!"
[Chaos is suddenly clobbered by a falling theatre chair!]

"I'll show mommy! I can be a fun girl too! I'll go back to the dumb island, they should be all looking for me! I'll swim all alone,

Mayhem: "Oh, look! Is that a dorsal fin I see in the water?"
Chaos: "Is that the Jaws theme music I hear?"
Pesti: "Chaos, that music's coming from somewhere beneath the whipped cream."
Chaos: o.O

no one deserves to see me naked!

Chaos: "Damn right! No one should ever die in such a cruel fashion!"
Carnage: "Speaking of fashion, would you quit trying to adjust your pantyhose?!"
Chaos: [sniffling] "But it's riding up my rear something fierce!"

I'll have such a fucking good time,

Mayhem: [raises an eyebrow] "Interesting choice of words."
Chaos & Pesti: "ECCHI!!!"
(Sarcasm-him: [singing] "We’ll have a gay old time!")

they will wish they listened to me! I hate all of you!" Rini yelled,

Carnage: "The feeling is mutual, Yahmead."
Mayhem: "See? Therapy does work. And now to exercise out our frustrations. Like Rini, for example!"
Carnage: "I'll fetch my Valkries, and you haul over the Sake."

stomping on the broken photographs, rubbing her foot hard and crinkling the photos.

Pesti: "Yes, but can she pat her head and rub her belly at the same time too?"

Luna barely got out of the way as Rini barged passed her and out the door. Rini bumped right into Serena.

Mayhem: [Alfred Hitchcock voice] "And remember, beware of things that go bump in the fic."
Havoc: "What about bump and grind?"
Chaos: [eyebrow twitch!] "......"

"Rini...I was so worried."
"Don't you touch me you little slut!" Rini screamed as Serena tried to hug her.

Pesti: "She's one to talk."

"Rini, why are you angry at me? What did I do?" Serena asked, feeling tears of hurt forming in her eyes.

[The fanboys start waving their lighters around!]
Fanboys: [singing!] "Heal the world! Make it a better fic!"
Carnage: "Then it's agreed. The Yamhead dies immediately."

She hated to see Rini so angry, her red eyes so full of hate.

Carnage: "Ah yes, those beady little eyes of the rabbit."
Chaos: "Maybe we could feed her to Rampage."
Carnage: [fiery demonic aura] "So you *want* to give my Rampage-chan food poisoning?"
Chaos: o.O [panicky SD mode!] "KYAAAA!! It was just a suggestion!"
Mayhem: [aside to Pesti-chan] "Since when have any of his suggestions been good?"
Pesti: "Or made sense?"

It was just like the time Rini was Black Lady, all the hurt and loneliness she had when she fought Serena. Why was Rini so upset?

Mayhem: "She realized the love of her life enjoyed grazing in pastures?"
Havoc: "Personally I liked her as Black Lady. She had panties that I could steal without having the urge to shower in whipped cream afterwards."
Chaos: [lament] "Havoc, you are not helping us here."

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