Rini also felt tears of hurt. She didn't want to hurt Serena, she loved her...but that island made her see red again.

Chaos: [singing!] "Just three colours: red and yellow and blue!"

"You prefer your friends over me!

Mayhem: "Wasn't that fling with Mina hint enough?"
Havoc: "Methinks this Yamhead is two panties short of a plethora."
Carnage: [growl!] "She's not the only one."
Havoc: "What? You mean I've lost a panty?! I must find and rescue them immediately!"
[Havoc disappears beneath the remaining layers of whipped cream!]

You love them more then me! You never loved me, you're ashamed of me!"
"Shut up and hear me out! I am sick of you cutting me down, making think I am a worthless girl!

Pesti: "Think? She *is* worthless. Name one accomplishment she actually pulled off in Super S."
Carnage: [Jack Nicholson voice!] "The truth, Rini? The truth?! You can't handle the truth!!"

I can't help it if I have small breasts or your pussy is the same as mine,

Mayhem: "I think she just insulted Serena."

I can't help it! I'm sorry you love Mina and hate me...and daddy! I bet daddy would love to hear how you and Mina fondled and caressed!"

Pesti: [darkly] "Yeah, that way Rini would have him all to herself."

"Rini...I don't love anyone but Darien." Serena sobbed.

Chaos: [as Serena] "If you don't count that fling I had with Seiya in Sailorstars, and that time Lita and I...oops! Was I talking outloud?"
Mayhem: [as Serena] "I do love Darien. That thing with Mina was just a one-night stand. It meant nothing to me."

"Liar!" Rini yelled, actually slapping Serena as hard as she can. Rini gasped...what had she done as Serena dropped on the ground, holding her red cheek and sobbing.

Chaos: "Other than ruin a perfectly good magical girl series?"
Carnage: "It's perfectly obvious what she did: she slapped her mom!"
Mayhem: "Yeah, but she's half the meatball head's height--look where she slapped her. Think they'll ever stop jiggling?"
Pesti: "Don't take that from her, Serena! Punish her!"
Chas: "In the name of the moon?"
Pesti: "Do I look like I care how?! Just end the fic, please!!"

"It isn't true." Serena whimpered. "I love you as much as I love my friends. I don't want to choose anyone over you, I love you the best, I always have."

Fanboys: [coughing!] "Bullshit!"

"You're ashamed of me, you always were. Well, I don't need you! I wish you were never my mommy!

Mayhem: "Just let Serena get it on with Mina and your wish shall be granted, Rini!"
Carnage: "You know, this is quite possibly the first time I want Rule 3 to occur."
Pesti: [nod!] "Scary, isn't it?"

I never want to see you again, ever! I'm going to run away!" Rini screamed.

Fanboys: [popping the bottle of champagne!] "Bon voyage!"

"Don't run away, let's talk.

Mayhem: [singing as Serena!] "Let's talk about sex, Rini. Let's talk about you and me!"
Chaos: "Hentai!"
Mayhem: "Yes, but just what did I base my song off of?"
Chaos: o.O "Point taken."

Please, let me try to explain. I do love you, don't run away." Serena sobbed loudly, grabbing Rini by the seat of her blue levi shorts.

Chaos: "What? Unlicensed product placement in a fanfic?"
Carnage: "Gee, I wonder what Levi Strauss thinks of this."
Pesti: "Is that before or after he suffers a heart attack upon having finished the second page?"

"Don't touch me!" Rini screamed as she slapped Serena's hand away and ran as fast as she could.

Pesti: "Look out for the 'Do Not Cross' sign, Rini!"
[Carnage smacks Pesti-chan.]
Pesti: "Thank you. *Don't* look out for the 'Do Not Cross' sign, Rini!"

"Good-bye, Serena! I hate you!"
"Rini!" Serena called and sobbed loudly. This was far worse then she had ever imagined...

Pesti: "Oh, she's reading this fic too?"

Rini running away, then hitting her. Poor Rini, what had Serena done to that beautiful girl?

Mayhem: "You know, if beauty really is in the eye of the Beholder, then he's really got a macabre sense of humour, ne?"

Serena putted her head in her hands and sobbed loudly on the sidewalk.

Carnage: "Aw, and here I wanted to see Serena bowl with her head!"
Chaos: "One good putt deserves another!"

Luna nudged Serena with her head. Serena saw Luna and immediately picked her up and sobbed on her,

Chaos: [as Luna] "Stop that! I'll wrinkle!"

her heart so full of sadness. This was far worse when Darien had broken up with her, convinced that Serena was in danger because of dreams he had of her dying.

Pesti: "Well, at least we know this author got up to watching the DiC version of the R season."
Carnage: "However Serena's actually in more danger in being a part of the cast in this fanfic."

Now, just as they get back together...Rini rips her heart out.

Chaos: [Shang Tsung voice!] "Fatality!!"
Mayhem: "Too bad, so sad, I'm packed, let's go!"

Serena felt her heart being torn apart,

Carnage: "Impressive considering that Rini already ripped it out from her chest."
Pesti: "Anyone else getting an Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom flashback here?"

Rini so hurt and angry. She never should've let Mina touch her, and then Rini seeing it all. It was so stupid, stupid!

Fanboys: [Ruri-chan impression] "Baka baka, minna baka."
Pesti: "Or should that be 'baka baka, Mina baka'?"

"Serena." Luna gasped, trying to breathe as Serena soon stopped crying, her head hurting now.

Chaos: "Serena or Luna's head?"
Carnage: "My head's hurting the most right now."
Mayhem: "I vote for Luna. Serena's head was putted into her hands, remember?"
Carnage: "Se survived decapitation and having her heart ripped out? That mean's she's a Wu!"
Pesti: o.O "Which means this hentaific is immortal...."

"She saw you and the other girls swimming nude and frolicking.

Havoc: [popping up from the whipped cream!] "Hotcha! Nekkid flashes? Where? Where?"
Chaos: "Will you stop that already?!"

Seeing you and Mina made her leave the island very hurt.

Pesti: "Careful! Now the island might press assault charges against Rini."
Carnage: "Unfortunately for the Yamhead, she discovered after the trial that all crimes were punishable by death."
Mayhem: "And there was much rejoicing."
All: "Yea."

She wanted to be nude next to you and felt you were ashamed of her when she saw you and Mina hugging and kissing like that."
"Dammit! Why did I do that? She probably thinks I'm gay now.

Chaos: "And the verdict is, gentlemen...and Havoc?"
[The fanboys all hoist up signs labelled: *Hai!*]
Mayhem: ^-^ "It's unanimous!"

Great, she'll tell everyone...I'll have no Darien, my friends will think I'm a weird girl.

Chaos: "Is this before or after Evening At Lita's?"
Havoc: "Hotcha!"
Pesti: o.O "Chaos, not you too?!"
Chaos: [kawaii kitty ears popping up!] "Well it was a valid question!"

I'm not gay when I touch Mina, I just enjoy being nude and being fondled.

Havoc: [Darth Vader voice!] "Search your feelings, Serena. You know Rule 3 to be true!"
Carnage: "Just who invited him to this MSTfic anyways?"

It doesn't mean I love her as I love Darien. Mina gives me things I couldn't do with Darien...yet." Serena whimpered.

Mayhem: [singing] "I can't get no...satisfaction!"
Chaos: "Ah, now it comes out: Serena is bi-sexual!"
Carnage: "Stuff she can't do with Darien til he gets back from his "operation" in Switzerland, right?"
Pesti: o.O "Ano...."

Havoc: [sigh!] "I don't understand why she wants to go out with that Tuxedo Kamen guy. Mina's panties are so soft and silky smooth. Much like the babes at the University Satellite I just visited!"

Chaos: o.O "You were...outside of the theatre?"

Havoc: ^-^ "Hai! And I got Lahrri's panties too! Ha, she might be the best battle athlete there but no one can outrun Hentenno-sama!"

Carnage: [grrrr!] "Especially not with a Dragu Slave to catapult into deep space...!!!"

Mayhem: "Hang on, Carnage. Havoc, how'd you get out from the theatre?"

Havoc: ^-^ "And then there was this real bitchy girl who tried to stomp on me when I took her panties. What was her name? Mylanta? Mylanda? Either way, she caused me to Cream Lemon in the weightless Lacrosse gym. You've never seen whipped cream until you've seen it explode in zero gravity. It was like watching Jello take shape...."

Chaos: [sweatdrop!] "Havoc?"

Havoc: "And then I met this babe Kris Christopher, but she was already nekkid and doing some kind of friendship dance so I'll have to return there in a few minutes. Hopefully by then she'll be wearing panties for me to steal."

Pesti: [numerous sweatdrops!] "Um, Havoc--?"

Havoc: "Hotcha! A couple thousand panty-clad, advanced battle athlete babes are no match for the one and only Hentenno-sama! I am the Cosmic Hentai! But there's just so many panties for me to collect that I'll have to make at least two return trips just to get them all."

Carnage: "Havoc...!!"

Havoc: ^-^ "Glorious silken treasures! Panties panties panties!"


Havoc: [indignant] "You're just jealous because I have Akari's panties and you don't."

Mayhem: "Havoc, all we want to know is how you escaped from the theatre. You weren't even in your whipped cream mode when you disappeared."

Havoc: [blink blink!] "Oh, didn't you know? There's a revolving door just around that corner. We could go in or out anytime we want.

Fanboys: o.O [Ano....]

Pesti: "To the revolving door!"

Carnage: [turns to Chaos] "You stay here, Chaos, and when the fic is over you can come out and tell us."

Chaos: ^-^ "Hai! I'll stay here with the--HEY!!"

Mayhem: [walking out from the theatre] "Last person out cues the eyecatch!"

              [Cue the eyecatch!]

Desolation: [wandering into the theatre as the Chibiusa hentaific is still running] "Moshi moshi? Is anyone here? Does anyone know where hell I--KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"

Chaos: "You guys hear something from inside the theatre?"

Pesti: "Probably just the wind passing through all the holes in the plot. Come on, let's hit the Holocabana."

              [Cue the obligatory copyright stuff!]

The Curse of the Fanboys! and its related characters, disorders, smiting techniques and situations are all for His lordship Chaos to play with. Should you choose in abusing them yourself in the same evil manner, I would ask to be notified. If you revolt, I shall tell Havoc you were the one responsible for tearing his silken treasures.

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and its related characters and situations are trademarks of and copyrighted 1994 by Best Brains, Inc. All rights reserved.

"Rini's Special Moment with Serena" belongs to Darren Schivo, and I lament that they had to share this moment with me. Hurting...stop...when?!

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