Neighborhood Story

(Gokinjo Monogatari)

Rating: 2 Rampages Fun with bell-bottoms

Mikako Kouda and her friends attend Yazawa Arts School (short form Yazagaku). Mikako's dream is to have her own fashion boutique and sell her designs. The free-spirit atmosphere of the school allows the students to wear whatever they want. Judge for yourself whether the results are a reason to implement mandatory uniforms...
Tsutomu has been Mikako's best friend since childhood and they live next door to each other. But of course they can't admit their feelings for each other, and shoujo angst ensues.

Mikako and the girls Review:
Well, this was a waste of time. As you can see from the pictures, the animation is really freakish and ugly, with a heavy 70's feel. Now don't get me wrong, the 70's gave us some real classics like Lupin III, but Neighborhood Story is about as far from being a classic as you can get. The animation is incredibly warped, but appears to be drawn that way just for shock value (a trick that I hate even in North American cinema). The story, by contrast, is completely unremarkable; standard romantic comedy, except the comedy really isn't entertaining. As usual, too many characters, none of which seem particularly interesting (aside from the fact that they all look hideous) and the two main characters have no chemistry between them at's not romantic tension, just stupid writing. This genre is in desperate need of a series with a new look and feel, and certainly a new way of telling its story. Unfortunately, Neighborhood Story is not that anime. If you you are looking for a good romantic comedy that's different and full of potential, go watch His and Her Circumstances and avoid this unfortunate series. Not recommended.

Only available fansubbed at the moment.