*          *          *

          About an hour after the fanboys had split up and ventured into the wide, Milly Stone-screwed world, Dark Mayhem was still searching every last big-assed computer mainframe Anime had to offer. Omiokane was a bust, as were the Magi. The Wired had nothing, and Washu's super-computer was at a loss for an explanation.
          "Well, this isn't too damned optimistic," he grumbled, pouring himself a Strawberry Daquirei.
          As of late, what parts of the kitchen that he had been able to dig out from the panties couldn't be trusted for storing their food. The fridge had opened up into Cephiro, Megatokyo and Ohtori Academy's duelling arena, and none of them had any sort of sandwiches or Chinese take-out. Likewise, the pantry had first opened up into Hysteria's room, and then into Crayon Shin-chan's shorts.
          After that last one, Dark Mayhem had lost his appetite.
          Luckily enough though, he'd found the chilled Strawberry Daquirei by opening up the microwave. As he sipped his drink, Carnage came tripping out from Pesti-chan's room.
          "Any luck?" Dark Mayhem asked.
          Carnage shrugged. "Not much. I stumbled across the Fire River Temple, but Yuichiro hadn't seen Rei since early this morning. Then after that I walked right into Graviton High, only to notice the auspicious absence of A-ko, B-ko or Miss Ayumi."
          "What about C-ko?"
          At that question, Carnage winced. "Unfortunately she was still there wanting someone to eat her lunch, and I've got the stomach ache to prove it. But C-ko hasn't seen the others."
          Dark Mayhem mulled that over while finding a comfortable spot on one of the couches. "That can't be good."
          "Wait, there's more," Carnage added. "Just before I arrived here, I fell headfirst out of a locker in Furinkan High's girls locker room."
          "Ouch. I can imagine that earned you quite the uber-glomping from ladies there."
          "That's just it," Carnage said. "There were no ladies there. I found dozens of gym uniforms strewn about, but not girls. No Akane, no Ukyo. I managed to catch up with Ranma as he was trouncing Kuno, and he said there's been no sign of Shampoo, Nabiki or Kasumi either."
          "My Kasumi-chan's gone missing too!" Desolation shrieked from where he sat amidst one of the panty piles.
          Carnage glanced over at Desolation. "Um...what's he still doing here? Shouldn't he be lost or something?"
          "Don't remind me," Dark Mayhem sighed. "What about Kodachi?"
          "Oh, she was there all right," Carnage groaned. "Luckily enough, the knock-out powder she stuffed down my throat was counter-acted by C-ko's cooking. I also stumbled across Cologne too, and she didn't know where everyone had vanished to. It's not like Togenkyo Island's come back for another cameo."
          The two glanced over to the front door as Ruckus strolled into the apartment.
          "Well, I dropped into the Hinata Inn, and there were no ladies to be seen," he said with a sigh. Ruckus then hopped up to the ceiling and reclined himself next to the ceiling fan. "Naru and the others were all gone. Only a hapless Keitaro was there, and he was freaking out, thinking they'd all bee abducted by another of Suu's mecha-Tama's again."
          "Anything else?" Desolation asked.
          "Um...Wufei's a little claustrophobic when you try to straddle him in the Nataku's cockpit?"
          Dark Mayhem, Desolation and Carnage promptly facevaulted.
          "Anything that's NOT yaoi-related?" Carnage snapped.
          Ruckus leaned back and considered it. "Hmm...come to think of it, Hiiro was getting worried since Relena had disappeared. And Lady Une and Noin were gone too. Though I bet Noin was going for a little 'six & nine action', ne? Poor Zechs just wastes it on the wrong gender."
          Everyone turned their heads as Demolition came tromping in through the remains of the balcony door.
          "Any luck with you?" Desolation asked.
          Demolition shook his head. "Never found any of the Senshi. But the Nadesico's practically deserted. Ruri-chan, Yurika, the Howmei girls...every female officer on that ship's vanished. Akito and Jun are going nuts trying to figure out where they are. Not to mention Rabi-en-Rose and Puchiko are missing from the Gamerz store...though I did see Piroko and Dejiko bickering again."
          "Looks like the Senshi aren't the only ladies to go missing in this fic," Dark Mayhem said. "They're disappearing all over the Aniverse."
          The wall scroll going into Chaos room rippled, and out came Riot. "I found Shinji, Kaji and Gendo Ikari," Riot said. "But strangely enough there was no most honourable Misato, Rei or Asuka at Tokyo-3. And let me tell you, NERV isn't liking how two of its EVA pilots have most dishonourably vanished."
          He then added, "Oh, and I also punched Gendo in the face for being such a most dishonourable asshole."

Fanboys: ^^v "Wai!"

          Suddenly the door to Hysteria's room was flung open, a writhing mass of naughty tentacles belonging to the Yaoi Door flopping into the apartment. And trying desperately to escape were six SD Pesti-chans. With the help of a Dil Brand courtesy of Demolition and Carnage, the tentacles were pushed back into Hysteria's room and the door was slammed shut.
          "Well, Hysteria's really going to be surprised when she goes into her room next time," Dark Mayhem remarked.
          "You managed to find Sarcasm's room after all?" Demolition asked.
          Still gasping for air, a recombobulated Pesti-chan nodded. "I lucked out. Opened the linen closet door in the bathroom, and there it was."
          Ruckus snapped his fingers. "Dammit. I've been searching for that room for over an hour, and all I have to show for it is this signature from Saiyuki's Sanzo across my chest."
          The other fanboys sweatdropped.
          "So what did the bishounen brigade have to say?" Carnage asked.
          "Even Sarcasm's gone missing," Pesti-chan said, wading carefully through the panties on the dining room floor. "They were playing a game of 'Hide and Go Lick the Bishie' with her. Everyone hid, and she never showed up to find and...er, indulge herself. From the looks of things in there, the whole harem's gone damn near suicidal at the loss of their mistress."
          The fanboys sighed and all found a place to sit. Riot and Pesti-chan found chairs at the dining room table, while Dark Mayhem stayed at the computer. Desolation was content to stay sitting in the panties, while Demolition lounged on one of the couches. Carnage opted to lean against one of the walls he knew wouldn't open up to some horrid world like Sasami's bedroom.
          Moments later, Chaos emerged from a bowl of porridge on the dining room table, and was instantly hauled up to the ceiling by Ruckus.
          "No Senshi, no fangirls, and most of Anime's female characters are gone too," Demolition said. "I know my Invisible Boyfriend Syndrome's pretty bad, but it's never been this effective."
          "But why are some women still here then?" Pesti-chan countered. "That part doesn't make any sense."
          Desolation tried to glance over at Dark Mayhem, but really couldn't with all the panties blocking his line of sight. So he removed his head from his neck and hoisted it up to where he could catch a glimpse of the uber exploder fanboy.
          "What about Havoc or Chaos?" the Deso-head asked. "Did they have any luck?"

Pesti: >.< "Oh, that's just wrong!"

Chaos: [eyebrow twitch!] "His severed spinal column is swaying back and forth like a pendulum...(o.O;;) I think I'm going to be sick!"

          Trying not to pay premature homage to the porcelain god of the series, Chaos raced into the bathroom. Seconds later the other fanboys heard him scream, "KYAAAAAAAA!!! What am I doing in the Akiocar?!"
          To which Akio was heard to say, "No, not on the upholstery! How can I show you the End of the World if you yarf on the upholstery!"
          "Anyhoo," Dark Mayhem said as he consulted his watch. "Havoc should be here soon. If anyone can track down women, he can."
          Carnage pulled out a Beam rifle. "Hmmm...if Havoc isn't here soon enough, the sun will be down. I'll have to switch to infrared then."
          Everyone else sweatdropped.
          "Well it doesn't hurt to be prepared!" Carnage protested.
          "Not unless you're the victim," Pesti-chan muttered aside to Chaos, who managed to flop out from the freezer door. "Ne, did you have any luck with your search?"
          Chaos sighed and cleaned some flakes of ice off his shirt. "Usagi's parents haven't seen her all day and thought she was with the other Inners. Oh, and the three Priestesses, Nanami, Ifurita and Princess Fatima are gone from El Hazard...though Alliele was still around and not liking that fact."
          "Anything else?" Riot inquired.
          Chaos nodded and plunked himself down amidst the panties, right next to Desolation. "Well, after trying to get through the front door of the Bugrom Hive, I wound up somewhere inside the Four Gods Sky & Earth book. Wouldn't you know it? Miaka's still there, whining away, but Yui and Soi have vanished too. Nakago looked ready to kill something."
          Everyone turned to Desolation.
          "Oh sure, everybody pick on the 'Wu'," Desolation huffed.
          "And then I got to ride in that student council elevator at Ohtori Academy," Chaos added. "Juri, Wakaba and Utena were gone, but I had to contend with Anthy and Nanami. And I got clobbered by a runaway boxing kangaroo! But he managed to knock me back here so it's all good!"

Fanboys: "......"

          Chaos was then subsequently smited as Havoc came flying out from the wall scroll.
          "Planet Hentai is deserted!" Havoc shrieked. "Oh sure, Mary's still there, but she's just way too testosterone-enriched! There's no bosoms anywhere! Not a shred of fanservice to be glimpsed! Cauldina's panties here in my hands have become my sole oasis in a desert of G-rated Anime!"
          A moment later the panties vanished.
          "Argh! Curse you and your panties of illusion, Cauldina!" Havoc decried, shaking his fist at the heavens. "From hell's heart, I perv at thee!"
          "Well, good to see you're taking the lack of XX chromosomes in this fic all in good stride, Havoc," Pesti-chan dryly remarked, pouring himself some Hard Lemonade.
          "And the employees aren't taking it very well either," Havoc sighed. "I've had what's left of the Benkyo Brigade out searching for hours in the Pervmobile, but they haven't found any female at all. NinNin's been trying to crossdress just to cheer me up, and that sure as hell isn't working. And my naughty tentacle monster masseuses have no one to massage!"
          The apartment went dead silent.
          "You...have naughty tentacle monster masseuses?" Chaos said.
          Havoc nodded. "Doesn't everyone?"
          "No, no they don't," Chaos said, ardently shaking his head.
          "Okay, so what's going on here?" Carnage said. "Every Anime universe we've stumbled across, most of the females are missing. Yet some are still around just to annoy us. That doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Why take most of the Anime women and leave the rest behind?"
          Then Havoc was heard to lament, "Havoc needs his fanservice! Where the hell did all the Anime babes go?"
          "That's it!" Demolition said, snapping his fingers. "Anime babes! Someone's been kidnapping all the babes of Anime, and leaving the annoying ones behind. Why else would we see Kodachi, C- ko, Nanami and Mary around when everyone else is gone?"
          Chaos sweatdropped. "Ano...suddenly that makes me a little worried about Hotaru."
          "Don't look at me," Dark Mayhem replied. "I didn't have her number in the listing."
          "You're the only one with Haruka and Michiru's number, Chaos," Pesti-chan said. "You tried calling her yet?"
          Chaos flashed them an incredulous look. "I walk into the belly of an Angel, and you expect me to be able to find a phone there?"
          "Actually, you can get good reception around Gaghiel's ascending colon," Desolation offered.
          And so Chaos tried calling Haruka and Michiru's residence. The phone rang a few times, and then a woman's cheerful, automated voice came on: 'We are sorry, but the girl you have tried to dial has been kidnapped and is not there to take your call. Please hang up and try again if you survive the impending apocalypse.'
          With a sigh of relief, Chaos hung up the receiver and turned to the others. "Good news!" he announced. "We don't have to worry at all. Hotaru hasn't vanished like everyone else; she's just been kidnapped! Oh, and something about the end of the world too. And here I was ready to start panicking."
          The rest of the fanboys could only stare at him with deadpan expressions.
          "You *couldn't* be that stupid," Pesti-chan stated in disbelief.
          Carnage sat up in his chair and hauled out his Zanba sword. "If Hotaru's been kidnapped too, I'm willing to bet she's been taken to wherever the other Anime babes are being held captive," he said. "I say we kick ass first, ask questions pertaining to the plot later."
          Desolation leapt to his feet. "Come on, guys! We've got hordes of Anime hotties to rescue!"
          He was instantly clobbered by a Puchuu bear.

Puchuu: >o< "There go the tap-dancing lessons!"

Desolation: -.-;; "Eat pomegranates of doom, you twerp."

          "Not to use my burst-fu on your most honourable bubble," Riot interjected. "But how are we to rescue them if we haven't even been able to find them?"
          "Daijobu," Dark Mayhem said, patting Havoc on the back. "We've got our own babe radar right here. Carnage, we'll need you to set us up with something for transport."
          Carnage grinned. "Gotcha. I have just the thing."
          He reached into the broom closet...and hauled out Haruko's yellow Vespas motorcycle from FLCL. Carnage sweatdropped and let out a nervous laugh. "Um...wrong mecha. Give me a sec, I'm sure I can find it here somewhere."
          Out from the broom closet came a Brain mecha, a kappa doll, about six 12-packs of Pocari Sweat, and Chaos.

Carnage: [sweatdrop!] "What the--? You were in the living room a second ago! How the hell did you get in there?"

Chaos: o.O;; "I have no idea."

          "Kuso!!!" Carnage exclaimed. "I refuse to save the day in a Vespas and not a Gundam!!"
          "The Milly Stone must really be enjoying this," Chaos sighed.
          Ruckus scratched his head with one of his shuriken darts and then dropped back onto the floor. "Ne, has anyone even bothered trying to destroy that thing and restore some sort of continuity to the fic?"
          Dark Mayhem thumbed over to the empty coffee table. "It vanished when all of our scenes got scrambled. I have no idea where the hell it's hiding now."
          "You guys could just use the Hindenboob, if you want," Havoc said. "I've got it parked down on the street in front of the apartment."
          Pesti-chan glanced down at the small Vespas they would all have to dogpile upon, and then looked back at the Chichiri grin on Havoc's face. "I vote the zeppelin."
          "Hai!" chimed in Chaos, Desolation, Ruckus and Desolation.
          Riot and Demolition just shrugged.
          Carnage could only glare at Havoc. "We're going to save the day in one of your perverted machines? Not a chance!"
          With one final reach into the broom closet, Carnage succeeded in dragging out one of the most enormous mecha units that fanboys had ever seen. Of course, since it went straight through the ceiling they could barely see over the mobile suit's heavy-duty boots, but they were impressive heavy-duty boots never the less.
          "Aha!" Carnage exclaimed. "Behold, Escafanboy, Mk. V!! Now fully equipped with all the latest weapons, plus it has the Epyon Gundam's dragon transformation! With it's special rear armour composed of rows of beam sabers for spines, its quad-heavy gatling gun pod, double heavy Buster rifle, and Galaxy Gun hidden in the chestpiece and two Gravity Blast Generators flanking the Galaxy Gun, there's nothing on this planet that can stop it! Let's see Mihoshi take this one out by accident!"
          With that, Carnage climbed into the cockpit and primed the imposing mecha.
          The fanboys all leaned back as Escafanboy, Mk. V stiffened, its operating lights flashing on. There were loud whirs of gears and hisses of pressurized air.
          "It really does look imposing," Chaos said to Dark Mayhem.
          Dark Mayhem nodded. "Too bad it hasn't moved for five minutes. He called up to Carnage, "What's wrong? Your Shizuma Drive run out of juice again?"
          There were a few moments of awkward silence.
          Then Carnage said, "Um...I don't really know how to tell you guys this and still save face. Um...I can't start Escafanboy. The activation lever...I can't reach it!"
          All of the fanboys stared up at the mecha, and then broke out into hysterical laughter.
          "Shut up!" Carnage snapped, climbing out. "How was I supposed to know the cockpit was that cramped because of all the weapons systems on it?"
          So in the end, the fanboys opted to take the Hindenboob. Of course, there was the small problem of figuring out how to get to the street outside when they had no way of knowing where they'd end up after opening any of the doors in their apartment. Taking a risk, they decided to venture into Pesti-chan's bedroom and work their way from there.
          Meanwhile, up in Sarcasm's room, the bishies were completely distraught at her disappearance. Most of them were moping around, while an obsessed handful were frantically scurrying around the room trying to find her.
          "I should have been a better security guard!" Griffith lamented. "I am no longer fit to wait on her hand and foot!"
          That said, he flung himself out the nearest window.
          "Forgive me, Sarcasm-hime!" Count D exclaimed, following Griffith's lead and jumping out the window too.
          "May we be united on the other side!" Narsus added, crashing through another window.
          Pretty soon the entire bishie harem was launching themselves through the windows.
          And down at the bottom of the street, the fanboys stepped out from a sewer manhole in search of the Senshi...not to mention any cutie with a XX chromosome. Suddenly Zelgadis came plummeting down, crashing through the sidewalk and nearly taking out Pesti-chan in the process. Even more harem members came dropping like sacks of wet cement!

Chaos: [looking up] "What the? Pretty-boys are falling from the skies."

Riot: [sidestepping Aburetsubo] "Hmm...most ominous. It's raining bishies."

Ruckus: v^-^v [frolicking about!] "HALLELUJAH!!"

*          *          *

From : "Greenbeans" To : "His lordship Chaos" CC : "Nightbreak"

Subject : Ra/\/S0/\/\ /\/0T3

Date : Thurs, 17 Oct 2002 23:11:43 -0700


While you were off gallivanting around my series with that stupid mamequin thing, I thought I would inform you that I have kidnapped your kawaii assistant writing staff and split them 50 / 50 with Nightbreak. We are feeding them well (no beans though) and they are being cared for. No harm will come to them as long as you meet these conditions:

1) Never chase after the lake god again. The kawaii writing staff will remaim in our custody until I am assured that no further... transgressions... take place.

2) You will only cross dress every other Wednesday on even numbered months during the full moon.

3) You must be part of Quistis' whip show while wearing a Delmo dress.

If any attempt by you or the Fanboys is made to retrieve the writing staff I will send out Noir. Don't press your luck fanboy. Soldats has given me a frequent customer discount card if that tells you anything. And if Noir fails, SeeDs never do.

We await your reply,

Mamegami-sama and Nightbreak

*          *          *

          Somewhere over the skies of Tokyo, high above the towering skyscrapers and the soon-to-be-doomed-yet-again Tokyo Tower, Havoc's mighty zeppelin, the Hindenboob, floating towards the Tokyo Bay.
          "You know," Demolition remarked as he loitered about the bridge with the rest of the fanboys. "It's somewhat surreal to know I'm in a Leiji Matsumoto airship repainted to look like a giant bosom."
          Working the giant wheel of the Hindenboob, Dark Mayhem slightly altered their course. "Hai hai, but this thing handles like a wet dream."
          "Think this'll actually work?" Ruckus remarked as he stared out the bridge windows...and Havoc, who resembled a suction cup plushie on the windshield of a car as he stared intently out at the city skyline.
          "Well, if anyone can track down an Anime babe in this series, it's Havoc," Pesti-chan said.
          Riot sighed and adjusted the katana sheathed in his belt. "Amazing to think his pervertedness comes in handy for once."
          "Please don't remind me," Carnage groaned. "I'm already loathed to know I had to depend on him."
          From where he sat on the floor, Chaos shrugged and said, "Well if you'd bothered to properly work out Escafanboy's design schematics...."
          He was instantly zorched.
          And so was Desolation for that matter.
          "Dammit, Carnage!" Pesti-chan snapped as he fetched the fire extinguisher and spritzed the two avatars. "Stop trying to detonate the zepplin! Do the words 'painful as hell explosion' mean anything to you?"
          Desolation shrugged. "Just means another Tuesday afternoon appointment for me."
          "Shouldn't you be getting smited in a completely different Anime series already?" Pesti-chan asked.
          "I seem to be getting my quota of ass-kickings well enough in this series, thank you very much," Desolation sighed.
          "I'm just glad to get out of that inter-dimensional labyrinth we used to call our apartment," Dark Mayhem said, turning the wheel ever so slightly to starboard. "Let's just hope we can track that Milly Stone down again before it screws up the rest of our series. I don't think otaku will take too well to a non-linear MSTfic."
          Suddenly Havoc leapt onto the Hindenboob's wheel, staring off to the westward horizon. "Yuri sense...tingling!" he exclaimed.
          With a deadpan expression, Dark Mayhem glanced at Havoc's pants. "Ne, Havoc, your sensory organ's leaking." Chaos: >.< "Too much information!!!"

          The Hindenboob veered towards the west, dipping down low between a few office buildings so as to avoid any sort of detection. Granted they weren't exactly subtle as they scraped between the buildings and waved to all the stunned salarymen in the windows.
          "Someone really has been having a go at the Anime babe population," Demolition said. "All these offices and not an office lady in sight."
          "We're getting closer," Havoc said, straining against the glass. "I can sense the panties calling out to me!"
          Chaos put a restraining hand on Havoc's shoulder. "Down, Havoc, or no cookies for you."
          "Are we ensuring that we will not be spotted?" Riot asked Dark Mayhem.
          Dark Mayhem nodded as he pressed a few buttons on a nearby console, plotting a course for the automated piloting system. "Naturally. Okay, guys, our kidnapper's transport should be coming into view once we sneak around that next building."
          The Hindenboob rounded one more office tower, and a silhouette in the skies came into view. All of the fanboys crowded the windows to get a better look.
          "Oooh, he had better not be trying anything funny with my Mako-chan," Pesti-chan growled, punching his hand into his fist. "Otherwise he'll feel my mass destructive wrath!"
          "What are you going to do?" retorted Chaos. "Go SD and kick him in the ankles repeatedly?"
          Pesti-chan wasted no time in Rumblequaking Chaos.
          And Desolation too.
          "Gomen nasai!" Pesti-chan said as he helped Desolation's smoky, mangled body off the floor. "I forgot about you being a smite magnet yourself."
          "That's all right, I'm used to the whole incineration thing," Desolation replied, dusting some ash out of his hair.
          Carnage was busy studying the silhouette of the ship in the skies. "Definitely geared for interstellar transport," he said. "Judging by the make of it, while it's not made for travel outside the solar system, it can definitely go in and out of Earth's orbit with relative ease."
          "Ne, doesn't that ship look oddly familiar to anyone else?" Demolition remarked, staring out the window.
          Riot stepped up to the glass and squinted at the growing speck. "Ah! The Holy Fox, flagship of Captain Hargen from the AIKa OVA series. Hmmm...and it appears that one girl on the fourth floor doesn't mind changing with her porthole window uncovered. Aaah, a pink lacy bra. Most honourable!"

Demolition: [sweatdrop!] "How can you see all that without even opening your eyes, man?!"

Havoc: [staring out at the Holy Fox] "Hmm...I'd argue her bra was more a chiffon than pink, Riot."

Riot: [most honourable squint-fu!] "Perhaps, though I believe that is a trick of the light in her most honourable domicile. It could be a rose tint too."

Demolition: -.-;; "That's it, I'm leaving!"

          "That's Hargen's ship?" Dark Mayhem remarked. He rolled his eyes and stepped away from the windows. "Well, that suddenly explains a lot."
          Pesti-chan scratched his head. "Har-what?"
          "In the AIKa Anime," Dark Mayhem explained. "Hargen steals this substance called Ragh. Ragh acts as a catalyst for destroying the earth; its energy can split the earth open, causing hundreds of volcanic eruptions, annihilating everything on the planet. However, Ragh also has a special wave motion which can change matter at a subatomic level. It can clean up pollution and restore the Earth...but at the cost of eradicating human civilisation."
          "And if someone deliberately triggers the Ragh to go off," Demolition continued grimly. "They'll rule over the new world."
          Havoc beamed. "Hotcha! Hentopia!"

          [Cue the facevaults!]

          "So this Ragh is a weapon whose purpose is the destruction of everything in existence?" Pesti-chan said. "What kind of a psycho would build a thing like that?!"
          Everyone paused and looked back at Carnage.
          "Hey, I'm still in the drafting process," Carnage stated emphatically. "Give me a week, a telephone booth, an N-2 mine and three cans of cheese spray, and I can one-up this Ragh stuff."
          "Present company excluded, of course," Dark Mayhem added. "We should try to sneak in as close as possible beneath their radar. If Hargen's managed to turn all of the Delmo girls against us, there's going to be veritable armies of babes wanting to kill us."
          Carnage blinked a few times, and stopped polishing his Zanza sword. "And?"
          "We want to subdue them, not deatomize them, Carnage," Pesti- chan said. "Besides, we don't even know where they might be holding my Mako-chan prisoner."
          "Given the number of Anime babes gone missing, that would have to be one big-assed holding area," Chaos added.
          Dark Mayhem nodded. "Let's slow this rig down a bit, Havoc. I think we might be dangerously close to being noticed."
          The Hindenboob, however, didn't slow down. If it did anything, it began to pick up speed.
          "Havoc?" Demolition called out, glancing back at the wheel. "Havoc!"
          With a crazed grin on his face, Havoc stared at the Holy Fox and increased the engine speed. "Panties!" he proclaimed. "Panties for Havoc!!"

Desolation: o.O;; "We're on a collision course with Hargen's ship!"

Demolition: "Somehow I think they're going to notice that."

Chaos: [scratching his head] "And that's a bad thing, isn't it?"

Carnage: "You think, Chaos?!"

Chaos: ^^;;; "I try not to. Too much effort."

Dark Mayhem: "And it shows, Chaos. It really shows."

Ruckus: [sigh!] "You see, this is why you should let the ninja drive. Ninjas know how to sneak up on people."

Pesti: -.-;; "Don't remind me."

Ruckus: "Oh, are you still sore about me crawling into bed with you this morning?"

Pesti: [irate avatar mode!] "Gee, let me think...HELL YES!!!"

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