A poster of Nazca

Jikuu Tenshou Nazca

The cover of the LD

Rating: 3 Rampages

The setting is modern day Japan and focuses on a boy named Kyouji. He is on his way to see a match in which his kendo instructor, Tate, is participating, but bumps into a young woman who turns out to be Tate's fiance. Together they sit down to enjoy what was to be exciting match, but instead are shocked to the core when Tate's form changes to that of an Inca warrior and his slice cuts through his opponent's padding. It is the beginning of a nightmare for Kyouji. His formerly benign teacher transforms from a kind, caring person into a ruthless madman bent on turning Kyouji to his warped cause, or killing him if he resists. For Tate is the reincarnation of the warrior Yawaru, and Kyouji is his enemy from the past, Biruka. Tate's fiance Yuka is the priestess Akurya, also to be wed to Yawaru in her past life but, like Biruka, eventually opposed Yawaru's plans of domination. NAZCA is a story of their awakening in this lifetime, and the ironies of the past uncontrollably repeated in the present. "We're Men, We're men in tights..."

This show left me at a bit of a quandary; I was equally impressed and unimpressed by the different aspects of the show. The characters themselves were interesting with a lot of potential, but the characters designs didn't seem to do much (and for goddess' sake, get RID of the tights, people). The pacing was good, but the music was only mildly interesting. The cel animation was nicely done for a TV series (still no Cowboy Bebop) but the CGI is utterly horrid. The voice acting, however, was something to take notice of (Megumi Hayashibara and Koyasu Takehito doing some of their finest work), as it was giving wonderful soft overtones of the characters in the voices. Though it looks like it has a lot of potential, the beginning just didn't grab me. I honestly hope this show can pull off half of the stuff it attempts to, as it deserves to do well. Until then, I'll reserve my final judgement, and give it a tentative recommendation. And really, lose the damned tights...

Available subbed or dubbed from Pioneer.