>          I went over her face

Pesti: [as Fuller] "Upon thorough inspection, everything looks to be in the right place: mouth, ears, nose...and eyeball stalks?"
Havoc: "It's Totally Hidden Naughty Tentacle!"

>and kissed her soft, smooth and wet mouth,

Dark Mayhem: [as Fuller] "Did I forget to mention how soft, smooth and wet Hotaru is?"
Havoc: "I could have told you that."
Chaos & Carnage: [punting Havoc into the screen] "You are not helping this MST, Havoc!"

>she seemed to kiss me back,

Dark Mayhem: "Of course, not having been kissed by an actual girl before, he really couldn't tell if it was accurate."

>but she was already playing to be asleep.

Pesti: [as Hotaru] "Not tonight; I have a headache."
Havoc: "Not to mention a horny Chinese Amazon in the bed."
Dark Mayhem: [as Shampoo] "Hmph! Shampoo no like virgin man. Kill Fuller with many blunt, comical objects!"
Pesti: "Like Chaos' wit?"
Chaos: ^-^ "Hai! Just like my--(o.O) HEY!!"
Carnage: [sigh!] "Don't you *ever* get tired of being four steps behind everyone else, Chaos?"
Chaos: [blink blink] "Carnage? When did you get here?"

>          I started then to caress her body as she was completely

Carnage: "The foreplay-by-play was just so riveting that Hotaru fell asleep from boredom."
Dark Mayhem: "Or else Fuller has yet to notice he's getting it on with a mannequin."

>I caressed her arms, her back and finally I went under her

Pesti: "Any chance that he could crawl back under that rock he came out
from instead?"
Havoc: "Wow! Those must be really big breasts if he can go under them!"
Chaos: [shrug] "Maybe they're inflatable."
Carnage: "Two deathwishes comin' up: RUNE FLARE!!!"
Rune Flare: *FWOOSH!*
Havoc: ^-^ "Honey, I shrunk the pervert!"
Carnage: "I thought I nuked you."
Chaos: --;; [charred li'l fanboy] "Well, you sure as hell nuked someone, Mister Mecha Freak."

>          I stopped.

Dark Mayhem: "I laughed."
Carnage: "I cried."
Chaos: [looking down at the floor] "I hurled."
Pesti: [groaning as he hau
>          Her arms went over my neck and she gasped softly.

Havoc: [as Hotaru] "Hey! You're not the Hentenno!"
[Cue the bathtub that crashes through the theatre ceiling & smites Havoc!]
Chaos: --;; "NOT funny, Havoc."
Setsuna: o.O [blink blink!] "What the [beep!]?!"
Pesti: [pointing to the fic] "No, that's coming up shortly."

>          I was already being really hard...

Pesti: "On the English language?"
Dark Mayhem: "On the fanfic?"
Havoc: "Maybe this is an S&M fanfic after all."
Chaos: [eyebrow twitch!] "Doesn't your perverted little mind have an Off switch?"
Carnage: "Damned if I've been able to find it."

>All what I wanted

Chaos: "For Christmas was his two front teeth?"
Carnage: "That might be all that's left of him for the coroner to identify once I get out of this theatre."

>was to be sure she wanted me to slid my thing inside her.

Chaos: [pulling out a credit card] "That's it. Fuller's ESL lessons are on me."
Pesti: "His...thing? Sounds like Fuller smuggled a severed hand into the fic."
Dark Mayhem: "Sex Ed. in the public system ain't what it used to be."
Havoc: [as Cartman's mom] "Sometimes the man puts his ho-ho-dingy into the woman's chacha."
Carnage: [pulling out his Zanba sword] "Let me slide *my* thing into you and we'll talk."

>I couldn't dare to do that without her asking me for,

Pesti: "You know, Chaos, even your fics sound better than this."
Chaos: [teary Bambi eyes!] "You mean you really liked my Ushio & Trowa Chaosfic?"
Carnage: [thumping Chaos with an Aestevalis] "Don't push your luck."

>I think I just wanted it to be something she would enjoy the

Havoc: [shrug!] "Easy. Just get out of her room and make way for Hentenno."
Chaos: [glowering at Havoc] "Keep your magic fingers off *my* Hotaru, Havoc!"
Voices: "And just what are you going to do to her with your magic fingers, Chaos?!"
Chaos: o.O
[Cue Red Queen Haruka & Dominatrix Michiru!]
Chaos: [terrified SD otaku] "KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!"

>          I put my face closer over her and I kissed again,

Havoc: "Who's this 'Again' girl? And why is she letting Fuller kiss her?"
Dark Mayhem: "Pronouns: they're everybody's problem."

>this time she seemed to be kissing me back.

Pesti: "This sounds like a really bad CPR class."
Carnage: "Or any episode of Baywatch; they all suck."
Dark Mayhem: "What makes you say that?"
Carnage: [shrug!] "Total lack of mecha. What else?"

>She slowly opened her eyes as something in my heart told me that
>it was really going to happen.

Havoc: [as Kintaro] "Be still my throbbing hhhhh...eart."
Carnage: --;; "That's not your heart you're listening to, buddy."
Red Queen Haruka: [with Space Sword!] "GET BACK HERE!!!"
Dominatrix Michiru: [whipping Chaos!] "You can't escape!"
Pesti: [turning to Dark Mayhem] "Just how did they get into the theatre, anyways?"
Dark Mayhem: [nonchalantly holding the theatre door open] "Beats me."

>Her violet eyes closed again as she rolled over me

Pesti: [hopeful] "With a steamroller?"
Carnage: [hopeful] "Repeatedly?"
Dark Mayhem: "Now play dead, Hotaru! Maybe he'll go away!"

>and her black hair felt over our faces,

Chaos: "Hotaru's hair has a mind of its own!"
Havoc: ^-^ And a perverted one too. Go for the Chinese Amazon!"
Carnage: "Are you deliberately trying to get me to kick your ass?"
Havoc: [indignant sniff] "Excuse me, but only nubile young ladies get to spank me."
Carnage: [evil demonic head mode!] "Who said anything about 'spank', you twit?!"

>closing anything else we could see but us

Dark Mayhem: [as Hotaru with her eyes closed] "Think of Chaos-chan, think of Chaos-chan...."
Chaos: [irate li'l otaku] "ARE YOU TRYING TO GET ME KILLED?!"
Red Queen Haruka: [more whipping!] "You don't really need to try, Chaos!"

>(even our eyes were closed I felt like if we were looking each
>other by now).

Pesti: "Oooh, speak him good as English nicely."
Carnage: "Maybe it's Dr. Thinker."
Chaos: "'Out poops Sailor Saturn'? Let's not go there, Carnage."
Dark Mayhem: "And remember: don't prehouse the seamy side volitation!"
Fanboys: [???] "Na ni?"
Dark Mayhem: ^^ "Just check out the following website, and all will be explained."


>          I could feel how her wetness was coming out over me,
>just a little.

Carnage: [eyebrow twitch!] "Na ni?!"
Pesti: "Hotaru's wetness is coming out of Fuller?"
Dark Mayhem: "Talk about confusing your genitalia."
Havoc: [thumping his head against the armrests] "Virgin no BAKA!!"

>          We roll again

Fanboys: [singing] "Rollin' rollin' rollin', keep them lemons goin'."
Chaos: --;; [glowering at Dominatrix Michiru] "Oh, my ass is swollen."
Fanboys: [still singing] "Hentai!"

>and now I was again over her.

Chaos: "Good. Then you'll leave and bug a girl who deserves such bad English grammar."
Havoc: "Like the dubbed Twisted Tales of Tokyo?"
Dubbed woman: "Oh. Moan. Moan."
Fanboys: >.< [the pain!] "ITAIIII!!"

>          I started to kiss her face again, I went down her neck,
>shoulders... and breasts...

Dark Mayhem: "This description is so fascinating, riveting... and utterly redundant..."
Havoc: [as Captain Kirk] "Space. We've...traveled back in time to...procreate with the...human race."

>          They were round and perfect, smooth and soft.

Pesti: "First her breasts are inflatable, and now they're skipping stones."
Chaos: [shaking his head] "Like an eager beaver, someone has really got to work on their metaphors here."
Red Queen Haruka: "So long as we're not talking about Hotaru's."
Chaos: o.O "Ano...."

>Her nipples were hard as fleshy rocks.

Dark Mayhem: [raising his hand] "Fleshy rocks? Did that just sound like a complete contradiction to anyone else here?"
Havoc: "Fuller, you fool! You're tonguing her Geode!"

>I kissed them as she gasped, this time she did it louder, more
>like a moaning.

Pesti: [as Hotaru moaning] "Why did I let my agent talk me into taking this role?!"

>          I kept kissing her tits for a while, as I licked them and
>caressed them with everything on my mouth...

Carnage: [unimpressed] "Like your lips?"
Pesti: "Oops! There go the dentures!"

>          I started to go down, finding soon her navel, soft and
>smooth as the rest of her body,

Yaoi boxers: [singing as the Village People] "In the navel! Strong and big and soft, in the navel!"
Fanboys: o.O [recoiling in terror] "What are you guys doing in the theatre?!"

>a perfectly round hole into her skin.

Chaos: "Insert your favourite golf joke here at your leisure."
Dark Mayhem: "Can't. We used them all up in MSTfic 2."
Carnage: "Someone's putting from deep in the rough, I see."
Fanboys: o.O "......"
Carnage: "What? You think Havoc gets to have all the good lines?"

>          I kissed it as I went down again, finding finally the place where was her

Dark Mayhem: "He sounds like he's trying to find Waldo while doing push-ups."
Chaos: "And isn't being very successful either."
Havoc: [pulling out a Hotaru hentai pic] "It shouldn't be *that* hard to find. See?"
Chaos: o.O [blush!] "Aiya."
Carnage: [evil demonic aura!] "HAVOC...!!!"
Havoc: ^-^ "Oro?"

>          I firstly kissed her soft bush

Dark Mayhem: "Fuller, you fool! That's not Hotaru, that's a plant!"
Carnage: "With any luck it'll be a cactus."
Havoc: "Or a Venus flytrap."
Pesti: "Or the alligator."
Chaos: "Is this in any way related to Betsy's mighty oak?"
[Chaos is instantly crushed by a ChibiChibi HyperBoomer!]

>as she gasped louder. I could feel the heat coming from her
>body into my face.

Dark Mayhem: "Three.two...one...IGNITION!!!"
Havoc: "We need more forward thrust!"

>          I stopped again.

Chaos: [as Fuller] "Don't move, Hotaru! I lost my contact lens!"

>          I was staring at her sex as I went slowly into it.

Dark Mayhem: "The square's trying to put his peg into the round hole."
Chaos: [as X-wing fighter pilot] "Negative, negative! It didn't go in. It just impacted on the surface."

>I kissed it and she moaned, this time she really moaned

Pesti: [as Hotaru really moaning] "I'm not getting paid enough for this!"
Havoc: [as Hotaru really moaning] "You're not nearly as good as Hentenno!"
Carnage: [grrrr!] "BURST RONDO!!!"

>-"Are you awake now?"- I asked,

Chaos: "How could she not be with you trying to chew a hole through her?"
Carnage: "I'll have my Nadesico chew a hole through *him*!"
Akito Tenkawa: "WHOSE Nadesico?!"
Carnage: "Hey, you got it for the series! Let someone else play with the transpositional cannon for a change."

>but I only heard a gasp as I waited something else to happen.

Pesti: "Like the plot?"
Carnage: "How about some coherent grammar?"
Chaos: "How many times has Hotaru gasped so far? She sounds like she's asthmatic."
Dark Mayhem: "I would be too if I was trapped in a room with the repugnant aroma of 'eau de self-insertion lemon' in the air."
Carnage: [polishing a Beam Cannon] "I can clean that up, no problem."

>          I started to kiss it again as I felt her aroma filling my

Pesti: [as Fuller] "No, wait...that was...formaldehyyyyyyyde."
Carnage: [looking down] "Did Pesti-chan just put himself to sleep?"
Chaos: [slapping Pesti-chan with a herring] "Wake up, damn you! If I have to suffer through this, so do you!"

>and her juices filling my mouth, they were delighting and I just
>could not stop now.

Chaos: "Does this mean he's going to drown?"
Havoc: [saluting] "I regret that I have but one perv to give for my fanfic!"
Carnage: [punting Havoc with his Ishtar mecha] "And you can only cream twice, ya freak!"

>          I started to look for something that would make my sleeping
>lover to awake.

Dark Mayhem: "A real man?"
Havoc: "Shampoo?"

>I found her clit

Chaos: [as Fuller] "Aha! So I didn't need the roadmap after all! It was there all the time!"
Havoc: "And you thought this hentai pic of Hotaru wasn't worth anything."
Carnage: "Oh, the cost is pretty steep, Havoc. RUNE FLARE!!!"
Pesti: [with WetVac] "I've got that déjà Sploot feeling again."

>and I just started to do the same I did with the rest of her
>body the whole time,

Chaos: [sweatdrop!] "Hotaru's detachable?"
Dark Mayhem: "Self-inserted Senshi lemon: some assembly required."
Carnage: "I can name one author who didn't read the instructions."
Chaos: [venturing a guess] "Beans?"
Fanboys: --;; "......"
Scrolling 'wind' kana: *hwooooooooo*
Chaos: [sweatdrop!] "Nightbreak?"
Fanboys: [pummeling Chaos] "Just give it up, you moron!!"

>kiss it as she gasped and moaned louder, she was enjoying that.

Pesti: [looking at Dark Mayhem] "She's a masochist?"
Dark Mayhem: [pointing at Chaos] "More of a sadist considering who she's dating."

>          She moved back and forth and she gasped again, like saying

Pesti: [as Hotaru] "I'm getting seasick."
Carnage: "I'm just getting sick, period."

>"cut it down!",

Fanboys: [singing] "Oh, I'm a Lumberjack, and I'm okay! I sleep all night and I work all day!"
Chaos: [singing] "I cut down trees, I skip and jump, I like to press wildflowers! I put on women's clothing and hang around in bars!"
Fanboys: [singing] "He cuts down trees, he skips and jumps, he likes to press wildflowers! He puts on women's clothing and...hangs around in bars?!"
Chaos: o.O "Ano...did I sing that verse out loud?"

>I obeyed immediately as I asked her something,

Pesti: [as Fuller] "Do you think this dress makes me look fat?"

>I whispered this words: "Don't you wanna me to come in?".

Havoc: "Not by the hairs of our chinny chin chin...the lower chin, that is!"
Dark Mayhem: "Wassa mattera? You don'ta wanta me to come ina! I senda Luigi to a breaka your face!"

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