With all due respect to Gainax...

Anime Sounds

Here you will find various Anime related Wavs and MP3's. Some of them are in MP3 format, but this is so I can economise on space. Those of you without an MP3 player, go grab Winamp. Feel free to download anything shown here, just inform me of any really cool anime related Wavs or MP3s you might have found as I'm always looking for new ones to add here.

Golden Boy Sounds

Kodomo no Omocha Sounds Babbito Pyuun! some of these sounds taken from Yoshiko's Anime Wav Collection

Dragon Half Sounds

A mirthful Naga

Slayers Sounds

Samurai Pizza Cats Sounds

Ranma ½ Sounds


Tenchi Muyo Sounds

Priss getting ready to kick some.

Bubblegum Crisis Sounds

Violinist of Hamelin Sounds

Miscellaneous Sounds