It took the three girls a good half an hour to convince the boys that Senshi Chaos really was not evil,
Pesti: "Chaos, you're Sailor Haley. She's Senshi Chaos. Big difference."
Havoc: "But not in the types of panties they like to wear with their sailor fukus!!"
Carnage: [sweatdrop!] "Just what exactly is it that makes you this way, Havoc?"
and another half hour to get Chaos to stop griping about the name similarity thing. By this time it was really late in the evening. Sailor Psyco and Senshi Chaos decided that while being transformed was fun, it wasn't very comfortable for
long periods. So they de-transformed, and umm..

Hotaru: [to Pesti-chan] "He gets excited very easily, ne?"
Pesti: "Oh, so you just noticed?"
[Senshi Chaos] Well, what do we call ourselves when not transformed?
[Sailor Psyco] How bout Chaos-chan and Psyco-chan. It will also keep the readers from getting you and Lord Chaos mixed up.

Chaos: [sulking] "I'm still the one true Chaos no matter what season of Sailor Moon we're in."
[Senshi Chaos] Works for me!
Psyco-chan asked Chaos-chan where they were supposed to stay while in this anime universe. Actually, her exact words were, "You got us pulled into this freaky world, you damn well better find someplace for us to stay!"

Anarchy: "There's room in Kanoe's pad by the Shinjuku Highrises! It survived Carnage's Satellite Strike thanks to my Spirit Shield."
Pesti: "......"
Havoc: "Say, Chaos, since you sleep female anyways why don't you just let them share you room?"
Chaos: o.O "NA NI?!"
Havoc: "Then again, what's the fun of stealing your panties if all three of you are in the same room together?"
Chaos: "DO YOU MIND?!"
[Havoc is booted back out of the fanficfic.]
"That's easy!" Chaos-chan pulled out a set of keys, on a kawaii keychain that had a SD Zelgadis on them.
"I haven't seen those before." Remarked Psyco-chan. "Of course not. I just conjured them. This one is to our apartment, down the hall from these guys, and the square one is to our blue convertible."

Tasuki: "With all the Mass Destruction that alone goes on in our apartment I'm impressed they're tempting fate by staying *just* down the hall."
Pesti: "They've got driver's licenses like Haruka as well? Now this scares me."
Carnage: "Ha! Let's see that convertible out-smite my T-74 tank from Those Who Hunt Elves!"
Mayhem: "Oh how nice. Now somewhere around our fanfic we've got these two *and* Lord Charon the Jusenkyo octopus running loose in the background."
Ami-chan: "He could never replace you, Carrot-chan."
[Mayhem abruptly ducks as a Boomstick is hurled across the fanficfic. Chaos is not so fortunate.]
Chaos: [rubbing the swollen bump on his head.] "I believe this Boomstick was meant for you, Newt-boy."
She pulled another set out of her other pocket, this time on a SD Lina Inverse chain, and tossed them to Psyco-chan. "That's your set."
"Wait. Yours has a third key, what does it go to?" asked Psyco-chan.
"To my motorcycle." Chaos-chan grinned.

Carnage: "Ha! Let's see that thing outrace my Gundams!"
Chaos: "Carnage, your Gundams would step on her motorcycle before the race even began."
Carnage: "And that’s bad, why exactly?"
During this whole exchange, the Fanboys' eyes had been getting bigger and bigger.
Anarchy: "Well like that's a hard thing to do."
"HEY!" Broke in Chaos. "How did you get all this stuff??" "Same way you did, baka. This apartment was just waiting here for you when you all got here the first time, so we get one too. But unlike you, I put in a request for transportation too."
Pesti: "Well we would have too...had *someone* here not been too pissed drunk on Hard Lemonade when we accidentally called Belldandy on the Goddess Technical Hotline."
Chaos: "Hey! I got us here, didn't I?! What more do you want?!"
Pesti: [crossing his arms over his chest] "For you to leave my Mako-chan and I alone, for starters."
Chaos: [oversized demonic head form] "*WHOSE* Mako-chan?!"
Hotaru: "Chaos-chan! You're my boyfriend."
Carnage: [sharpening his Zanba blade] "Hai, and it would be...unfortunate should you make her cry and she does a Death Reborn Revolution on the fanfics."

Chaos: [groan!] "Why me?"

"That is so not fair!" The fanboys started to sulk. "How old are two anyway?"
"Old enough to drive. Since you're all going to high school, so are we, I guess. We'll come by and pick you guys up in the morning."

Pesti: "All of us in a cramped car with them?"
Chaos: "NEVER!!"
Pesti: "Chaos has a point. With him there we're bound to have something insane happen."
Mayhem: "If we walk like usual, we'll just wind up late again."
Carnage: "But we've got my Samurai Pizza Cats delivery cannon!"
Mayhem & Pesti: "Taxi!"
With that, she and Psyco-chan walked down the hall to their new apartment. After Chaos-chan had gotten the door open Psyco-chan turned and called back. "Hey, Anarchy. Your welcome here anytime!"
"Just try not to smite Chaos around anything breakable!" Chaos-chan added.

Anarchy: "Does Chaos count as being breakable?"
Mayhem: "Actually, between the damage he and Desolation take, I'm beginning to wonder whether or not they've both got 'Wu' marks on their foreheads."
Pesti: "Things just instinctively smash through ceilings or crash through floors or run him and anything around him down when Chaos is around."
Chaos: "Curse our author! It's like that cunning devil knows my every move even before I do! "
Carnage: [sigh!] "Baka baka."
"Do my best!" Anarchy replied, and waved until the door had closed behind the two girls. The others shuffled back into their apartment.
Chaos: "Hmph! I can't believe the nerve of her, stealing my title of Mass Destruction!"
Pesti: "Chaos, it's not even your...why am I even bothering?"
Mayhem: "So now what should we do?"
Carnage: "Mecha-fest!"
Anarchy & Tasuki: "Sake-fest!"
Havoc: "Doji-fest!"
Chaos: "How'd you get back into the fanficfic anyways?"
Havoc: [Chichiri grin!] "You'd be surprised where I can go when I become liquid Cream Lemon!"
[Havoc suddenly sinks down into a puddle of cream lemon and moves beneath the couch.]
Carnage: "So this is the T-1000 Terminator model adapted to hentai. Mayhem, I don't care what you say but I'm pulling out my Zeorymer."
Pesti: [jumping off the couch] "Um, I think I'll go stand by the kitchen counter now!"
[Ami-chan leaps into the air, her fluttering skirt revealing... *ahem* Hotcha!!]
Ami-chan: "Aiya!"
Mayhem: o.O [KABOOM!!!!!]
Carnage: "Marshmallows, anyone?"
[Mayhem instantly kisses Ami-chan and turns into Dark Schneider!]
Dark Schneider: "Shin'ne, you perverted bastard! MEGADETH!!!!!"
Carnage: "I like this guy, I really do."
Anarchy picked up Rampage from the couch. "Aw! Look, Rampage is sad that her new playmate had to leave!" Anarchy started to scratch Rampage's belly in an effort to cheer her up. Then Anarchy saw Chaos' homework for the next day lying on the desk. "I know what will cheer you up!"
Chaos: o.O "No good can come of this...."
She set Rampage on the desk, who brightened right up and quickly demolished Chaos's homework, then ate his Sailor Jupiter pen and pencil set for dessert.
Havoc: "Daijobu, Chaos; you'll get over the loss. In the meantime, how about some Jello?"
Chaos: [eyebrow twitch!] "......"
"AAARRGGGG!!!! NOT THAT!!!! RAMPAGE, YOU HAVE GONE TO FAR!!! An angry SD Chaos proceeded to chase Rampage around the apartment with a huge pan-dimensional Herring o' Mass Destruction.
Pesti: "Na ni? I thought a herring was the least powerful smiting technique known to us."
Mayhem: "Then again, this is Chaos."
Hotaru: "Chaos-chan, sit down!"
The others choose to ignore this display and instead talk about their new neighbours.
Anarchy: I like them. Psyco-chan worships me. And they both have lots of Mass Destruction potential, ah the things I could teach them!

Mayhem: "Ah, the worlds they could end."
Chaos: [with Wide World O' Anime map] "You know, I hear Jurai's pretty nice this time of year."
Pesti-chan: They are odd. But in this anime universe, they seem to fit right in.
Carnage: "Hell, this is the world where self-insertion actually works."
Chaos: "Yeah right; look at what we're all suffering through."
[Chaos turns to the author.]
Chaos: "No thanks to you, I might add!!"
Mayhem: I wonder how the other Sailors will react to even more Senshi joining them.
Pesti: "Probably less shocked than when Chaos did the whole gender-bending transformation thing."
Pesti-chan: Don't know. But it can't be any worse than Sailor Dragqueen over there.
Chaos: "Hey! Would both of you stop ganging up on me?!"
Pesti: [raises an eyebrow] "Both of me?"
Hotaru: "Chaos-chan, what's with the dress?"
Chaos: [modeling for Hotaru] "Oh, do you like it? I got it on sale yesterday at the Junk Jungle! I had to wrestle half a dozen of Yuu's lady fans to get it!"
Anarchy: It will be nice to have more women around. To talk about girl stuff with.
Mayhem: "Like what?"
Anarchy: [with sake] "Oh, we could go shopping for dresses, talk about boys, bake a cake, blow up a city or two...."
Carnage: "Can I come too? I wanna blow up a city!!"
Chaos: "Carnage, you already nuked Tokyo with your Satellite Strike!!!"
Carnage: [bambi eyes]"And what a kawaii mass destruction it was!"
Mayhem: "…seek help."
Mayhem: *chuckling* You could always have Chaos transform. I bet he would love to talk about clothes.
Chaos: Hush newt-boy!

Chaos: "Hai! Besides, I have the best fashion sense! Wouldn't you agree that this blouse looks perfect with my skirt?"
Hotaru: [wide eyes] "Ano...Chaos-chan?"
Pesti: "Two dragqueen costume changes in one fanficfic. That has to be a record."
But before Chaos had a chance to throw the glass of water he was holding over Mayhem, Havoc popped into existence right above his head, also breaking everyone out of rapid conversation mode. Naturally, gravity took over, and Havoc's landing was cushioned by Chaos-the-living-crashmat.
Anarchy: "Hai. You're more like the living throw rug."
Chaos: "Eh? How do you figure that?"
[Cue the AT Field!]
Mayhem: "Nice throw, Anarchy."
Anarchy: "But of course!"
"Get offa me!" Chaos pushed Havoc off himself and stood. "How did you get here?" asked Pesti-chan.
Havoc: "Usually I get booted through the bedrooms of many a lovely young Anime babe. I must thank you for making my work a whole lot easier. Check out these silken darlings from my beloved Nabiki Tendo!"
Mayhem: "My, look at the kawaii little yen pattern on them."
Ami-chan: "Carrot...!"
"Did any of you think that I was going to pass up the chance to steal the undergarments of two new anime babes? If that happened, I would no longer be worthy of the title of Hentenno-sama! So here I am!" He struck a dramatic pose, which was ruined by a new Doji collection falling out from under his sweater, and him scrabbling to pick it up. "I don't want to know how he got a new collection so fast." remarked Chaos.
Havoc: "Why ask? I just-!!"
Carnage: [pointing back at Havoc] "Fireball."
Chaos: "I never thought I'd say thank you for using a fireball, Carnage."
[Carnage fireballs Chaos!]
Carnage: [smile!] "Trust me: it was *my* pleasure."
Everyone else sighed. Tomorrow was not going to be a peaceful day. But then, when did the fanboys EVER have a peaceful day?
All: "Never."

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