Neo-Haruka's Fanboys! fanficfic!!!!

Pesti: "Sugoi! We're really getting popular if this many people are writing fanficfics of us!!"
Chaos & Mayhem: "I don't see why I had to have a revengefic written about me!"
Anarchy: "Aw, come on! What's so bad about a revengefic anyways?"
Mayhem: "Anarchy, no one's done a revengefic on you because they're terrified of what you'd do in response."
Chaos: [aside to Mayhem] "Hai. She's just find some voodoo plushie dolls of them and rip off their heads!"
Mayhem: "That or use her patented smite of the falling Mokona statue."
Chaos: "Or worse! Make them sing karaoke with her!"
Anarchy: [growl!] "What was that, Chaos?!"
Chaos: [kawaii kitty ears!] "Nothing!"
Pesti: "So who's fanficfic is up today?"
Mayhem: [consults Email] "Um, this time it's a fanficfic from Neo Haruka, aka Senshi Chaos."
Pesti: "Sailor...Chaos? Hoboy."
Chaos: [frantic SD mode] "Hey! I'm the only Chaos around here! Where does she get off calling herself Senshi Chaos anyways?!"
Mayhem: [sigh!] "Chaos, she's a Sailor Senshi with the title of Chaos. Meanwhile you're just a sailor Dragqueen with the title of Haley."
Chaos: "No thanks to you, I might add, Mayhem!!"
Anarchy: "Isn't she the one who gave Chaos that 'when life gives you lemons, make Hard lemonade' proverb in the F5! fanfic?"
Pesti: "One and the same."
Chaos: "Argh! How could I have been so blind! She was trying to lower my guard while trying to take over my title of Chaos!!"
Mayhem: "Yare yare. Chaos, just calm down and scroll the fanficfic."
[Cue the fanficfic!]
Sailor Psycho Hey Chaos! Whacha' doing?
Chaos: [sulking] "Not much. And just who are you? Another conspirator to usurp my title?"
Mayhem: "Shhh! This Sailor Psycho girl's talking to the other Chaos."
Chaos: "There is only one true Chaos! There can be only one!!"
Havoc: "Hai! Just as there can be only one true Hentenno-sama!!"
[Cue the sweatdrops]
Chaos: "Havoc, are they still trying to name your disorder, or what?"
Her friend Senshi Chaos was sitting in front of her computer, typing furiously.
Senshi Chaos: I'm writing a Fanficfic.
Sailor Psycho: Really? Those are always fun! About who?
Senshi Chaos: About the Fanboys!, and I stuck us into it of course. Otherwise what fun would it be.
Sailor Psycho: Cool! Let me read!

Pesti: "You know, I've been noticing how a lot of these fanficfics are gratuitous self-insertions into our fanfic series."
Mayhem: "Pesti-chan, nearly every fanfic involves self-insertion. Look at Beans' College Life. Look at ours! We've got gratuitous self insertion everywhere in the Fanboys!"
[An unimpressed Chaos crosses his hands over his chest.]
Chaos: "And just how is me getting smited all the time supposed to be self-gratifying, Mayhem?"
Anarchy: "We never said who would find the fanboys! series self-gratifying."
Chaos: "......"

Senshi Chaos looked over at Sailor Psycho, who was petting her pet bird. It gave her the evil eye, and she stared right back.

Rampage: ^-^ "CHU CHU!"
Pesti: "Two pets, one fanficfic. No good can come of this."
"I'm bored! Let's do something!"
Psycho shrugged, "Ok. But what? I'm fresh out of ideas."
"Your out of ideas for destruction and lunacy! Are you feeling alright?" Senshi Chaos tried to feel Psycho's forehead.

Mayhem: "Strange. People generally tend to ask if one's alright when they have lots of ideas for destruction and lunacy."
Pesti: "Like the author of the Fanboys! fanfics?"
Mayhem: "Pesti-chan, no sane person could ever have created us. It just wouldn't feel right."
Chaos: "Oh, and I suppose having her chewing on my arm is supposed to feel right?!"
Rampage: ^-^ "CHU CHU!"
"Stop That!" She pushed the hand away. "You know my creativity runs dry at the end of summer."
"Yeah. Then school starts and you have a whole new batch of people to torture."
Psycho snorted. "Like you're any different!"

Anarchy: "I like them, I really do."
Chaos: "You would."
[Chaos is launched into the wall by an AT Field on full spread!]
Anarchy: "Silence!"
Suddenly a loud crash and cries of pain came from outside their apartment.
Ever curious, they decided to go out and investigate. They discovered three men on the apartment's gravel lawn. One looked to be about middle aged, one >was collage aged and the youngest appeared to be about high school aged. The collage boy was picking himself out of one of the many decorative cacti dotting the lawn. (living in Arizona is fun!)
"Damn it!" The college boy cried. "Why am I always the one in pain??"
"Complain later!" The youngest one said. "Look where this stupid Remote Control of the Gods brought us now!"

Pesti: "Hmm, maybe Lord Charon was right and the remote control isn't just tuned into multiple Anime worlds."
Mayhem: "We'll have to adjust the tracking on it in the next fanfic we do."
"I'm not young anymore!" This seemed to actually surprise the middle aged man.
"This should be interesting!" Sailor Psycho and Senshi Chaos cheered up with the prospect of entertainment.
"We must be in the real world again!" The oldest one said. "Even here you're a glutton for punishment, Chaos."
"Hush newt-boy!"
"Hah! You can't call me that here. I'm older than you. And bigger."
"Heh heh....."
Senshi Chaos's eyes had gotten huge as she realized who these people were. Then she smiled and an evil glint lit her eyes. Sailor Psycho saw this glint, and she was afraid.
"I think we found our entertainment."

Fanboys: "Kowai!!"
Anarchy: "Cool! Popcorn, Rampage-chan?"
Rampage: "CHU CHU!"
"Nevermind. Just, when I tell you, follow me quickly."
"Ok, sure."
Back to the men. The youngest and oldest were currently involved in an argument over how the Remote could have taken them to the real world, where it's power should be nullified, while the middle one picked spines out of his butt and muttered a curse or two.
Finally he uttered a last oath and joined the conversation. "This is what we get for playing with something we don't understand, just cause we're bored! It doesn't matter how it got us here! Can it get us back! I won't be separated from my Mako-chan."

Pesti: "*YOUR* Mako-chan, Chaos?!?!"
Chaos: "Um, Pesti-chan, it wasn't me who said it! It was the other Lord Chaos!"
Pesti: "SHIN'NE!!!!"
[Chaos is smited by a pan-dimensional hammer.]
He grabbed the Remote from the youngest and raised his hand.
"Now!!" Senshi Chaos darted out and grabbed onto the youngest's arm. Psycho followed and grabbed the oldest.
"Hey!" the both yelled. But it was too late. The middle one had already pushed the button.
They blinked back into existence inside a posh, spacious but extremely messy apartment. Psycho and Senshi Chaos leaped away from the boys. They looked at each other, at the apartment and back to each other.
"Umm...Chaos? What did we just do?" Psycho sounded confused and scared.
"Remember that fanfic I made you read? With the Fanboys! in it? I recognized them and figured they could be our ticket to the Anime world. It worked! We are in the SailorMoon universe now!"

Chaos: "Oh goodie...more Sailor Senshi...WITH MY NAME, DAMMIT!!!"
Anarchy: "If they need a place to crash, I know Kanoe's got some space beneath city hall. We could play Go with Satsuki's BEAST supercomputer."
"That's just great. But did you remember to lock the apartment?"
"I didn't think so."
By this time, our beloved fanboys had recovered from the shock of having two girls and a bird use them as a traveling system.
"Hello! What the hell do you think your doing?" Asked...umm.. now they were all young and Senshi Chaos couldn't tell them apart.

Chaos: "I'm Trunks from DBZ!"
Pesti: "I'm Yuu from Marmalade boy!"
Mayhem: "And I'm Amiboshi from Fushigi Yugi!"
All: "And together we're...the Three Fanboy Amigos!!"
[Chaos, Pesti-chan & Mayhem immediately launch into the song "My Little Buttercup"!]
Anarchy: [sweatdrop] "I never should have rented that movie last night."
"We were bored and this seemed like fun. Come on, tell me you wouldn't do the same!"
The boys glanced at each other. "Well...."
"Ha! See! Umm.. by the way which one of you is which? We've read the fanfics, but you look different then I imagined."
"The boy in the middle pointed to himself. I'm Chaos, this is Pesti-chan, and that is Mayhem. Ok. But who are you?"

Chaos: [summoning cow] "Your fate depends on how you answer, Neo Haruka. I am the one true Lord Chaos!!"
"I am Senshi Chaos and my companion is Sailor Psycho and her bird, YaddaYadda."
Suddenly a small green thing popped up from under some clothing strewn across the couch. It growled and leapt for Psycho's shoulder, where the large white parrot sat. As Rampage passed, Mayhem reached out and grabbed the SD Godzilla thingy.
"And this is Rampage, as you know. Be careful, she eats anime mascots as a hobby."

Rampage: ^-^ "CHU CHU!"
Mayhem: Among other things she also eats Chaos."
"We know that too. But why go after YaddaYadda? He's not a mascot, just a pet........" She trailed off, because everyone noticed that the parrot had hopped from Psycho's shoulder and was making hissing noises at Rampage, while he turned from snowy white to a sick shade of green.
"Ok. He couldn't do that before."
"Wait!" Senshi Chaos snapped her fingers. "I know why! In the real world, when we made up our alter-egos, we said YaddaYadda was your magical bird and he changed colors with his moods!"

Pesti: "Well there goes that new mascot."
Pesti-chan nodded. "That would make him a mascot, and we'd better keep him and Rampage>apart."
Rampage: [Burp!] "CHU CHU!"
Mayhem: "Too late."
Pesti: "Neo Haruka's not going to be pleased with this turn of events."
Chaos snorted. "Good luck!"
Mayhem looked confused. "Well, if your bird has assumed his alter-ego, does that mean that you have too?"
Senshi Chaos and Sailor Psycho looked at each other, then grinned. As one they held up their hands and yelled their henshin phrases.

Chaos: [groan!] "Oh no. Not more alter egos of Mass Destruction."
Mayhem: "Don't take it too badly, Chaos. After all, no one could ever replace you as Sailor Dragqueen!"
[Cue the demonic, oversized head of Chaos!!]

Chaos: [sulking] "Great. Just what the world needs: more Sailor Soldiers."
Anarchy: "This coming from the guy who became a girl to become Sailor Haley."
Chaos: [frantically pointing to Mayhem!] "Hey! It was his idea."
Mayhem: "I didn't hear you giving any suggestions on F1!'s Omake Theater, Chaos."
After the regular henshin sequences, the emerged from the glowing light very different.
They opened their eyes to find the three fanboys staring at them. They stared back.
"Let's find a bathroom and see what we look like."
They wandered into the bathroom and over to the huge mirror.
"Wow! Psycho, you look like Jupiter with her hair down! Actually, yours is more copper. It's so pretty!"

Chaos: "No one's as pretty as my Mako-chan!!"
Pesti: [grabbing a mallet] "*YOUR* Mako-chan, Chaos?!"
"Gee. And you look exactly like a cross between Neptune and Uranus, but with black hair!"
"I do! This is so great! I'm never leaving this world!"

[Cue the frantic SD Chaos racing around the room!]
Mayhem: "Yare yare. Chaos, you're ruining the fanficfic. Chaos? Chaos? Anarchy, would you please calm him down."
Anarchy: [snaps fingers!] "My pleasure."
[Chaos is smited by a large Gentle Uterus.]
Pesti: "Sugoi! She can even use other authors' smiting techniques too!"
The boys had followed them into the bathroom, along with YaddaYadda, who was now wearing a little copper harness, and was a happy bright blue.
"I guess he transformed when you did, Psycho."
"You look like Mako-chan!" Pesti-chan and Chaos cried as one.

Pesti & Chaos: "She's my Mako-chan! Whaddaya mean your Mako-chan?!"
"I don't mean too."
Mayhem couldn't understand how something as small as Rampage could be so heavy, but he was tired of carrying her, so he dropped her. With a gleeful "CHU CHU" she pounced on YaddaYadda. The bird let out an ear-piercing shriek and leapt back, turning pure black. With another shriek, a blast of yellow energy let loose from the jewel in the middle of his harness, throwing Rampage through the bathroom wall.

Pesti: o.O "That's a new one."
Chaos: o_O "H-Hai. First time any mascot's ever been able to fight back."
Anarchy: "Maybe Rampage will have a playmate after all (she's eaten all her other ones). Then they can both come after you Chaos!"
Chaos: [let me hide my enthusiasm!] "Oh...goodie."
The fanboys ran over to the Rampage-shaped hole in the wall.
"Well, that won't slow her long." Chaos sighed. "I should know."
Even as he spoke, Rampage burst through the wall again, making another hole.
"Stop that! I don't want to have to fix anymore damage!" cried Chaos.

Mayhem: "Chaos, you're the one who causes most of the damage in our apartment anyways!"
Chaos: "is it my fault people keep sending things down through the ceiling to smite me?"
All: "Yes."
As usual, Rampage ignored him and made a beeline for the bird. It launched itself into the air, deftly avoiding Rampage's leaps and snapping jaws. Eventually, both tired of this. YaddaYadda settled on the counter and started shrieking again. Rampage responded with a series of high pitched CHU CHU's!
Everyone clapped their hands to their ears and ran to the living room.
"That was the most God awful noise I have ever heard!" Mayhem said.

[The fanboys cover their ears!]
Mayhem: "Shimatta! That is nasty!!"
Chaos: "It's even worse than Anarchy singing drunken karaoke!!"
Anarchy: "You want another crater in Tokyo named after you, Chaos?!"
They reached the living room safely, and the screeching approached >tolerable levels.
The girls looked for someplace safe to sit down, they couldn't find one.
"When was the last time you all cleaned?" asked Psycho.

Mayhem: "Aside from the usual smitings dropping through the ceiling we usually keep our apartment quite clean. What gives?"
[Pesti-chan consults the cleaning schedule.]
Pesti: "Ne, Chaos, I'm noting it was your turn to clean up the apartment for this fic."
Chaos: "Oh, gomen! I was out shopping for dresses with Setsuna!"
Pesti[ eyebrow twitch!] "I don't know what frightens me more: that Chaos went out shopping for dresses with Setsuna, or that Setsuna actually allowed him to go shopping with her."
"It's usually not an issue."
Chaos solved this problem by simply throwing everything on the smaller couch onto the floor. "It looks better there."
They settled on the couch.
"Hey, don't Rampage and YaddaYadda sound like they're having a conversation?" remarked Pesti-chan.
Everyone stopped to listen. The loud noises coming from the bathroom did seem to be structured like a conversation.
"Yes." Said Chaos. "But do we really want to know what their talking about?"
"As long as they're not fighting anymore!" Psycho sounded happy.
Just then, the noises stopped and everyone looked toward the bathroom. Soon Rampage came out, YaddaYadda sitting on her head. Both were staring at the group intently.
"Wow! Look at that! It seems they called a truce!"

Mayhem: "A truce...with Rampage and another mascot?"
Pesti: "I...I'm speechless."
Anarchy: [grin!] "Just wait. It can only get better from here."
[Mayhem & Pesti-chan glance over at Chaos...and slowly inch away from him.]
"Rampage, calling a truce! I didn't think it would ever happen!" Chaos looked stunned.
So did Senshi Chaos. "I know that bird! It's a mean cuss and it never 'makes nice'!"
But the bird and the.... thingy stopped in the middle of the living room. Without warning, they >split apart and launched themselves into the air, going >after Chaos and Senshi Chaos.

[A frantic SD Chaos leaps into Mayhem's arms!]
Mayhem: "Sorry but my heart belongs to another."
Chaos: "I could use a little sympathy here!"
"KYAAAAAAAAAAA!!" Both Chaos's screamed in unison, both also going SD and running around the living room in a vain attempt to escape the evil mascots!
They rest of the group sat there, stunned.
"But I thought it was only Chaos that Rampage didn't like!" Exclaimed >Mayhem.
"And YaddaYadda likes everyone, he even used to tolerate my Chaos!" Cried >Psycho.
Pesti-chan thought this over. "They must have made an agreement, based on >their hatred of their >respective Chaoses."
(Anyone know what the plural of Chaos is?!)

Mayhem: "Chaosi?"
Pesti: "Chees?"
Anarchy: "Does it really matter? Look at 'em go! You go, Rampage! Wear them down! Wear them down! They're starting to tire!"
"Maybe it's just the name Chaos that they hate?" mused Mayhem.
"That's just great!! I hope they're happy!" Called Senshi Chaos. "But, MAKE THEM STOP!!!
So Psycho put her fingers to her lips and whistled. YaddaYadda stopped trying to pull out Chaos's hair with his beak and landed on Psycho's shoulder. Where he started to sulk.
Mayhem and Pesti-chan pried Rampage off of Senshi Chaos.
"This is JUST GREAT!! These teeth holes just ruin my fuku!"

Chaos: "Welcome to my world."
Everyone whipped around. Anarchy stood in the doorway. She did not look happy.

Anarchy: "About time I showed up."
Havoc: "What about me? When do I get to come and greet these babes?"
Chaos: "If the authors value their dignity and their panties, you won't ever show up in their next fanficfic."
Havoc: [sulking!] "Oh, what's the fun in that?"

End of the first part!
And I'll keep writing chapters! You can't stop me!!!

[Chaos grapples onto a pan-dimensional mallet o' Mass Destruction!]
Chaos: "Wanna bet? You stay away from me, YaddaYadda!!"
Rampage: ^-^ "CHU CHU!"
Mayhem: "I must admit this has been a rather pleasant fanficfic."
Pesti: "Wild guess, Mayhem: you're just glad it's not another of Lord Charon's revengefics, ne?"
Mayhem: "Exactly."
Anarchy: "You know, I really think these girls are going to get along with me just fine."
Chaos: "KYAAAAAAA!!!!! TASUKETEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
[End of the fanficfic!]

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