Ninku: The Movie


two guys, a girl, a ventriloquist's dummy and a penguin Synopsis:
How much humiliation can four people and a penguin take? Hard boiled Aicho? Sexy bomb shell Rihoko? Toji the red brief? Shining Fusuke? Cutesy Hooter Hiroyuki? Oh, gimme a break! Who do these guys think they are? The Ninku? Unfortunately for the real Aicho, Toji, Rihoko and Fusuke, they do. But little do these imposters know when they stumble on the sleepy little desert town, that there'd be a price to pay for being treated like the real Ninku, namely, having to fight the deadly Heaven & Earth brothers!
Fortunately for our phony friends, the real Ninku Masters are waiting in the wings. Then the real action erupts. When the real Aicho, Toji, and Fusuke, step in, there's nothing but trouble for the bad guys. Can the Ninku art of magic fighting beat the Heaven & Earth brothers deadly fighting style?
With stunning animation, this animated movie based on the popular Japanese Sony Playstation game and TV series, will amuse and entertain you.

Okay, now I’m mad. Anime Works get their hands on a series as cool looking as Ninku, and all they do is distribute the half hour long movie!?!? ARRGH! Painfully short for a movie, this is still very much worth grabbing. The art is very nicely done, especially during the amazingly animated fight scenes. The story is a great mix of comedy and action, and the characters look to have a good amount of background to them…now if only we had the TV series to help us with that…Incidentally, Rihoko is voiced by the indomitable Megumi Hayashibara, and that alone should be a reason to snatch this up. Top notch art, great comedy, wicked fight scenes, and some real nice music all in a small 30 minute package. Strongly Recommended.

Available subbed or dubbed from Anime Works.