With all due respect to Gainax...

Past News

December 16, 2004
Yes, I know it's been awhile. I just don't have a lot of time these days, and I'm not watching that much anime. When you've seen upwards of 300 anime, the majority of the new stuff is just the same old crap rehashed...so there are only a few series I'm following. But anyways.

New reviews: DearS, Girls Bravo, Master Keaton, and Melody of Oblivion. Also, new music.

February 18, 2004
Sorry for the long hiatus...I was working full-time and now we're moving. Not a lot of time but I'll do my best to get that damn manga done. *sigh* New reviews: Air Master, Beat Angel Escalayer, and Voices of a Distant Star. Also, new music and Part 2 of the Unnamable Fic!

For those who were concerned about the site ripping off our reviews, it has been dealt with. ^_^

October 23, 2003
Woot, new stuff and it's only been a month! New reviews: Chobits, Last Exile, R.O.D. - the TV. Also, new music I'm working on the manga, but don't have a lot of time these days. Slowly....

September 24, 2003
Yup, it's been awhile. Worldcon preparations took up pretty much all of my time...so I haven't been able to do any work on the Fanboys page until now. But I've got some new reviews finally: Millennium Actress, Texhnolyze, RUN=DIM, and DNAngel. Also, new music, and as soon as I can get my tablet working, the first pages of the new Fanboys Manga! (at long last...)

June 3, 2003
We've got some AN con reports coming in, as well as the first batches of pics. They're all in the Album section. Keep your eyes peeled for more! We've also got the Confic, Baka to the Future!

May 23, 2003
Yikes. it's really been awhile. *sigh* I've been crazy busy getting ready for Anime North, so now that it's over hopefully things will get back to semi-normality. I've got a few pics up at my LiveJournal Con reports, more pics and new reviews will be coming in soon. For now, here's some new mp3s.

March 20, 2003
Three new reviews this time: Wolf's Rain, .hack//SIGN, and Mouse. Of course, there's also new mp3s.

February 26, 2003
More delicious ficciness--it's Part 2 of The Docufic 2. Of course, there's also new mp3s. Just one new review this time, but more are on the way.

February 7, 2003
More delicious ficciness--it's The Unnameable Fic (part 1), spawned from the sick, twisted minds of Chaos and Sean Gaffney. Of course, there's also new mp3s, the rest of Cameraman Dan's AN pics, and four new reviews: Azumanga Daioh, Shiawase Apartment no Okojo-san, Princess Tutu, and Witch Hunter Robin. I'm slowly but surely catching up on my reviews, so keep your eyes peeled for more reviews coming soon, including those .hack//sign and Eden's BoWY reviews I promised.

December 11
We've got a new fic for ya, Indiana Chaos and the Omake of Doom! You can choose your poison--read the non-linear, wacked-out version that will make your head explode, or choose the somewhat (but not much) less head-explody linear version. We also have new stuff at the store, new mp3s and, at long last, the first installment of Cameraman Dan's AN pics!

I plan on catching up on my reviewing over the holidays, so look out for some new reviews in January, including .hack//Sign, Eden's Bowy and other neat stuff.

November 15
Yeeg, it's been awhile....verrrrry busy with life stuff. But I've got a bunch of tasty new tidbits for you all...first up, part 2 of Adventures of the Mame Goddesses, new mp3s, reviews of Slayers Premium (scroll to the bottom), G-On Riders and Usagi-chan de CUE!!.

And best of all, I've just completed a brand-new Fanboys personality quiz! We plan on having an even more extensive and entertaining one at some point in the future...but for now, have fun finding out which Fanboy you're most like!

September 18
Sorry for the long hiatus...working full-time, going to Dragon*Con and getting sick does tend to cut into one's free time. But anyways....Woohoo! We finally have some AN pictures, up here, thanks to Servo and Janessa! We also have a new fic, Adventures of the Mame Goddesses, and new mp3s. And, from the sublime to the horrific, reviews of Abenobashi Magical Shopping District, Brigadoon and Super Radical Gag Family.

July 14, 2002
I've moved the Fanboys forum over to ezboard, much to the relief of all concerned. Check it out!

July 11, 2002
Small update, just putting up the few AN pics that have come in.

July 1, 2002
Happy Canada Day! I'm still waiting for pictures from Anime North, but in the meantime I've put up my con diary, new mp3s, two new reviews: Arc the Lad and Trouble Chocolate, as well as the new fic that was debuted at Anime North, Choose Your Own Disaster!

June 3, 2002
No real update, just letting you know we're still alive. AN reports and pics will be up as soon as the various fanboys get them in, and I'll also have a couple reviews and whatnot. Hang in there...

April 22, 2002
Still really busy, so yet again the update is small. Just one new review: Mahoromatic, new mp3s and some spiffy new stuff at the Fanboys Store--namely, a baseball jersey, frosted mug, and authentic Hysteria apron. If you'd like these or other items (also available: metal travel mug, tile coaster and sun visor) with other designs on them, feel free to post your suggestions on the Forum.

March 27, 2002
I've been really busy lately, so the update is late and isn't huge, but here it is. We've got the new Docufic 2 by Nightbreak and Chaos, one new review: Labyrinth of Flames, and, of course, new mp3s.

February 21, 2002
New poll! Read the Christmasfic Part 2 first, then vote! And the results of the 'which Fanboy would look cutest in a bikini' poll?

Well, Yang Wen-Li was ahead for awhile there, but Chaos pulled into first after a neck-and-neck battle. And I'm sure he'll waste no time in bragging about his sexy well-toned ass...

  1. Chaos: 52 votes
  2. That man, Yang Wen-Li: 36 votes
  3. Pesti-chan & Carnage: 23 votes each (tie)
  4. Havoc: 21 votes
  5. Demolition: 8 votes
  6. Riot, Dark Mayhem & Ruckus: 7 votes each (tie)
  7. Desolation: 4 votes>

February 16, 2002
I offer up for your reading and listening pleasure the Christmasfic Part 2 (2 days after Valentine's, go figure), new mp3s and a bunch of new reviews: Angel Links, Bondage House, Fish in the Trap, Jewel BEM Hunter Lime and Lesson XX. Oh, and Hysteria-chan finally got her AN2001 pics up, so go visit her site!

January 15, 2002
No new reviews yet, but here's the first part of the new Christmasfic (post-Christmas, obviously...) and new mp3s.

And the winner of the Anything-Goes Road Race?


Excel! (She was busy chasing Menchi and ran everybody else off the road)

    The final ranking:
  1. Excel, on her feet
  2. Haruka Tenou (in her yellow sportscar convertible): 84 votes
  3. Tie: Bean Bandit & Rally Vincent (in Rally's Shelby Cobra GT500), and Akio Ohtori (riding barechested atop the hood of the Akiocar): 57 votes each
  4. The Roujin Z-001 hospital bed (more or less driving itself): 23 votes
  5. Totoro (driving the Nekobus): 21 votes
  6. Takumi Fujiwara (and his dad's AE86): 17 votes
  7. Go aka Speed Racer (in his Mach 5): 16 votes
  8. J.B. Gibson (in his Boomer-enhanced Black Griffon): 3 votes

December 31, 2001
Happy new year to everybody! Today we've got a bunch of new reviews (Hanaukyo Maid Tai, One Piece, Fortune Quest TV. Angels in the Court and Gensomaden Saiyuki) and new mp3s.

December 6, 2001
Today we've got a new fic, Random ½, as well as a bunch of new rants by Chaos, two new reviews (Masquerade and Afterschool in the Teacher's Lounge) and new mp3s.

You may have heard about the recent meltdown of Excite@Home; as a result, all email addresses with '@home' are being changed. Carnage's address is now lord-carnage@rogers.com and Sarcasm's is herself-the-elf@rogers.com.

November 19, 2001
Yeah, it's been awhile but there hasn't been that much to update. Today we've got (finally) a bunch of pics from Anime North '01, as well as mp3s and a new poll.

Final Results of the last poll:

"What is the biggest anime mindfuck that doesn't take itself seriously at all?"

Excel Saga - 47 votes
Ebichu - 33 votes
PuniPuni Poemi - 25 votes
Fairy Princess Ren (Elf Princess Rane - 24 votes
The Ultimate Teacher - 18 votes
Sugoi Ne, Masaru (Sexy Commando Side-story) - 14 votes
Idol Project - 5 votes
Just Kidding Vampirion - 3 votes

[169 votes total]

October 27, 2001
Sizable update today: the Pestific Part 6, new mp3s and a bunch of new reviews by Chaos, Havoc and myself: Alien 9, Boogiepop Phantom, Ebichu the Housekeeping Hamster, Fatal Fury, Hellsing, Rose of Versailles, Sentimental Journey, and Vandread: Second Stage and an update on Inuyasha. We'll also have a new poll in the next couple of days...

October 16, 2001
No new reviews yet...haven't had time. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks....

We do have, finally, the Pestific Part 5, and, of course, new mp3s.

September 27, 2001
It's about time for an update, don't you think? Today we've got a passel o' new reviews: Argento Soma, Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu, Hand Maid May, New Kimagure Orange Road, Shin Shirayuki Hime Densetsu Pretear, PuniPuni Poemi, Read or Die and Super GALS! Kotobuki Ran.

Also up is the Pestific Part 4, and, of course, new mp3s.

...and the results of the Serious Anime Mindfucks poll? Pretty much what I expected.

End of Eva: 132
Lain: 64
Utena Movie: 51
Perfect Blue: 47
Ghost in the Shell: 42

September 5, 2001
Five new reviews today, one by Lost Boy Desolation. Expect to see a few more reviews by various Fanboys, since Carnage has gone on vacation from the reviewing business. Of course, we also have some new mp3s. ^_^

August 25, 2001
Sarcasm here. The Pestific part 2 and the Smitefic are up. Yes, you get to see the fruit of your labours, so to speak. Gather 'round and watch Chibi-usa get smited!

August 3, 2001
Sarcasm here...and it's All-Angst Day! Wear black, drape yourself in roses, stand with long hair streaming in the wind, make out with a pretty boy, and mope about how empty your life is! That's right, we've got four new reviews, brimming with angst, yaoi and blood. Check out Gravitation, Angel Sanctuary. Blood: The Last Vampire and Yami no Matsuei. (Okay, so Blood isn't yaoi, but it *is* dark, gothic and bloody. Work with me here.)

We've also got some new tidbits on the Fanboys Profiles section (Japanese names, Latin Nomenclatures, etc.) and, of course, new mp3s.

July 23rd
Cafepress is now offering caps, tote bags, boxer shorts and tank tops, and they're all on sale until August 1st! Check out the new stuff at the Fanboys store!

July 19th
Sarcasm here. Carnage is going on hiatus as webmaster for awhile, so I'll be taking over in the meantime, with help from Chaos, Havoc and Riot. Please direct queries about this page to me for the time being. There's some new mp3s, and we've got new content in the works, so keep your eyes peeled. ^_^

Aaaand, the winner of the Favourite Fanboy poll is....Chaos! (of course...) Final rankings are as follows:

Chaos: 104
Havoc: 93
Carnage: 68
Sarcasm: 66
Beans: 64
Mayhem: 30
Pesti-chan: 24
Riot: 23
Desolation: 22
Anarchy: 21
Pandemonium: 14
Ruckus: 11
Demolition: 6
Hysteria: 6

June 20th
Sarcasm here again. Yes, Carnage is lazy. Tell him so, please. Anyways, for those of you who missed the super-fun interactive reading at North, here's Jo'o-sama's Apartment. Still waiting for AN pics, alas. There are links to places that DO have pics in the Anime North 2001 album section.

We've also got Trixie's con report (with comments by Carnage) and a bunch of new stuff at the Fanboys Store. And of course, a couple new songs.

NEWSFLASH! Cafepress is having a sale this week--all mousepads are $5 off until June 30. Pick up your very own Fanboys mousepad for cheap!

April 27th
Things have been getting increasingly more and more insane around here as the days tick away until Anime North, with panels galore, a quiz show, the Iron Author contest AND the Dance to work on, all while trying (with some success) to spend time with Trixie and look for work...and the four leaking holes in my mouth certainly aren't helping matters (in or out, they sure didn't make me feel any wiser). Anyways, here is a few more reviews for you all to read, Now and Then, Here and There, Generator Gawl, Kaikan Phrase, and Himiko-Den. Also ready for your reading pleasure is F9! Part 5 neatly wrapped..well, not really, but it's still ready for your reading pleasure...

That's about it for tonight...my head hurts in about five different places right now so off to bed I go. Oh, yeah, MP3's...two new ones up. I'd tell you what they are but I'm lazy, so you'll just have to make the effort and drag yourselves down to the MP3's page to find out. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to reaquaint myself with my dear friend Toradol...

March 5th
Well that sure sucked. I think I know why they chose February as "Black History Month"...slavery, death, civil war...these all kinda fit in the mood one usually finds oneself in during the shittiest month of the year. Misery does love company after all. The fact that I was sick for two and a half weeks REALLY didn't help either. By the way, in case you haven't figured it out yet, I officially fucking hate February. The one good thing that has come of all this, is that I can join the illustrious ranks of such people as Jim Henson, John Belushi, Julius Caesar and Havoc, in the realm of the dead. Well, officially anyways. I don't think they're letting me back there anytime soon, mind you...Death evidently doesn't like it when you use her for target practice.

Well, I didn't get as much done as I would have liked, but such is life. Over the last month I've gotten like, thirty requests for the two Outlaw Star ending songs to be reposted...so I put up something totally different instead.
Just kidding ^_^.
Four songs are up on the MP3's page as I really didn't feel like making the only songs I put up being repeats, and that seems to be the number of choice these days anyways, so why not. Also have 6 new reviews for you, including Inu-Yasha and Turn A Gundam. Enjoy them or I'll hurt you. Not to stop there we also have F9! III up in the fanfics section, and I'm working on a rant regarding, well, things I am inclined to rant about. It's kind of hard to find stuff to write rants about when no one sends us any ideas...well, actually that's a complete lie, but you know what I mean. Oh, and the forum is linked to the topbar and the link grouping below, so look for it there. I'll have more for you just as soon as I can get Trixie to stop kicking me off the computer to play BG2 (Lord Carnage will henceforth be refered to as Dr. Frankenstein...) and I've actually succeeded at finding an employer that isn't trying for the asshole of the year award.

Trixie: Darling...it's five in the morning. Will you come to bed so I can play already? ;)

February 22nd
Sarcasm here. Carnage IS working on the page, albeit slowly, due to a bad case of death (his words). I've put up a couple new mp3s.

"I want to buy a ukelele."
"Could you be more specific?"
"I want to buy
that ukelele."

I've set up a new forum at Delphi.com, so we now have somewhere to take all that silly guestbook babble. ^_^

January 31st
Heya folks, sorry about the further delay, but Rogers has been giving me a big headache of late with keeping me offline (waves a raised fist in the vague direction of the Roger@Home HQ) but here is the promised update in all it's glory. Soooo, what exactly do we have for you this time? Well we've got a whole heap of new reviews for you all to peruse at your leisure, ten in total with at least as many being prepared for the next update as we speak. We also have several new additions to the guilty parties section (pictures coming as soon as Sarcasm can get them inked and scanned) and the new and improved Fanboys profiles. There is also a new fanboys rants section listed under resources, look for that to be updated with rants and Q&A's from various fanboys every update. Those of you looking to satiate your fanfic addiction, we also have the brand new Rocky Horror Senshi Show fanfic up on (you guessed it!) the fanfics page. And last but certainly not least, we have four new songs up on the MP3's page for your listening pleasure. Now if that isn't enough for you people...well buu, you suck. There. I'm done. Back I go to Baldur's Gate II, er, I mean working on the next update...yeah...

January 14th

...Roupen Agnerian back on the air.

Um...hey. Everyone still here? Uh...close enough. Well, it has been some time since my last appearance, and I guess it's time I actually owned up and gave some explanation as to what has been (or more to the point, what HASN'T been) going on with the page and with the fanboys.

Around the time of my last update, I went out and got myself a new source of income, and due to the rather vile management I had to deal with, my time away from work was few and far between, and most of it was allotted to time with Trixie-chan. Thankfully that job ended two weeks ago, and it's in this time that I really clued in to the gravity of my past errors regarding the page.

The job really wasn't the problem, neither was Trixie's (freely given) monopoly of my time, nor yet even the constant flow of PC games diverting my attention, the problem, ultimately, was me. Some of you wonder why the fanboys don't help me with the page more...quite simple really; because I don't let anyone help me out with the page at all (Sarcasm being the obvious exception, as she is my Ne-chan and, as such, knows how do do things like help me out whether I'm willing to accept it or not). Since day one I have (rather arrogant and selfishly) looked at this domain as MY page. Some content belonged to others, but as far as what was to be done on the Fanboys' page, that was my business and mine alone. Aside from this being a somewhat arrogant and selfish view, it was also a rather unrealistic one. As many of you have noticed over the last 9 months, my ability to focus on all the administrative duties of the page has never been spectacular, and the fact that I've always been insisting on keeping the whole thing moving forward and upward hasn't helped matters. Whether I was willing to admit it to anyone or not, the strain of carrying on with my life as I choose to, and the continued growth of the page simply became to much for me to really deal with. When something like that happens to me, I have a rather annoying habit of "Shelving" the responsibility, but refusing to admit to it. I've always been proud of this page and what has been accomplished here as I poured so much into it's creation, but I made the critical mistake of letting that pride mess up my judgement. Last night I faced the harsh reality that this isn't my page, it's the home of the Fanboys on the net. I may be it's webmaster, but ultimately the page belongs to the Fanboys and, more importantly, to the fans. I may yet again have the energy and drive to push hard towards turning this place into the kind of Otaku hub we've been dreaming of, but I shouldn't make you people wait however long that takes to happen. Like it or not, it's time I accepted the help that people have offered.

In two weeks time, there will be a substantial update to nearly every section including (but not limited to): Reviews, Guilty Parties, Profiles, MP3's, Fanfics, a new forum and more to be decided in between with even some possible new sections that are in the works. 2001 is going to see some drastic changes in the Fanboys' prescence on the Net, and this time I'll have some help getting that accomplished. Oh, by the way...a message to everyone who wrote in to complain...My dear koibito told me a few months back something that rings rather true here: "If I'm hitting you, it means there's still hope for you yet." Thanks for being nuts about all this enough to hit me over the head about it...you guys are what made this whole endeavour worth doing.

...But don't overdo it. Believe it or not, Draguslaves DO fit into email attachments.


Sarcasm sez: I've set up a little store at cafepress.com. It's still experimental, so please email me with comments and suggestions as to what kind of Fanboys merchandise you'd like to see. I can only do white or grey t-shirts on cafepress, so don't ask for black. I *can* do long-sleeve t's, sweatshirts, mugs and mousepads in addition to regular t-shirts. Please note that I haven't used cafepress before and therefore have no idea (or control) over the quality of the finished products. The group picture is too long to put all on one shirt, but I can put half of it, or segments, such as Carnage-and-his-girls, or Pandemonium, Ruckus and Riot, or Sarcasm-and-Zel, etc. Check the store often, coz over the next few weeks I'll be rearranging things a lot and putting up new stuff.

Update: Since Cafepress only allows one of each item per store, I've opened a second Fanboys store with more stuff.

(Zel runs out and orders a mug of Sarcasm...yum! ^_^ )

January 12th

Sarcasm here. Yes, I've been reading the Guestbook and am aware you're pissed off. I'm going to have a *talk* with Carnage...actually I think ALL the Fanboys will, coz we're all pissed off too. Stay tuned.

In t-shirt news, people have been asking for an image on the front. This may be possible due to a site that makes t-shirts that Pan-chan made me aware of. I think the Manga cover or the group shot would be great...

November 29th

Sarcasm here, again. Yes, I know the forum's been closed. We'll have to find something else...hum. Bug Carnage about it. In the meantime, I've put up my review for Ai no Kusabi and two new mp3s.

I've been toying with the idea of making Fanboys T-shirts for awhile. It would be black with the red logo on it, and possibly something on the back (that would cost more, tho). If I got 12-35 orders, regular t-shirts would probably cost about $12, and girls' t-shirts would probably be about $16. A bigger order would, of course, bring costs down. I haven't really shopped around much for prices, so this is just an estimate. I'm not going to get anything printed until I know if people are actually interested, so please mail me if you'd want a Fanboys T-shirt.


October 8th
*sigh* Three months. Three long months I've procrastinated and gotten myself distracted from the page, it's about bloody time I got something done around here. I apologize to all of you for my ludicrously extended hiatus, and no, for those of you that were going to ask, the reason was NOT only my gaming addiction (which may come as a surpise to many of you) but a number of other factors that, over the last few months, have done a fine job of keeping me from doing any work on the page at all. And no, you don't get to know what they are, ya nosy parker.

Since I've been away for so long, I'm going to do a TRIPLE update on the MP3's, for a total of six new songs. I also have three new reviews for you: Sol Bianca the Legacy, Digi Charat, and Tenshi Ni Narumon (I wanna be an Angel) with more coming in a semi-constant stream for the next week or so (three months of viewing makes for a nasty backlog). Chaos will be done with the next fanboys outing fairly soon so keep your eyes peeled for that, as well as a new set of pictures taken by our beloved Pan-chan during the much maligned CN Anime con of August. Look for those whenever Riot gets home with enough energy and braincells working for him to remember to scan the pics and send them to me (no, I'm not bitter).

On the topic of new things being added to the page, before my little "vacation" I had been thinking about the time I spend on the page, and how it has been growing exponentially since this all began two years ago. giving this page the attention it deserves (which I will be doing as much as possible from now on, games be damned) is dangerously close to a full time job...one that doesn't pay. I won't hide the fact that during that long break I was seriously considering leaving the page as is and just walking away as if i keep up with it, it's just going to keep growing bigger and bigger beyond my own capabilities, and we all know how much I love relying on other people to get things done ^_^ there are a number of things I've been planning for the page, all of which will take a fair amount of work to get done, all in addition to the already time consuming jobs of fic editing, anime reviewing, and MP3 searching/selection. The time has come for the Fanboys page to make me some money. To this effect I am sending out applications to a number of sites with affiliate programs to bring in some much needed revenue. I'll need to talk to Dennis first, but I hope to be getting some cash to support this monster of a website rather soon. Also, look forward to a new forum, as I've gotten really sick of the present one...possibly a Delphi one since I still don't have the green to pay for a UBB (not to mention that they kinda suck anyways).

"It won't do
to dream of caramel,
to think of cinnamon
and long for you."

August 1st
ugh...damn these game developers...why must they taunt me by releasing their best titles all at the SAME FRIKKIN TIME!? As you may have noticed, Diablo 2 and Deus Ex have eaten my brain. While my progress in uncovering the spoogerific consipracies of Deus Ex has been hitting tons of snags (I'm not going to delude myself into thinking I'm gonna be done with this game by the end of the summer), I have been having barrels of fun with SandwichBoy - the "Human Chainsaw." © Believe me, it has taken a great deal of effort to drag me away from this sickeningly addictive game...not since Ultima Online first hit have I lost this much sleep for an extended period of time (with no end in sight). In any case, here I give proof that I actually AM still working on the page, albeit slowly. Available now for your reading pleasure are reviews for the Card Captor Sakura, Utena, and Escaflowne Movies, as well as D4 Princess, Initial D, Outlanders, Steam Detectives, and Excel Saga. Also, two new MP3's are up on the MP3 page, and F9 part 2 is on the way. Expect more stuff soon...promise.

July 14th
Sarcasm sez: As you may be aware, Diablo 2 came out recently...which means that Carnage has been playing it pretty much nonstop. (Thankfully, he didn't go quite as overboard as Gabe...) Which also means that he's been doing bugger-all on the page. Pretty much the only thing he's done recently is FINALLY finish the Anime North con report, so go take a look. There are a whole bunch of reviews upcoming (he *claims* he's gonna do them this weekend...we'll see), including the You're Under Arrest movie, Utena movie, Card Captor Sakura movie, Steam Detectives, D4 Princess, Initial D and Sol Bianca Legends. Please feel free to e-mail Carnage and yell at him to hurry up.

July 14th
Sarcasm sez: As you may be aware, Diablo 2 came out recently...which means that Carnage has been playing it pretty much nonstop. (Thankfully, he didn't go quite as overboard as Gabe...) Which also means that he's been doing bugger-all on the page. Pretty much the only thing he's done recently is FINALLY finish the Anime North con report, so go take a look. There are a whole bunch of reviews upcoming (he *claims* he's gonna do them this weekend...we'll see), including the You're Under Arrest movie, Utena movie, Card Captor Sakura movie, Steam Detectives, D4 Princess, Initial D and Sol Bianca Legends. Please feel free to e-mail Carnage and yell at him to hurry up.

July 2nd
Okay, finally we've got the Con pics up. The full con report will be up soon, but for now feast your little otaku eyes at the Fanboys Photo Album. Also new this update is Fanboys 9 part 1 and 2 new mp3s.

June 25th
Well, I am tired. I hate my current shift assignment for work as it means that aside from the two days off I get per week, my only free time is in the morning before I start, and REALLY late when I get home, and since I work the next day this equals very little time to work on this page. I really don't wanna work today, not while still feeling the effects of the con weekend...and after a week that's pretty impressive. ^_^ Speaking of which, I might as well get a little report done while you're all waiting for the rest of the stuff. Until I get a big 'ol official "Anime North Report" finished, here's the rundown...it kicked ass. Seeing friends for the first time, or since last year was really great, and I picked up some really fun stuff while managing to keep my spending down to a minimum. The dance went really well, better than expected, but I'll say more on that later. The masquerade was insanely fun, even if we didn't win anything...feh, silly judges, what do they know. Once again, the scantily-clad elf got tons of cheers and pictures taken, but the show was stolen by the biggest star in the world...I am of course talking about GODZILLA!!! Sake was drunk, friends were hugged, new friends and fans were aquired (note to self, wear Aya costume as often as possible from now on) and I'm right now wishing I was still there with it all continuing...*sigh* there's always next year. And hey, if next year improves upon the previous the way this one did...we're gonna be in otaku heavan. Until then, be sure to check out CN Anime in August as they'll be doing the world premiere of the subtitled Escaflowne Movie: A Girl in Gaea on 35mm at the Bloor Cinema. That alone is worth the entry fee. ^_^

May 22nd
Happy Victoria Day! well, at least to those of you who know what a Victoria Day is...happy Monday to the rest of you. Six new Reviews, two new songs, and a whole lotta MST fic 3. Got a couple more reviews in the works, and work has begun on the costumes for AN 2000. Less than a month to go...this will be such a blast. Anyways, go enjoy the insanity that is the MST fic as it could be some time before we get another offering from our tireless (and mindless) author.

May 7th
Whee...Carnage is back ladies and gentlemen, and boy is he glad to be here (ask me about the flight...go ahead, I dare you). Spain was fun (for those of you that cared) but two weeks without a puter was a little much. one hell of an email back-log waiting for me though...I'm still sifting through all my emails and bits of gaming/anime news of the last two weeks. anyways, enough about me, on to the good stuff; as I'm currently working on a sugar high (and a "being home after 2 weeks" high) not to mention the thoroughly unpleasant jet lag, I'm not gonna get anything page related done tonight. I'll have MP3's up for you tomorrow (I mean it this time. Hey, would I lie to you?) but other than that, it'll have to wait till next week as I'm not likely to get a good dose of new shows till then. Not to mention that I've got a lot of shit to deal with now that I'm back, but once I've checked out all the new stuff Ferdama has lined up for us, there will be reviews. Oh, you'd better believe there will be reviews.

In the meantime, here's a little thing to keep you bookworms busy...I had a lot of time to catch up on my reading while in Spain, and I finally got around to checking out this book a friend of mine lent me after spending a year in Japan - Pink Samurai: An Erotic Exploration of Japanese Society. At just shy of 700 pages and written in a sociological study format, it's not an easy read, but it is fascinating. The books numerous sections cover every era of Japan, exploring the evolution of the sex trade, women's constantly changing roles, and every aspect of the Japanese 'mizu shobai' (Water Trade), from brothels to 'pink' salons to strip shows to censorship. In the process, it delves deeply into the Japanese psyche and Japan's perception of sexuality, social structure and gender. Full of entertaining anecdotes, and covering every part of Japan's recorded history, this is one of the most amazing reads I've encountered in a LONG time, and one I heartily recommend to anyone interested in learning more about Japan and Japanese society. Amazon.com has been out of stock for a while now, but I'm sure you can bug your local "big book store" to order a few copies, I assure you they are worth the price tag. ISBN 0671742655 for the 1992 reprint edition, so go track it down right now, and happy reading!
"I've never fallen in love, I've stepped in it a few times..."

April 19th
Okay, those of you who read the forum know why I'm late this time, and those of you who don't probably should, so go do that now. Since I'm taking off for Spain on Thursday, this is the last bit of news you're going to hear from me for two weeks (I know, such a big change from the usual...) so enjoy what new stuff there is. I still don't know what the hell the problem was with the Perfect Blue mp3s, but they should be finally fixed and I'm leaving them up along with the new batch because it took so gundammed long to fix the problem. As well there are two new songs along with a small handful of Hameln wavs (from the silly movie) and 8 new reviews. There will be more where that came from once I get back, as I'll be going on an anime binge to psyche myself up for AN 2000. Oh yeah, and the reviews links really ARE up on the links page now...so go check them out. Anyways, that's it from the mecha-head, I'm out. Seeya all in two weeks.

April 3rd
Well that was a thorughly unpleasent week...I'm sure you're all wondering what the heck happend to me over the last two weeks, well here goes...

Back on Friday the 24th, I get informed that since the computer's CPU fan has been making unpleasent noises for a while now, my mother decided to have it sent in to get fized up. "He said he'll have it back on Saturday...Monday at the latest" at that point ("monday, at the latest" is never a good sign) I should have known better, but I went along with it anyways. Today's lesson, do not listen to PC repair people. Ever. Apparently, according to this experience, it takes a whole week to go to Radio Shack, buy a 12$ fan, go home, pop open the case, remove the old fan and plug the new one in. I'd almost forgotten why I hate most repair people...that's not likely gonna happen again. Being completely without a pc for a week makes Carnage very unhappy. It also makes it pretty damned hard to work on an update, so check back in a few days for more stuff (reviews, graphic changes, new art, yadda yadda). in the meantime, I added two new songs to the MP3 page...go enjoy them. Also go check out the new strip on the Manga page. Yes, that is indeed the indomitable Ferdama, without whom we'd have some pretty uneventful club showings/group gatherings. gotta warn you though, unless you're a resident of Toronto and inton the anime club scene, you're not going to get the joke...and no Ferd, you'r never getting rid of that nick. ^_^

In other news, Sarcasm and Zel officially tied the knot last Friday (24th...yes, it was a rather eventful day for everyone it seems) down at city hall. Apparently, since the whole experience was as strange and wacky as is just about everything in our lives, Sarcasm is working on a cute lil manga version...when will it be done? When it's done. Those of you that are completely floored by the above announcement, don't worry too much as this was more the aquisition of a document than anything else...the ceremony is still quite a ways off. Those of you who have no idea who these people are, what I'm going on about, or what this has to do with enything particularly important to the page...haha, I just made you read an entire paragraph for nothing. Tune in next week when I make you all jump through flaming hoops to read the new reviews.

March 18th
At long last, the new page has finally arrived! As you can see, just about everything has been changed to make things more accessible and easier to view. There is no longer a sidebar, now there is a nice spiffy new java bar along the top of every page (except the forum, but there isn't a great deal I can do about that) allowing you to get anywhere on the page with a single click. The fanfics and Reviews page now have expanding tree-menus to make navigation easier, and the reviews are now split into two listings: Alphabetical and Categorical. The current Categorical menu is still rather experimental, so expect to see some new categories added and others removed over time.

I've also added a listing for Anime Reviews sites to the links section (something I am seriously considering breaking up into smaller pages) and the reviews for Sakura Diares and Lord of Lords: Ryu Knight are up on the reviews page. At this stage, because everything is so new and different, feedback is extra important. So please, if there is something you don't like, something you like esspecially, or something you think could be improved upon, do not hesitate to let me know. The sooner people draw something to my attention, the sooner it gets addressed.

Because this is such a big moment in the life of this page, I'm gonna give some thank you's to the people responsible for making this whole mess a reality. Thank You to Chaos for being completely out of his tiny blonde mind, and continuing to write wonderfully despite everything, and to the Fanboys and our fans for your continued support. Special thanks to Sarcasm for all her help, I don't know what I'd do without you. Extra Special Thanks to Dennis for being so incredibly generous with the domain, without you none of this would be here (well, not without being in an incredibly annoying, ad-ridden format). And, of course, Thank You to the Rat Bastard who introduced me to you. Thanks a bunch, I mean it. Now, if you people will excuse me, I'm going to go take a nice long nap. Somebody wake me when it's June.

March 15th
Wow! Look, it's a news post in the middle of the week! Amazing isn't it? Even more amazing is the fact that you're actually getting some news. The links I promised on Sunday are actually up now, so go enjoy them in all their linky goodness. Also, Six Degrees of Desolation has finally arrived, and boy was it worth the wait. Go check it out right now.

The big news this time around is that the progress on the revision of the webpage has been exceptional in the past week. Already the big hurdles of the update have been overcome, and it's down to simply inserting the new code into every bloody part of the page (an annoying task to be sure, but not a difficult one). I'm hoping to have the new version done for Sunday, but don't quote me on that. Feedback so far has been really good, and I'm very happy with what it's shaping into.

While this next little bit probably won't matter to a lot of you, I still feel like saying it. Last Friday, the sixth Beta of Counterstrike hit the net, and promptly taxed the download servers to the limit (as usual). For those of you not in the know, Counterstrike is a Counter-Terrorism Mod for the game Half Life, and is the single finest free game modification I have ever seen. Considering how small the CS team is, these guys are simply amazing. This Beta is such a massive improvement of many of the past ones, now is the perfect time to check out this superb Mod. Suffice it to say, this is probably the biggest cause for any current delays in my updating. ^_^

Anyways, that's it for today, expect some big news on Sunday, even if the revision isn't completed by then.

March 12th
This week we have 8 new reviews, an updated glossary (including a new Japanese pronunciation guide), Carnage's Frags (the very worst shows in anime) and an FAQ so I don't have to answer the same damn questions over and over. Plus the usual two new MP3's, and a whole bunch more links, including a new games section...so you can find out what I'm wasting my time on. And as you may have noticed, Sarcasm has moved the old news to an archive and the webrings and linking info to a new location in the interests of clarit