Sorcerous Stabber Orphen

Rating: 2½ Rampages Orphen the Mage

The story unfolds slowly over the course of the first several episodes. The main character is a sorcerer named Orphen. He bears the pendant that attests to his training in an elite magic school, but judging from his clothes and his attitude, it seems that he has had quite enough of the scholarly life. He is in a small town serving as a tutor to a young boy but his interests lie with a mansion on the outskirts, specifically on the impressive sword that hangs over the mantelpiece. Unfortunately he gets mistaken for a peeping-tom by the lady of the house, a rather spunky but clueless ditz by the name of Cleo. Before he can explain himself, a massive dragon-like monster, the dreaded Bloody August, appears out of nowhere. But Orphen doesn't fight it; instead, he calls it "Azari" and promises to save it.

Suffice to say, he isn't successful. Interference from his old magic-wielding comrades prevents him from sealing away Bloody August, and as it retreats back into the sky, Orphen vows to carry out his mission to return Azari back to her former self.

Exactly what is Bloody August, and who is Azari, and why do Orphen's former friends insist that her destruction is the only solution?

Yeah, those are all good question, but I'm still wondering WHAT THE *krunk* IS GOING ON!??! Pegged as the next Slayers (it came out a season after Slayers Try ended) it doesn't fall as far from the mark as Brain Powerd did, but it's a toss up. Slayers was silly fun, action, and interesting stories all in one. Sorcerous Stabber Orphen has none of these qualities in any noticeable way. The characters get barely any introduction, and Orphen is very difficult to like; he has all the trappings of being cool, but so isn't. As for the other characters, they're all quite forgettable except for two; the two little permanently SD idiots, plese kill them. They serve no real purpose other than being smite and gag magnets, which is a prefectly good exuse to kill them (heck, even Chaos is more fun then those two). The animation is pretty good, even if the CGI used is pretty lame, and the music is decent, but overall this show just does nothing for me. Not really funny, not really action packed, and the story made little sense at the outset (very big no no, never lose viewers on the first two eps). Not awful, but far from the level Slayers is at. Not really recommended.

soon (heh, yeah right) to be available through ADV Films.

The cast of Sorcerous Stabber Orphen