The Resurrection Has Begun...
Be afraid. Be very VERY afraid.

Chaos: "So let me get this straight: if girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, and boys are made of snip, snails and puppydog's tails, then just what the hell is Oscar made of?!"
Mayhem: "Well if we let Dr. Forrester have his way with the fanfic, we'll find out all too soon."
Havoc: [spooning Jello] "Yo, anyone want some Jello? Fresh from the fic, too!"
All: [oversized ballon head form!] "SHADDUP, HAVOC!!!!"
Mayhem: "Look, if Dr. Forrester manages to use our remote control of the gods to click himself into Artemis' Lover, grab a genetic sample of the now deceased Oscar and then clone him, no one will be able to withstand the infinite number of Oscarfics unleashed upon the world. When that happens, then no Anime mascot is safe."
[Chaos looks to you, the readers of this moviefic.]
Chaos: "Everybody got that? We're not going to do this recap again, okay? We're suffering enough as it is here."
Pesti: o.O "Ne, Chaos, what if Oscar goes after Rampage?"
Chaos: [considering] "Hmmm...and let Anarchy annihilate him in one explosive blast of mass destruction instead of us racing through even more Sailor Moon hentaifics. Saaaay, that's an idea!"
Havoc: [singing!] "There's always room for J-E-L-L-O!!"
Chaos: [eyebrow twitch!] "And would someboy just please remind me why we had him tag along?"
Crow: "Hey, all I want to know is when we get our chance to actually have more of a title role in this moviefic!"
Joel: "I can't believe you actually want to be included as a character to a moviefic featuring the guy-um, girl-um, it that had Tom go into Cat-Fist and nearly shred you like tin foil."
Tom: "This bestial hermaphrodite turned me into a cat!'
All: "Na ni?"
Tom: "Well I got better."
Mayhem: "But Oscar's only gotten worse. We have to stop Dr. Forrester now."
Crow: "But not before we of the Megane 6.7 crew get our chance to shine in the limelight!"
Joel: "Uh, that's lemonlight, Crow."
Crow: "Whatever. Cue the moviefic!"
Mayhem: [sigh!] "Hai hai. I guess the anticipation of death really is worse than death itself. But what possible Anime hell could we send Oscar to when the worst possible hell is being eternally trapped as a character inside one of his hentaifics?"

[The Moviefic cometh...!]
Joel: "I have seen the light...and it's a freight train coming straight for us."
Chaos: "Brace yourself, Pesti-chan. We're on the express fanfic to hell, goin' down."

[Cue EVA 01Test Type!!]
Pesti: [pulling out Progressive Knife] "Consider me braced."

[Let the resurrection continue...!!]

[Fanboy's Note: okay, this Fanboys fanfic will indeed have numerous depraved scenes, hentai moments and more bad puns than you could possibly imagine. I want to thank anyone whose hentaifics are "interrupted" during this presentation for having given me such wonderfully fiendish material. Once again, the only *real* portions that are my own work here are the romps of the Fanboys! and the MSTing the Megane gang does. Megane 6.7 belongs to its respect owners, writers, producers and so forth. The fanboys belong to me. Anything else was created by other people. YOU HEAR ME?! EVERYTHING ELSE IS NOT SOMETHING I WROTE!!!! Ahem. And now, if I may be allowed to brace myself for the incoming barrage of flamemails...]


Lord Chaos presents.
In association with Mystery Science Theater 3000.
A Fanboys! 6.7 production.

-Oscar: Resurrection-

Part II: You Can Never Get The Fanfic You Want...


Crow looked over at Joel. "What do you suppose Dr. F meant by that, Joel? "
Joel shrugged. "I don't know. He seemed really preoccupied with something, and that Instant Monstrosity creation of his was even lamer than usual."
"Not that," Tom said. "We were asking about that funky sparkling set of tights he was wearing. Do you think they have those in my size?"
Joel warily looked from one bot to the next. "And just why, might I ask, do you want a set of those tights?"
"Oh, no reason," the two bots chorused, looking as innocent as they could.
Joel rolled his eyes. "I suppose it's just as well that I don't ask."
Just then alarms and sirens suddenly made their presence known to the trio of MSTers. "OHHHH, WE'VE GOT LEMON SIGN!!!" Tom cried out.

(Door 6: It's a castle portcullis that raises up.)

(Door 5: You open it up to discover Red Queen Kasumi there, snapping her whip and demanding nicely that you lick her boots and call her the Queen. You slam shut the door and quickly shuffle over to Door 4.)

(Door 4: It's a solid oak door. George of the Jungle swings by and crashes into it. The door falls forward, missing you. George is not so fortunate.)

(Door 3: It's an electrical field that suddenly shorts out inches from your face.)

(Door 2: It' a gauntlet of knights in shining armour trying to beat you senseless with rubber chickens.)

(Door 1: It's a large hedge maze that takes you a half hour to navigate through...and we're not mentioning anything about that Minotaur incident.)

(Door 7: The camera pans downward where a small hatch pops open.)

Joel walked into the theater with Tom in his arms, Crow following close behind. Stepping over the air grate that prevented Tom from entering the theater on his own, Joel placed him down on one of the theater seats and sat next to him, Crow sitting on his right.
"Mind if we go back to Door 6 again?" Tom asked.
"I didn't like getting slapped silly with those rubber chickens at door two. The least they could have done was let us try to slap them back," Crow remarked as pulled said chicken from off his head, and the fanfic began....

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