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Fanboys Fics & Ficfics

Curse of the Fanboys 1

Fanboys 2: Fanboys in Wonderland

Fanboys Special #1: Fanboys in College!

F3: Frantic, Frustrated and Fanboys!

Fanboys 4: I Know What You Did Last Fanfic

Fanboys Hentai Special: Havoc Nibun no Ecchi

Famine's Ficfic: The Screwed-up Kidnapping of Mako-chan

Polaris' Ficfic: Attack of the Fangirl!

Revenge of the Plushies (interrupted by Chaos)

Fanboys Special #2: Interview with the Fanboy

Fanboys 5: Those Who Hunt Fanboys

Charon's Revengefic: Mon Ami-chan

Lord Charon's Special Ficfic

NeoHaruka's Ficfic

Vega's Ficfic: Rampage's 25th Devoured Mascot Celebration

Fanboys MSTfic 1: FiB take on Flashman's 'Jupiter vs. Godzilla'

Fanboys: the Movie - Oscar Resurrection

Famine's Slasherfic

Fanboys 6: I Still Know What You Did Last Fanfic

Beans vs. Chaos: the Rants

NeoHaruka's Ficfic 2

Charon's Ficfic 3: Hair of the Ami-chan that Combusted You

H2Omake: The Planet Hentai Experience

Fanboys vs. Anateus Feldspar

Fanboys FBZ Omakefic 7: Raiders of the Lost Omakefic

Fanboys 8: Tomorrow's Fanfic Never Dies

Polaris' Ficfic 2: Attack of the Fangirl 2

Fanboys Christmasfic: Have Yourself an Ecchi Little Christmas

Polaris' Christmas Cardfic

Fanboys MSTfic 2: A Clockfic Orange

Fanboys Docufic: The Making of Senshi Muyo

Fanboys Valentinefic: Like Water for Chocolate Misu

Bean Wars!

Fanboys FBZ Omakefic 9: The Authors Must Be Crazy

Bedlam's Ficfic

Yoiko's Ficfic

Fanboys FBZ Cameofic: Curse of the Otakinator!

Fanboys Y2Omake: Super-Deformed Double Feature

6 Degrees of Desolation: A Fanboys Irrelevant Omakefic

Fanboys MSTfic 3: Riff Hard with a Vengeance!

Fanboys 9: King of Fanfics! Part 1 & 2

The Fanboys Sell Out! (in Fic-o-Vision)

Fanboys Halloweenfic: Sailor Scream!

The Rocky Horror Senshi Show!

Fanboys 9: King of Fanfics! Parts 3, 4 & 5

Fanboys Special: Jo'o-sama's Apartment

The Pesti-fic

The Smitefic: Chibiusadism

Random ½

Fanboys Christmasfic 2

Fanboys Docufic 2: Chaos in the Making

Choose Your Own Disasterfic

Adventures of the Mame Goddesses, parts one and two

Indiana Chaos and the Omake of Doom, non-linear and linear versions. Read the non-linear if you want your head to explode...

The Unnamable Fic, part 1, brought to you by Chaos and Sean Gaffney.

Baka to the Future!, the AN2003 Confic

The Unnamable Fic, part 2

Unedited Fanficfics:

RurouniZel's ficfic

General Devastation's ficfic

Cyclops' ficfic

Ruin's ficfic

ScrapperWolf's ficfic

Non-Fanboys Recommended Reading

Artemis' Lover (MST'd by Megane 6.7)

Everything I Need To Know I Learned From Anime