*          *          *

          Up on the bridge, things were going from bad to worse as each new failure was being sent Hargen's way over the headsets. "We're getting reports from all over the ship!" a White Delmo shouted over the noise. "Delmo girls are being stripped of their uniforms by an unknown pervert!"
          "Two more intruders have evaded capture," another White Delmo reported. "And a third of the crew seems to have defected; they're following some guy named Carnage."
          "Blue Delmo squad Sixteen is under attack by flying cows and cross-dressing midgets," said yet another White Delmo said. "And there's scattered reports of a samurai advancing towards the bridge."
          Hargen's eyebrow twitched.
          For the past ten minutes, it was nothing but one failure after another. His Delmo's were being stripped and smited at every turn, even some the new recruits who had supernatural powers. It was one thing to be made a fool of by a voluptuous, butt-kicking babe like Aika...but to be made a fool by a bunch of notorious idiots?! It was more than his freakish little ego could bear.
          Hargen leaned back in his char, his brows furrowed in thought. After a moment of deep, almost hesitant consideration, he gave the command: "Unleash Weapon: Kawaii."
          The White Delmo's on the bridge all froze, an audible gasp heard from each of them. He might as well have told them that for great justice, they should take off every zig.
          "H-Hargen-sama?" one of the White Delmo girls asked quietly.
          Hargen shot her an annoyed glare. "Do it. Now. Let's see how those avatars survive one of the deadliest creations fandom has ever seen...."

Desolation: [dramatic pose!] "Move zig!!!"

Hargen: [scowl!] "What are you doing on my bridge again?"

Desolation: ^^;;; "Ano...."

Hargen: "SECURITY!!!"

Desolation: "Um...g'bye!"

          [Exit Desolation, stage anywhere!]

*          *          *

          Riot quietly stalked the empty upper decks of the Holy Fox, one hand poised to unsheathe his katana in the need arose. Each cautious step he made found his entire body poised for action. His eyes searched every fine detail on the ship as he made his way up towards the bridge, his ears trained for any noise that might give away one of the enemy guards.

Desolation: "There's a pair of Black Delmo's just around the corner on the right."

Riot: ^-^ "Domo! (o.O;;) Desolation? What in the seven most honourable hells are you doing here?"

Desolation: "Bleeding, mostly."

Riot: "Well, bleed quieter. I do not wish us to be caught. A samurai of my calibre would never live such a most dishonourable thing down."

          Riot rolled his eyes and continued down the corridor in utter silence, while Desolation brought up the rear as he loudly munched on some potato chips. The two Black Delmo's were put to sleep using a 200 year-old samurai pressure point technique Riot had recently learned in an issue of 'Martha Stewart's Samurai Living' magazine.
          Desolation just managed to get himself mangled by a rogue Lucifer Folk that happened to wander into the ship for no apparent reason.
          "Why must you follow me so?" Riot sighed, smacking Desolation upside the back of the head with one of Deso's severed arms. "You're one hundred years behind my level of stealth-fu."
          "That may be," Desolation replied. "But how good are you at regeneration-fu?"
          One of Riot's eyebrows went up. "Hmmm...I do not think I have encountered that most honourable form of martial art as of yet. When this is over, you must teach it to me."
          Desolation's eyes crossed as he looked up at the 'Wu' mark on his forehead. "Are you absolutely sure about that?"
          The two fanboys came to a junction between two of the hallways. Riot found a shadow to lurk within until he was certain it was safe to cross. Desolation just milled about in the middle of the hallway, confident in the knowledge that if he was sighted, he'd be rescued by a random smite tossed into the fic for no other good reason.
          Suddenly who should go racing across the intersecting corridor but Carnage, his hair in disarray, his clothes torn apart, and he was frantically lobbing low-level Slayers spells over his shoulder. "Tasukete!!" he exclaimed, vanishing down the other hall. "Make them stop! My boxers are the only intact things I have left!"
          Moments later an enormous mob of cheering, love-stricken Delmo girls came charging after him. "Wait, Carnage-sama!" they cried out. "We renounce our devotion to Hargen! We love you! Be our new Adam!"
          "You've got to be kidding meeeee!" Carnage's distant voice echoed from the depths of the ship.
          Riot and Desolation looked at each other and chorused, "Baka."
          They crossed the intersection and took a flight of stairs leading them to an upper deck.
          "We must be getting closer to the bridge," Riot said. "I can smell the most honourable fresh air."
          However, the second they turned another corner, they discovered that they could go no further. Standing in their way was the legendary secret agent, Miss Deep, famed for her ability to pass through solid matter.
          "And she's wearing a Golden Delmo uniform, no less," Riot remarked.
          Desolation scratched his head. "Aren't the Golden Delmo's the strongest and most lethal of all the Delmo officers?"
          Riot drew his katana and pointed the blade to Miss Deep's ample cleavage. "Indeed. I am most fortunate today, for at long last I find an opponent worthy of my anything-goes, martial arts smite-fu."
          Miss Deep regarded Riot with mild amusement, one of her hands cradling her chin. She smiled pleasantly and said, "By all means, if a lowly fanboy such as yourself thinks he can actually hit me."
          Riot bowed reverently and then assumed one of his attack stances. "Forgive me, most honourable Deep, but I must now hurt you so many times that your ancestors shall be in pain. Behold my own style of Hiten Mitsubishi Ryu: Crouching Fist of the Flatulent Tiger!"
          He charged her an instant later, becoming nothing more than a blur of colour and a whoosh of air. Riot slashed across Miss Deep's chest, spinning around as he completed the attack and slid to a stop.
          Now quite amused, Miss Deep turned around and peered down at her intact skin. "Failed," she announced.
          Riot gaped, and then regarded his sword. "My most honourable blade is flawless," he mused. "She must be skilled to effortlessly block one of my ultimate attacks."
          He straightened himself up and levelled his katana with Miss Deep's cleavage once more. "This time, I shall not hold back," he stated. "Hiten Mitsubishi Ryu, special attack, the second: Clatter, Rinse and Repeat of a Hundred Thousand Keroppe!"
          Riot attacked again, lunging and slicing what should have been her head off. However, his blade passed straight through Miss Deep, leaving a trail of golden sparkles behind it.
          "Failed," Miss Deep sighed.
          She lifted one of her legs and kicked Riot hard enough to send him crashing into one of the walls. Riot coughed, wiped a trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth, and grinned. "I like her!" he exclaimed. "But I must first defeat her if I am to prove myself worthy of her love!"
          Desolation sweatdropped. "Who are you, Tatewaki Kuno?"
          Riot started flinging every sort of weapon he could at Miss Deep: swords, halberds, Gema balls, shuriken, mittens, yo-yo's, a rante, bolas, naginata, and even Desolation! But they all just passed straight through her without so much as any sort of effect.
          Golden Delmo Miss Deep flashed him a menacing smile as he hurled what looked to be his last weapon. "Ara, now what are you going to do, samurai?" she said, starting to advance on the defenceless fanboy. "None of your conventional weapons can hurt me."
          Riot exhaled and shook his head. "I never thought I would have to resort to this," he said, reaching into his bulky sleeves. "Now, vile temptress, prepare for my super-ultimate technique: rubber duckie-fu!"
          One of Miss Deep's eyebrows went up. "Oho, a new toy, have we? This should prove entertaining, though if this doesn't work, I will have to kill you."
          "I look forward to an honourable ritual disembowelment," Riot agreed pleasantly.
          Suddenly Havoc came tearing down the corridor and ran right through Miss Deep, the contact points going all white and glittery. And sure enough, as Havoc passed through her chest, he had her bra and panties in his hands.

Havoc: ^-^ "They're frilly! Hotcha!"

          "N-Na ni?!" Miss Deep exclaimed. "How could he do that?!"
          Shooting a murderous glare at Havoc's back, she took off after him, leaving a stunned Riot behind in her dustcloud. "Give me back my underwear, you thief!"
          Riot sighed and shook his head. "Most dishonourable."
          Desolation placed a consoling hand on Riot's shoulder. "Maybe it just wasn't meant to be after all, I guess."
          "She...she promised to make my death a quick and vicious one," Riot sniffled. "No one's ever used such a sexy technique of anything-goes, martial arts word-fu on me before."
          "There, there," Desolation said, leading Riot away to one of the mess halls. "I'll buy you a chocolate shake, find some horrible demon-monster for you to kill, and you'll feel all better, I promise!"

*          *          *

          "Well, will ya look at that," Desolation remarked as he poked his head into one of the ship's doorways. "The entire gang of Hanaukyo Maids are working here as Pink Delmo's. I wonder if Taro is enjoying the fact that his mansion is so damned quiet right now..."
          Leaving the Hanaukyo Pink Delmo's to their feather-dusting, Desolation resumed his trek through the veritable maze of corridor's on Hargen's ship. Most unexpectedly, he came across a very cute, very stoic and very lethal Anime babe in the process.
          "Hey, Motoko-chan!" Desolation said cheerfully, waving to her. "It's me, Deso! Remember, I got lost at the Hinata Inn, you mistook me for Keitaro and sent me through those eighteen rooms on the second floor?"
          Motoko stayed as still as a statue, eyeing him coldly.
          "Um...anyhoo," Desolation continued, sensing the awkwardness in the conversation. "You wouldn't happen to know if the bridge is somewhere behind you, ne? I'm trying to find Captain Hargen and give him a big hug just as my scheduled 4pm Gundam colony drops on top of me."
          With that, Desolation tried to squeeze around Motoko. She, on the other hand, swung her bokken and created a whirlwind that send Desolation flying back down the hallway and right into a steam pipe.
          Motoko's eyes narrowed. "I move," she stated, "for no fan."
          Desolation pulled his head out from the pipe, his face nicely red and swollen from the hot steam inside. "Well, that wasn't very nice. Look, I'm going to have to go that way, since I know for a fact that behind me are an army of Black Delmo Naga clones, and that's one set of eardrums I don't intend to lose this fic."
          "None shall pass," Motoko stated, absolutely resolute.
          "But I must!" Desolation protested. "My Kasumi-chan's around here somewhere!"
          "Then," Motoko stated, drawing her bokken. "You shall die."
          Before Desolation could react, Motoko swung her bokken and cleaved his left arm off from the force of her 'Ougi, Raimenken ninotacki' attack. Without glancing over at Desolation, she sheathed her bokken and shook her head.
          "Now stand aside," she stated. "You have lost the battle."
          She turned around...only to find Desolation still standing and giving her the most annoyed expression ever as his severed arm lay on the floor. "Tis but a scratch!" Desolation huffed.
          "A scratch?!" Motoko protested, boggling at the fact that Desolation showed no signs of pain or injury at all. "Your arm's off!"
          "No, it isn't," Desolation said.
          Mokoto pointed down at his arm. "Well, what's that?"
          Desolation glanced down at his arm and shrugged. "I've had worse."
          "You lie!" Motoko exclaimed, unable to grasp the notion that Desolation wasn't feeling a thing. She drew out her bokken again and prepared for another strike.
          Desolation, on the other hand, danced around and gestured with his remaining good hand for her to try her luck. "Come on then!" he teased her. "Come on, you turtle-phobic sissy girl!"
          Upon hearing that insult, Mokoto's face went flushed and she unleashed a vicious whirlwind that sheared off Desolation's right arm off at the shoulder! The severed limb spun around in the air, splattering on the wall and sliding back down the floor, leaving a giant bloodstain behind it.
          Mokoto smirked victoriously. "Once again, my sword has cut an unworthy object," she said, sheathing her bokken.
          Her gloating was subsequently cut short as an armless Desolation raced over to her and kicked her in the butt. "Well, come on then!" Desolation said, still dancing around.
          "What?" Mokoto said incredulously. "How can you still be alive? Or conscious?"
          Desolation was enjoying the fight too much, though. "Oooh, had enough, eh?" he said, kicking her in the butt a few more times.
          The vein in Mokoto's forehead started throbbing as she lost all sense of composure. "Look, you stupid fanboy!" she exclaimed. "You've got no arms left!"
          Desolation glanced down from one bloodied shoulder to the other. "Just a flesh wound," he replied with as best a shrug as he could manage. Then he booted her in the rear yet again.

Mokoto: [eyebrow twitch!] "Look, will you stop that?"

Desolation: ^-^ "Chicken! Chicken!"

Mokoto: [grrrr!] "Unforgivable. I shall have your legs for this!"

          Seconds later there went Desolation's left leg, courtesy of her bokken. And naturally, Desolation didn't even notice, hopping around on his last remaining limb. Mokoto was beyond confuzzlement as the fanboy refused to die.
          "N-Na ni?" she muttered to herself.
          Desolation hopped over and started launching himself against her chest. "Come on, then! That the best you can do?"
          "And what do you plan on doing now?" Motoko answered dryly. "Bleed on me?"
          Desolation snorted. "Ha! I'm a 'Wu'! I'm immortal!"
          "You're a baka," Motoko retorted.
          "The 'Wu' always triumphs!" Desolation said, going for another mosh pit move. "Come on then!"
          Rolling her eyes, Motoko swung her bokken and sliced off Desolation's other leg. Now just a head and a torso, Desolation looked around all his severed limbs laid out around him. He glanced back up at Motoko.
          "All right," he said. "We'll call it a draw."
          Motoko shook her head. "Of all the intruders on this ship, why must I get the one who cannot take a hint and just die?"
          Suddenly Hinata Inn's flying turtle, Tama-chan, came flying down the corridor, letting out an overjoyed "Myuu!" upon seeing Motoko. And who was seated leisurely on Tama-chan but Desolation's very own Fairy Godbabbit!"

Fairy Godbabbit: ^^v "I'm back from my two-week vacation! What did I miss?"

Deso-torso: [shrug!] "Space and time being totally rearranged, a mass kidnapping of Anime babes, the end of the world and me getting all my limbs cut off."

Fairy Godbabbit: "So it's like any other Thursday night, ne?"

Deso-torso: "Yeah, pretty much."

Tama-chan: ^-^ "Myuuuuu!"

Motoko: @.@ "T-T-Turtle!!!"

          Needless to say, the turtle phobic Motoko shrieked and fled in terror as Tama-chan and the Fairy Godbabbit flew after her. Last Desolation saw, she was gaining ground as she rounded a corner... but the Fairy Godbabbit was strapping a jet engine to Tama-chan's back to compensate.
          Deso-torso sighed at her less than respectful retreat. "Oh, I see!" he shouted after her. "Running away, are we? Come back here and get what's coming to you! I'll bite your clothes off!"

*          *          *

From: "Greenbeans"

To: "His lordship Chaos" CC : "Nightbreak"

Subject : You May Have Noticed your Place looking Emptier....

Date : Fri, 25 Oct 2002 22:29:22 -0700

Amanda "Bean Goddess" Anderson: [in the hot tub] "So, naturally Quistis wanted to shoot a few more outtakes, but I told her 'If you want ecchi hijinks, we're going to make it into a full fic.' She said she'd think about it. Ne, Masayo-chan, would you please be a dear and get me another bottle of plum wine?"

Masayo-chan: [kawaii writing assistant extraordinaire!] "Right away, Mamegami-sama! Would you like some more miniature pizzas while I'm up?"

Beans: ^^ "Excellent idea. Anything for you, Nightbreak?"

Nightbreak: ^^ "Doing fine, thank you. Ne, Yui-chan?"

          [Cue Yui working on the Keeper of the Chaosfics's lower back.]

Yui: [sigh!] "You'd be doing even better if you listened to me about your posture."

Nightbreak: "All in good time, Yui-chan. Now, Yuu-chan, we're going to take the fic to another level here. The Otaku's Court, with Judge Juri, all right? And make sure to get the Four Gods Sky and Earth, Goddesses Urd, Skuld & Belldandy, Phibrizio and Shabranigdo, and Beans' Lake & Wind gods on the jury."

Yuu: [typetypetypetype!] "Hai, Nightbreak-sama!"

Beans: ^^ "Ohayo, Chaos-baka! You'll notice we still have your kawaii female writing team at our collective disposal. You have yet to accede to our demands, which are as follows:"

1) Never chase after the lake god again. The kawaii writing staff will remain in our custody until I am assured that no further... transgressions...take place.

2) You will only cross dress every other Wednesday on even numbered months during the full moon.

3) You must be part of Quistis' whip show while wearing a Delmo dress.

If any attempt by you or the Fanboys is made to retrieve the writing staff I will send out Noir. Don't press your luck fanboy. Soldats has given me a frequent customer discount card if that tells you anything. And if Noir fails, SeeDs never do.

Beans & Nightbreak: [clink!] "Kanpai!"

*          *          *

          Elsewhere on the ship, dozens of Anime babes were locked away in their holding cells, awaiting a most horrid fate. Namely being brainwashed into thinking that Hargen was anything like Hotohori or Aoshi or even Masaru. Most of them were either sitting dejectedly on their cots, or pacing their cells and looking like restless lionesses.
          Originally there had been little resistance, as each Anime babe who'd been kidnapped had been rendered unconscious. One by one they had awoken in the cells, joined soon by others sharing the same abductors. And most notably, they were all wearing special collars designed to keep them in line.
          An initial insurrection, led by Faye Valentine, had been crushed easily by a handful of Black Delmo girls. And given how easily any Black Delmo can be defeated, the humiliation alone quelled any further rebellions from the prisoners. Now there were about six or so Black Delmo girls patrolling the brig. Regularly a small garrison of Blue Delmo's would appear and lead an Anime babe off, the girl never to be seen again.
          "I hate waiting," Relena Peacecroft muttered as she stood with her back to one of the prison walls. "They should just reprogram me and get the damned thing over with."
          "Don't talk like that!" snapped Card Captor Sakura from where she had curled up into a ball on one of the cots. "We'll get out of this, I'm sure! We...we have to."
          Vandread pilot Dita shivered at their future job prospects. "I don't want to become a Delmo. I just know I don't have enough moxy to get anywhere above a Black Delmo ranking."
          Mihoshi glanced over at Ami, who was busy prying open a panel on Ryoko's collar. "Ne, Ami-chan, what are you doing?"
          "There's got to be a way to get these stupid inhibitor- collars off," Tiara replied. "They're the only reason none of us can use any of our special powers. I would have gone Shamanic Princess and kicked ass by now otherwise. Any luck, Ami?"
          Fiddling around with some of the collar's inner circuitry with a few hairpins, Ami shook her head. "Not much. Ne, where are the guards?"
          Arashi, one of X's Seven Seals, casually leaned her head closer to the bars and appraised the area. "Still milling about at the end of the hallway. They seem to be having a problem with Sana-chan and Poemi getting too hyper and short-circuiting their collars."
          "They're probably having enough problems as it is with those intruders, from what I've been able to gather," Mai Shiranui added. "I've been able to catch scattered bits of conversation. From the sounds of it, all hell's breaking loose up there. Flying cows, rampaging perverts, and apparently a group of Delmo's have defected and are swearing total allegiance to some guy named Carnage."
          "So if they're here to rescue us, what are we still doing locked up?" Relena inquired somewhat scathingly.
          JunJun sighed. "They're fanboys. We might be here for a while yet."
          "Hey!" piped up Desolation as he sat up from one of the other cots. "We're not *that* useless. At the very least, we're proving to be brilliant diversions."
          All the ladies stopped and turned to Desolation.
          "Just how exactly did you get in here?" Twilight Suzuka said.

Desolation: [shrug!] "Long and convoluted plot device. You have an extra page?"

Arashi: "Definitely not. This turkey's already taking too long."

          "I swear," Ryoko snarled, punching her fist into her palm. "I'm going to fetch Tenchi and have him stick his Wings of the Lighthawk right up this Hargen guy's--"
          "Ryoko, don't fidget so much!" Ami scolded her. "You might set something off in your collar."
          Yui sighed and tried to find a more comfortable spot to sit on the floor. "I'd have summoned Seiryu by now and made a wish for Hargen to get turned into a Koopa in a Super Mario Brothers game."
          She glanced over at one of the other cell members who had been almost disturbingly quiet since being shoved into their prison. "Daijobu, Hotaru-chan?"
          "She's been like that since Haruka and Michiru were led away," Ami said.
          "Should we just let her be like that, then?" Sango asked.
          Hotaru continued watching the Black Delmo girls with narrowed eyes, her arms crossed over her chest. Eventually she turned her head to the others and stated, "I'm getting us out of here."
          "But," Magic Knight Umi cut in. "Shouldn't we wait for Chaos and the others to...rescue...er, point."
          Hotaru nodded. "If I know my Chaos-chan, he's going to need my help. I'm not about to let him get hurt, not by these girls."
          "So just what do you plan on doing, Hotaru?" Arashi asked.
          Hotaru winked at the others. "Simple. I've got two weapons that will take down any Anime guy." And with that she pointed down at her bosoms. "If I can get to Hargen, I can seduce him long enough to get him to remove this collar. Then I transform into Sailor Saturn and shove my Silence Glaive where his fansubs don't shine."
          "Too dicey," Desolation countered. "Hotaru, what if he decides to go lemon-scented on you and doesn't remove your collar? I cringe at the thought of him touching any of us, personally."
          "I say she should go for it," Priss Asigiri said. "She's got the spunk and the cleavage."
          Ami shook her head. "I agree with Deso. There's too much risk involved. Hargen might brainwash you first anyways and then have his way with you, Hotaru. We need to think of something else, ne?"
          Hotaru's response came in the form of hailing one of the Black Delmo's to come over. "I've decided," she stated emphatically to their guard. "I want to join the Delmo's."
          The other Anime babes in the cell with her looked as stunned as the Black Delmo.
          "Hotaru, have you lost your mind?" Tiara exclaimed.
          Hotaru shook her head. "I think I'm starting to understand why you ladies love Hargen-sama so much," she told the Black Delmo, sighing happily. "His bold charisma; his calm attitude; his raw sex appeal; his orgasmic use of lavender hair dye." She strained against the bars. "Well, I want to be a part of that. I want to be a part of Hargen's world. And I know he'd want a young woman like me to be a part of his forces. I have power beyond his imagining...."
          The Black Delmo regarded her somewhat suspiciously.
          Hotaru batted her lashes and made a sultry, pouty expression. "Would you want Hargen to learn you kept a willing and able woman away from him?"
          Nervously glancing from Hotaru to the brig door, the Black Delmo guard finally conceded. "Hai hai, I'll take you see Hargen- sama," she said. "However, your collar stays on."
          "But of course," Hotaru purred.
          She waited patiently as the Black Delmo swung open the cell door and allowed Hotaru out. Ryoko and Tira Misu tensed, ready to spring into action and knock the Black Delmo girl out, but Hotaru shot them a quick glance telling them not to move. A trio of Blue Delmo officers were summoned, and they escorted Hotaru out of the brig.
          "I hope she knows what she's doing," Mai Shiranui muttered. "I wouldn't so much as give this Hargen twerp the time of day or even a slight jiggle from my bosoms."
          "Me too," Desolation agreed. "Well, I would if I had the bosoms."
          Abruptly Ruckus came dropping down through one of the ceiling tiles, landing right on top of the hapless Black Delmo guard!
          "And it's the cutie ninja to the rescue, as always!" he said. His smile faded when he saw the vast numbers of Anime babes still in their holding cells as they awaited their brainwashing.
          "Shimatta!" Ruckus lamented. "They're all women! Where are the bishounen so grateful for being rescued that they'd let me do anything to them? You'd think that at least one pretty-boy would get mistaken as a girl and kidnapped by Hargen's troops."
          Hiding behind JunJun, Desolation closed his eyes and prayed he wouldn't be discovered.
          Sighing, Ruckus left the brig in search of some cute male to rescue.
          "We love you too, Ruckus," Ami remarked sarcastically.
          However, the chance for a great escape presented itself as Golden Delmo Pandemonium stepped into the brig. The Black Delmo girls immediately went rigid and saluted.
          "As you were, ladies," Golden Delmo Pandemonium said. "But let's see a better response time, or else it's the body cavity search for all of you."
          "H-Hai!" the Black Delmo's stammered.
          Seconds later, Pandemonium's naughty tentacles of justice snaked out from behind her, and smacked all the Delmo girls upside the backs of their heads, knocking them all out. This caused every Anime babe in the cells to perk up and take notice.
          Pandemonium yanked off her Golden Delmo uniform, revealing her AD Police gear underneath.
          "Pan-chan!" Ami called out, waving the Sexariod Boomer over.
          One of Pandemonium's naughty tentacles snaked out and undulated itself into the cell's lock. "Daijobu," Pandemonium said as she undid the lock. "When I realized what was happening, I played along with Hargen so I could infiltrate this vessel. All I can say is that it was a pain to find this place. The whole time, the prison's been listed on the maps as 'Tourist Information Desk'."
          Her tentacles also managed to deactivate the collars around everyone's necks.
          Within five minutes, a large gathering of fully-charged, really pissed off Anime babes were more than eager to storm the ship and introduce Hargen to new levels of pain.
          "Come on, girls!" Pandemonium said, waving them all towards the exit. "Let's blow this place and haul ass to the bridge!"
          "Hai!" the Anime babes cheered.
          But suddenly, the brig door was broken down, light and smoke streaming in. Pandemonium and the other ladies came to an abrupt stop, holding their arms in from of their eyes and straining to see who was standing there in front of them.
          It was Golden Delmo Hysteria.
          "Wai!" Golden Delmo Hysteria cheered. "Hysteria's found some kawaii little friend-chans to have a kawaii little tea paty-chan with her! Hysteria's already chained most of the kawaii little Pink Delmo-chans to her kawaii little coffee table-chan, but Hysteria just loves having more kawaii little guest-chans too! It's just oh so kawaii, ne? Ne? Ne?"
          Her eyes wide in abject terror, Pandemonium turned to the others.

Pandemonium: o.O; "RUN!!! Escape while you can!!"

Desolation: o.O;; "Women and Wu's first!"

Golden Delmo Hysteria: ^^v "Oooh, a kawaii little game of Tag-chan, and Hysteria's It, ne? Wai! Hysteria loves kawaii little game- chans! They make her so thirsty for a kawaii little tea party- chan!"

Desolation: [staring up at the ceiling] "Now would be a good time to be taken out by a more merciful smite! Like, say, a colonic irrigation from Akio."

          Needless to say, Anime babes panicked and went racing madly in all directions. Yet they were unable to escape from Golden Delmo Hysteria, who captured and shackled them all. With a large assortment of chains heaved over her shoulder, Hysteria started to drag the 40-odd Anime babes back to her room.
          "Wai wai wai!" she giggled, skipping along. "Hysteria's got sooooo many kawaii little guest-chans! And she's made such kawaii frilly apron-chans for each of them to wear!"
          "TASUKETEEEEEE!!!" Pandemonium shrieked, her fingers & tentacles leave gouge marks in the floor as she was dragged away.

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