Fortunately, the Sailor Senshi, in normal form, choose that moment to make an appearance, saving the two Chaoses from mutilation or worse at the han...claws of two irate mascots. "Chu Chu!" Rampage jumped into Mako-chan's arms, and she started to scratch the SD Godzilla thingy's tummy.
Chaos: [lament!] "Why can't I get my tummy scratched by Mako-chan like that?"
Carnage: "Because you grope her every single fanfic, Chaos. I'd have Oak Evolutioned your sorry butt long ago if I was her."
YaddaYadda decided that he liked Ami-chan best and landed on her shoulder, snuggling into her hair, turning the exact same shade of blue. "Kawaii!" she exclaimed, petting him.
Chaos: "I just don't get it. Why do those two mascot-thingies snuggle with her and chase after me? Why?!"
Pesti: "Love?"
Chaos: [eyebrow twitch!] "Oh, that's cute, Pesti-chan."
Mayhem: "Almost as cute as the drool Rampage is salivating on your arm, Chaos."
"Ohayo!" The Senshi greeted the fanboys. They then noticed the two new people. "Sugoi!" exclaimed Usagi. "That girl looks like you!" She pointed to Psyco-chan. "Ohayo!" Psyco-chan and Chaos-chan greeted the other girls. "We just moved in near the boys, and decided to give them a ride to school." Mako-chan set Rampage down and came up to Psyco-chan. "Hi there. My name is Kino Makoto. What's yours?" She offered her hand in friendly greeting.
Chaos: [pouting] "The name I'd call her by can't be repeated here since the censors would just beep it out. Dammit, I'm the only Chaos here!"
[Carnage clocks Chaos with the Zanba sword!]
Carnage: "How you ever managed to survive the first fanfic is beyond me."
Psyco-chan took the proffered hand, "My name is Ps..." She stopped, realizing that she couldn't give her real name. Desperately she said the first name that came to mind. "My name is Tendo Akane!"
Fanboys: o.O "NA NI?!"
Mayhem: "Okay, so long as we don't have a rhythmic gymnastics competition at Furinkan High, we're alright."
Pesti: "That's the good news, Mayhem."
Carnage: "I fear to ask about the bad news."
Pesti: [consults schedule] "According to this we're hosting St. Bacchus's School for Girls today for the martial arts rhythmic gymnastics competition."
[Everyone slowly moves away from Chaos.]
Chaos: [looking around] "What? What'd I miss?"
[Cue Kodachi, the Black Rose!]
Kodachi: [with gymnastics ribbon!] "WOH HOH OHO HOH HO OHO HO HOH OHO HO HO!!!!"
"That's a pretty name." Minako smiled. Then the girls noticed Chaos-chan. "And who is this?" Minako asked. She smiled at Chaos-chan and she could tell that none of the Senshi thought she was female.
Mayhem: "Ne, is anyone else getting a Sailor Moon S flashback here?"
Carnage: "You'd think they'd be more cautious after Haruka and the Starlights."
Pesti: "Carnage, we're in Super S; technically the Sailor Starlights haven't shown up yet...although a certain *somebody* did kinda screw up on that part."
[Carnage & Pesti-chan look at the author.]
Carnage: "Figures."
Kodachi: [still dancing around in her bodysuit!] "WOH HOH OHO HOH HO OHO HO HOH OHO HO HO!!!!"
Pesti: [sweatdrop!] "The ladies either want him, or want to smite him."
Mayhem: "I find it's usually both."
Laughing in her head, she decided to play along. Bowing deeply to the Inner Senshi, Chaos-chan said, "My name is Tezuka Shinobu. I am honored to meet you. And what are your names? I'm sure they must be as beautiful as you are."
Chaos: o.O "She's going as Shinobu?!"
Pesti: "Well, it does make sense. Shinobu has his own fan club even outside Ryokuto Academy. Let's just hope Nagisa doesn't decide to show up anytime soon."
Carnage: "Great news, Chaos! You and Shun can trade dresses!"
Chaos: [eyebrow twitch!] "I fail to see what is so funny."
The girls giggled and introduced themselves, while in the background, the forgotten Fanboys held a hurried conference. "Akane!"
"And Shinobu!"
"What the hell is Chaos-chan doing!" Chaos did not look pleased.

Chaos: "Of course not! That's my name she's stealing!"
Carnage: "Will you shut up about that already, Chaos?!"
Chaos: "WAAAAHH!!! It's my title of Mass Destruction!"
Carnage: "That's it! BLAST BOMB!!!!"
"Offhand, I would say that she's flirting with the Inner Senshi." remarked Mayhem.
"And enjoying it." added Pesti-chan.
The girls all laughed at something that Chaos-chan had just said, and the boys decided it was time to pay attention to the conversation. "So Shinobu-kun, you said you and Akane-san were living by our friends. You are living together?" asked Minako.
"Sugoi! Does that mean your married already?!" Usagi blurted out.

Fanboys: o.O
Carnage: "The next few moments should prove rather interesting."
Mayhem: [slightly overcooked] "Carnage, next time you use a Bomb Blast, please refrain from including me in Ground Zero."
"Eh....." Chaos-chan seemed at a momentary loss for words. Luckily Psyco-chan was suffering no such problem. "Oh,no!" she said smoothly. "Shinobu is adopted. Our parents died just last year in a boating accident!" "Oh!" The girls all said.
Chaos: "NA NI?! Now Chaos-chan's trying to steal my Mako-chan by having something in common with her!"
Pesti & Hotaru: "*WHOSE* Mako-chan?!"
"How sad!" Minako sniffed into a yellow handkerchief. "Quite." said Chaos-chan dryly. The Fanboys decided it was time to stop the conversation. they made their way into the center of the knot of girls, grabbing Chaos-chan and Psyco-chan. "We have to show these two to their classroom before the bell rings!" With that they dragged off the "siblings". Rampage and YaddaYadda noticed their departure and bounded happily after the retreating figures.
Chaos: "Dammit, where's Havoc to interrupt this fanficfic when you need him?"
Pesti: "You hammered him out the window seconds before he exploded into whipped cream."
The Fanboys only came to a complete stop on the other side of the school, far enough away to avoid one of the Senshi "accidentally" finding them. "Why did you do that?!" asked an angry Chaos-chan. "I was enjoying their company!"
Chaos: [irate SD mode] "Would you quit flirting with my Mako-chan already?!"
Hotaru: [pulling Chaos away from the fanficfic!] "Chaos-chan!"
"What's wrong with you??" an equally angry Lord Chaos yelled. "YOUR A GIRL!!" Suddenly he snapped into SD mode, "Unless..." he whispered.
"Unless what?!" Chaos-chan asked.
"Chaos-chan? Are you REALLY like Haruka?"

All: o.O
Pesti: "Ecchi."
Carnage: "He's going to fry for that one."
Mayhem: "Hai hai. Popcorn, Carnage?"
Chaos: "Moshi moshi? A little support here, please!"
Hotaru: "Daijobu, Chaos-chan. I'm here!"
[Cue Haruka with her Space Sword!]
Haruka: "Chaos, what are you doing with Hotaru-chan?"
Chaos: [sigh!] "That's what I was afraid of...."
It took a second for his meaning to sink in. When it did, Chaos-chan got very, very mad. "YOU FREAKING HENTAI!!!!!" She pulled a huge black sword out of her own dimensional pocket and proceeded to chase a scared SD Lord Chaos around the deserted hall.
Chaos: "I am not a pervert!!"
Mayhem: "This coming from a gender-blending fanboy who's groped Makoto countless times in the series."
Pesti: "Chaos no ecchi."
[Cue the oversized demonic head of Carnage!!]
Carnage: "YOU WHAT?!?!"
Chaos: o.O "Uh-oh."
Carnage: "FIREBALL!!!!"
"KYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" Rampage and YaddaYadda decided to join the fun. They both also started to chase after Lord Chaos. "GET AWAY! GET AWAY!! TASUKETE!!
"Cool! Where did Chaos-chan get the sword?" Pesti-chan asked Psyco-chan. "Doesn't it look familiar? It's the one that Galaxia uses in the last few episodes of SailorStars. Chaos-chan doesn't think it has a name, so we just call it the Chaos Sword."

Chaos: [now a smouldering SD fanboy] "That sword should belong to me...!" *THUD!!*
Mayhem: "First learn something other than dropping cows on people, and then we'll talk."
"Sugoi! Think of the smitings you could pull off with that thing!!" Mayhem said in awe. "Good idea!" Psyco-chan turned back to the melee before them. "HEY CHAOS-CHAN! Use your Smite!"
[Everyone steps away from Chaos.]
Chaos: [sulking] "I'm feeling a little unloved here, guys."
Hotaru: "Chaos-chan, what about me?"
Haruka: [tapping Chaos' shoulder] "Yes, what *about* Hotaru?"
Chaos-chan paused long enough to look at Psyco-chan. "Which one?"
"The Noonsa one is mine. The Chibi-Usa one is yours!"

Pesti: "The...Chibiusa...smite?"
Mayhem: [eye roll!] "It's like Polaris all over again."
Chaos: "Curse that Sailor Star Polar--!!"
[Cue the Gentle Uterus!]
Carnage: [shaking his head] "That still has to be one of the freakiest things I've ever seen."
Mayhem: "Ah, yes. Make a note to yourself, Carnage: don't laugh about how a Gentle Uterus could fight evil. Ever."
Carnage: [hmmmmm...] "But the only person I know who ever uses Gentle Uterus smitings like that is... (o.O) Aiya!"
"Oh, yea!"
Lord Chaos noticed that only the mascots were chasing him anymore and tried to slow down. Unfortunately, he had built
up so much momentum in his SD form that it carried him right down the hall and through the door of the music room. The others followed. They got there as Chaos was picking himself out of a pile of sheet music. Before he had a chance to freak out again, Chaos-chan levelled her sword at him. Pink Mist shot out of it and enveloped Chaos.
"WHAT THE HELL...." His voice came from the pink cloud.

[Cue the pink mist!]
Havoc: "Hotcha! Under the cover of the evening mist, Hentenno Kamen makes his way into another unsuspecting lady's panty drawer!"
Mayhem: [cough cough!] "Shimatta! Havoc's back!"
Pesti: "Stop him, somebody!"
Chaos: [grope grope!] "I can't see anything here?! Where's the couch? Where's the--hey! I found a pillow to nail him with!"
Makoto: [growl!] "That's not a pillow!! HENTAI!!!"
Makoto's fist: *WHAM!!!*
Pesti: "Chaos, pervert! How dare you cop a feel on my Mako-chan!"
Chaos: "I didn't do it on purpose! Can I help it if Mako-chan's got nice breasts?"
Hotaru: "Ecchi!"
Mayhem: "Hang on; I think I found the window blinds."
Ami: [sweet whisper] "Oh, Carrot-chan, that tickles!"
[Cue the spontaneous combustion!]
Makoto: "Chaos, I told you to stop touching me!"
Hotaru: [rather upset!] "Chaos-chan!"
Chaos: "It wasn't me!!"
Havoc: "Hotcha! Mako-chan, baby, you've got to have the softest pair of panties I've ever touched before!"
Everyone: "HENTAI!!!"
Havoc: "Call me Hentenno-sama!"
Carnage: "Call yourself an ambulance, Havoc. DRAGU SLAVE!!!!"
A few seconds later, when the pink mist lifted, all Pesti-chan and Mayhem could do for a long minute was stand and stare. Chaos stared back, his agitation rising. "WHAT?!? What did she do?"
[The pink mist finally clears.]
Fanboys: o.O "Aiya."
Chaos: "What? What?!"
In response, they both broke down laughing. Laughing so hard they fell to the floor and rolled around clutching their sides.
Chaos: "What? Is my skirt not on right?"
Carnage: [evil grin!] "Chaos, go check yourself out in the mirror again, girlie-boy."
Chaos turned to the two girls. "Wipe that smug look off your faces!! What did you do?!" He caught sight of himself in the polished brass instruments behind the girls. "KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"
Chaos: [looking at the mirror] "KYAAAAAAA!!! This is even worse than looking like Relena freakin' Peacecraft!!"
Yes indeed, now Lord Chaos, courtesy of the Smite, now looked like a Lord Chaos sized version of Sailor ChibiMoon, pink yam hair and fuku, large demon red eyes, pasty complexion. And to his horror, his voice seemed to be rising to her peculiar high pitched squeal. Unfortunately, the smite did not change gender, he was still a boy.

[Cue the waterworks!]
Chaos: "WAAAAHHH!!! I don't wanna be a Yamhead!!"
Mayhem: "Well there goes all our dragqueen jokes."
Chaos: "Hush, Newt-boy!"
Hotaru: [sweatdrop!] "......"
Carnage: "We really should put Chaos out of his misery. GAAV FLARE!!!"
Mayhem and Pesti-chan had recovered enough by this time to stand up. Lord Chaos turned to Chaos-chan. "You are EVIL!!" he hissed. Or tried to hiss, with his new voice it came out like a squeak. "And let this teach you a lesson. NEVER assume things about me! I am not a lesbian, really, I just enjoy acting like a guy. You earned this Smite Lord Chaos."
Pesti: "Earned? Usually Chaos is the one begging for it."
Chaos: [with umbrella!] "You want me to start singing pop songs as Chibiusa, Pesti-chan?"
[Chaos is clobbered by a pile of falling cabbages!]
Pesti: "That's not funny, Chaos."
Psyco-chan tugged on Chaos-chan's sleeve. "What setting did you have the Smite set on?" she asked. "Well, school is about to start, so I just have it on five minutes."
"What? There are different settings?" asked Mayhem.
"Yes. Five minutes, an hour, a day, and permanently. I've never used the permanent setting."
"There are some thing you wouldn't do even to your worst enemy!" added Psyco-chan.

[Hotaru looks down at the twitching, terrified SD Chaos.]
Hotaru: "Chaos-chan? I'm sure she has no intention of really making you Chibiusa forever. Chaos-chan?"
Carnage: "Refresh my memory. Just what exactly does Hotaru-sama see in that twit anyways?"
Pesti & Mayhem: "Blame the author."
Chaos-chan placed her sword back into it's dimensional pocket, and walked over to where Lord Chaos was huddled in a corner, trying to hide behind the cello rack.
"Look," she began. "I'm really sorry I had to do that. I really am. But you have a real talent for ticking people

Fanboys: "Understatement."
Chaos: "Hey! Who's side are you on!"
Mayhem: "Excuse me, but do I look like someone who wants to swap bodies with Chibiusa?"
and I'm not immune! Let's put this all behind us, and try to be friends, OK?"
Chaos: [sulking] "Sure, now she says that after trying to steal my title of Mass Destruction and *then* turning me into a Yamhead."
At that moment, her Chibi-Usa smite wore off, returning Chaos to normal, well....what we consider normal. Also, the school bell rang, cutting off any reply that Lord Chaos might have made. They were barely able to show Chaos-chan and Psyco-chan their classroom and get to their own before the last bell rang.
Carnage: [sigh!] "Well there goes my chance to test out the aiming mechanism on the Samurai Pizza Cats' delivery cannon."
[Cue Havoc!]
Havoc: "Panties panties panties!"
Carnage: [smile!] "Then again!"
Pesti: [eyebrow twitch!] "Ano,'ve got knives sticking out from your sweater and a whip wrapped around your leg."
Havoc: "You know, it's a lot harder to get past Ellis and Sofia at the Toshinden tournament than you think. And did you know that Uranus really isn't Haruka after all? I was so disappointed."
[Cue the facevaults!]

That's the second chapter! Sorry it was so long. But I have never been able to write anything that was under 4
chapters long in my life! Sorry I had to smite you Lord Chaos-kun, but you really do ask for it sometimes! I will try to
make sure you are not smited for the rest of this Fanficfic, but no promises!

Pesti: "Sometimes I think the only certainties in our entire series is mass destruction, panty thefts and the smiting of Chaos."
Chaos: [sniff!] "How long do I have to stay as Chibiusa?"
Hotaru: "Come on, Chaos-chan. I can show you my lamp collection until the effect wears off. And then we can turn out the lights, and...*giggle giggle!*"
Chaos: o.O
Haruka: [with Space Sword!] "NA NI?!"
Ami: "Carrot-chan, now that the fanficfic's over, care to wash my back as I go to take a bath?"
Mayhem: o.O
Haruka: [chasing down Chaos!] "Will you get back here?!"
Chaos: "KYAAAAAAAA!!!"
Havoc: "Now I've got a chance to get two Uranus panties! Come to Hentenno-sama!"
Carnage: [priming a Laguna Blast] "Oh, he is so dead."
Pesti: "I've got this one, Carnage. RUMBLEQUAKE!!!"
[Havoc is Rumblequaked out of the fanficfic!]
Havoc: "H-H-H-H-O-O-O-O-O-T-T-T-C-C-C-H-H-H-H-H-H-A-A-A!!!!!!"
Chaos: "Not bad but I could have done better."
Pesti: "Will you give it up, Chaos? Everyone else here acknowledges me as a full-fledged overlord now that I can smite with Rumblequake!"
Chaos: "Ha! It takes more than Mass Destruction to become a lord of...Mass...Destruction...?"
Carnage: [eye roll!] "Good argument, Chaos."
Chaos: ^-^ "Arigato!"
Carnage: [Argh!] "Sarcasm is wasted on the stupid."

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